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DAOC – Uthgard – Getting Started

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28th Dec 2015

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Hi guys, i will summarise the classes of midgard in this post so you can make an informed choice:

At this patch level Midgard has a very strong melee bias because they are the only realm who can max out haste bonuses to melee via the celerity spell. They have the best melee race (Troll) and the ability to put lots of combinations of classes that will work well. They only also need to spec one weapon line for both 1H and 2H wpns. Their drawback is that their timed Realm abilities are not as good as the other realms, this means when other realms 30 minute timers are up the going is tough, but at other times they are superior.

Open world PVP generally consists of ‘8 man’ groups clashing, and really does make for some of the best PVP ever (imo) under the right conditions.

I am going to summarise the PVP classes only, some of the classes available are simply not suited to group RVR and so are discounted in this summary (Hunter, Shadowblade, Spiritmaster, Bonedance, Thane)

Melee classes
Berserker: The mainstay of midgard melee. Dual wielding DPS class that has a timed shapechange for extra chance to critical.
PVE Role: Melee DPS
PVP Role: Melee dps, often main assist
Solo viability: Very limited in both PVP and PVE

Savage: Dual wielding Hand to Hand class that uses Magic instant cast Chants to augment damage, attack speed and damage mitigation. Chants cost health adding to stress for your healers, but dmg output is impressive. Have the drawback that they don’t get the block chance reduction normally associated with dual wielding classes.
PVE role: Melee DPS
PVP Role: Melee DPS, Also can be main assist
Solo viability: Very limited in both PVP and PVE

Warrior: Shield tank who can also use 2H wpns with no penalty. The Warrior is a versatile shield tank class, who can switch to deal serious 2H dmg. Due to only needing to spec one line for 1H and 2H has more points spare for defensive abilities than Albion and Hibbie counterparts.
PVE Role: Main tank, taunt, mitigate, take threat from casters/healers
PVP role: Peel tank, uses snare and slam to peel enemy melee from casters/healers
Solo Viabiluty: Good in PVE, Good in PVP v stealth and other melee

Healing Classes
Pac Healer: This is a healer class who specialises in the Pacification line. They are the main CC for midgard for both PVE and PVP groups. They have a range of crowd control mesmerisation spells, that include single target and AOE mezzes. They also have instant cast versions of single and AOE mezzes. Typically a pac healer will also have some mend spec so that their heals are reasonable as the secondary job of the pac healer is to keep teamates alive.
PVE Role: Primary CC, Primary/Secondary Healer, Baseline buffer
PVP role: Primary CC, Primary secondary healer, Baseline buffer
Solo viability: Very limited in PVE and PVP

Aug Healer: This is a healer who specialises in the Augmentation line. The primary reason for this spec choice is buffable haste spells for melee, Long duration concentration style fixed haste and a very short duration ‘super haste’ spell called celerity. Their secondary role is healing, and for groups that don’t have a skald their augmentation spec also gives them access to a movement speed ‘song’ buff which affects the whole party.
PVE role: Haste buffing melee, Primary/secondary healer, baseline buffer
PVP role: Haste buffing melee, Primary/secondary healer, baseline buffer
Solo viability: Never tried one, but i’ve been told they can actually solo pretty well despite no means of causing dmg except for their non-spec melee dmg. They have haste, and a really big self only dmg add.

Shaman: Although healing is only a small part of the shamans role he fits into this category best. His main attribute is the very powerful specline buffs he casts, but he also has a very important CC role, with the ability to cast root, disease (incurs movement penalities) along with an instant cast PBAE disease at higher cave spec levels and powerful melee dmgadd spells.
PVE role: Specline Buffs, Secondary healer, CC
PVP Role: Specline Buffs, Disease snare, Root based CC (on different timer to mez CC)
Solo viability: Excellent PVE solo class, with high cave spec can also solo well in PVP.

Caster Classes:
Runemaster: Although midgard is seen as the melee realm the runemaster is an excellent caster, Suppression and darkness lines are both strong for different reasons. When run in PVP groups their ability to ‘nearsight’ enemy casters is invaluable (lowering their cast range) while their PBT (pulsing blade turn) is very good at keeping the party alive. Darkness specced runies can also nuke with the best of them making them a very solid class. They also have a speed song which i think is on the suppression line.
PVE role: Whilst levelling runies mainly go suppression spec for Pulsing blade Turn which wards off attacks on a timed basis adding massively to survivability. In addition to this they have decent DD’s
PVP role: Nearsighting enemy caster/healers is a runemasters first job in PVP, after the nearsight war, its then on to nuking down enemies and helping CC
Solo viability: Not sure on this, never really seen them solo in pvp

Hybrid Classes
Skald: The skald is Midgards main utility class. They have access to the fastest speed spell in the realm and have instant ‘shouts’ to short duration single target CC, two instant DD’s and an instant Movement Snare. They also can run one song at a time from Dmgadd, Heal, and mana recovery. Because of Midgards ability to spec 1H and 2H from the same line, they can do decent dmg with a 2H weapon also. many groups do not run skalds at this patch level due to wanting a 3rd healer/2nd caster, but the extra speed on engage and the instant mez can be very useful.
PVE role: Melee dmg + utility from songs and shouts, very limited CC for emergencies and travel for the group
PVP role: Speed and instant shouts make them a good interrupter on enemy healers/casters. They can also get on the assist train for melee Dmg.

Typical group setups

Although groups of 8 are optimal for pve levelling, Midgard has far more flexibility here than other realms. The core of any levelling group should be:
Warrior, Shaman, Pac Healer
After this more or less any combination of damage classes/extra aug healer/skald etc will work with no problems up to the aforementioned 8 man limit
Again Midgard has more flexibility than other realms here, the typical setups at this patch level are:
Melee Group
1, Pac Healer, 2, Aug Healer, 3, Shaman, 4, Zerker/Sav, 5, Zerker/Sav, 6, Zerker/Sav, 7, Zerker/Sav/Warrior, 8, 3rd healer/RM/Skald
Hybrid Group
1, Pac Healer, 2, Aug Healer, 3, Shaman, 4, Zerker/Sav, 5, Zerker/Sav, 6, Supp RM, 7, Dark RM, 8, RM/Skald/Warrior

General notes on races and starting points:
Melee classes – If you want to min/max play troll, the extra dmg from strength outweighs the tiny avoidance benefits of weaker classes even on a warrior which is more defensively oriented.
Caster classes – Dex is the castspeed stat get a race with lots of it (Kobold). Then INT
Healer Classes – Again you want good dex and then piety, many go dwarf though for the extra hits

More information on classes:

More information on group composition: