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5 Best countries to study MBA abroad

5 Best countries to study MBA abroad


Harleen Bedi

16 Nov’17 | 11:25 AM

MBA is one of the most sought after courses today and not just the career but even the search for the ideal B-School can take you around the world.

5 Best countries to study MBA abroad

MBA is one of the most sought after courses today but it is essential to keep in mind that the kind of university and MBA program you attend also has connotations related to it which can help open doors based on the university’s reputation. Hence, it is important to choose the place of study wisely before applying.

“Pursuing an MBA abroad would give a student practical knowledge, better work opportunities, and options for Permanent residency in countries like  Canada ,  Australia , and  New Zealand .” says Shiksha expert Prasanna Acharya.

Listed below are the top international education destinations, giving you ample choices to fulfill your dream of studying MBA abroad.

The United States of America

The US is one of the most popular business school destination with the most number of prestigious B-schools in the world.

Pursuing an MBA from the top-notch universities of USA is an advantage in itself, but along with it students also get strong infrastructural support, great internships and exposure to latest content and technology besides practical training through projects. Exposure to the business environment during internships in top companies grooms students into future entrepreneurs and business executives.

The main factor that differentiates US B-schools from rest of the world is the fact that American MBA is all about expanding your network and knowing the right people. Ultimately it will be this network of people which will help budding entrepreneurs.

To get into US B-schools, the quality of work experience is given a bit more preference over academic records. It is mandatory for the applicants to clear GMAT  and English proficiency tests like TOEFL  or IELTS .

Read and download the complete  Country guide for the US


Top B-Schools in the USA:

  • Booth School of Business, University of Chicago
  • Harvard Business School
  • The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business


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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has always been the favorite study abroad destination among Indian students. London is one of the leading finance and banking centers, and other cities of UK offer excellent opportunities in the services industry. This reflects in UK business schools’ international reputation not only through a rigorous academic approach but also through high salaries and excellent job opportunities after graduating. In fact, in 2007 UK’s business schools taught more MBAs per year than the rest of Europe put together, according to a British Council research document.

The fact that the UK has a strong Indian population base is what makes this country an attractive destination for Indian students, as students traveling from India find it a lot more comforting to be around people with similar background.

Read and download the complete  Country guide for the UK


Top B-Schools in the UK:

  • London Business School (LBS)
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • University of Oxford – Said Business School
  • University of Cambridge – Judge Business School
  • University of Warwick – Warwick Business School
  • Manchester Business School – The University of Manchester
  • University of Strathclyde – Strathclyde Business School
  • Lancaster University Management School
  • Imperial College Business School
  • University of Edinburgh Management School
  • Cranfield School of Management

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Canada is home to many of the world’s largest and influential companies and is a hot favorite among Indian students when it comes to doing an MBA.

Canada is a popular destination for MBA as it promises much more than just good education. Its economy is thriving in industries like oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and forestry. The impact a good economy has on student life can be felt once you finish your degree, and are at the stage of looking for jobs. Easy availability of good jobs and immigration possibilities is what makes Canada such an attractive place to study at.

Read and download the complete  Country guide for Canada


Top B-Schools in Canada:

  • York University Schulich’s Business School
  • University of Toronto: Rotman School
  • University of British Columbia’s Sauder Business School
  • Queen’s School Of Business, Queen’s University
  • Saint John Faculty of Business, University of New Brunswick
  • Mcgill University’s Desautels School
  • Ivey Business School, Western University Canada
  • Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta



Australia is another popular study destination with Indian students, as this country offers affordable education opportunities with no compromise on quality. Factors like weather being similar to India, relaxed student life and culture, and a strong Indian community add up to the study experience.

MBA colleges in Australia offer specialized research training and it is mandatory for applicants to clear exams like GMAT, IELTS/TOEFL. The cutoff scores would be 550+ for GMAT, for IELTS 6 overall, and TOEFL would be above 90.

Australian colleges have two intake seasons in a year. One intake is in September and the other in January. Indian students prefer September intake for Australia.

Read and download the complete  Country guide for Australia


Top B-Schools in Australia:

  • Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne
  • Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales
  • Sydney Business School (SBS), University of Wollongong
  • Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM), Macquarie University
  • Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University
  • School of Management – Queensland University of Technology
  • Curtin Business School



Singapore is a well-established destination for foreign education in the Asia-Pacific Region. It is one of the most economically viable options if you wish to pursue your education abroad. The total expenditure on fees costs in most educational institutes at Singapore ranges between Rs. 15 lakh and Rs 20 lakh. Students have permission to work for 16 hours a week while pursuing studies to support themselves economically.

Singapore is known to be one of the safest cities for students with the government of Singapore’s non-tolerance policy towards drug abuse and ragging on campus.

Read and download the complete  Country guide for Singapore


Top B-Schools in Singapore:

  • INSEAD Singapore
  • Nanyang Business School
  • University of Liverpool
  • JE Educational College
  • NUS Business School



Over the last few years, Spain has emerged as an alternative education destination in Europe. Three of the top-rated European MBA programs are located in Madrid and Barcelona. The nation has only 46 million people yet management education has continued to boom over the last three decades. Spain has a completely different culture than other countries in Europe, which will be an interesting experience for the student.

The one thing Indian students should keep in mind is the fact that although education in Spain is bi-lingual, out-of-classroom conversations with students and professors will be in Spanish. So it is advisable to brush up your Spanish conversational skills.

Top B-Schools in Spain:

  • IESE University Barcelona
  • ESADE University Barcelona
  • IE University Madrid



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  • Ajay PRASANNA 03 Oct’18, 10:55 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hello , I’m currently in 4th year B.Arch ,I’ve plans to change my stream to Business Management. As I’m coming from a totally different background any suggestions and pointers so as to help me know more about MBA. it will be very helpful for me , thank you !!

    Reply to Ajay PRASANNA


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 03 Oct’18, 12:40 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Ajay, any good MBA program will require applicants to hold 2-3 years work experience after completing their bachelors’s degree. Applicants must also take the GMAT or GRE. You must have a very strong profile if you are applying without work experience. Alternatively you may look for MS Management programs. Have clarity over your career plans and why you want to change. MBA programs are designed for applicants from diverse backgrounds however you must also justify your change and career goals. Hope this helped. If there is anything else you need to know please feel free to revert.

  • Akash Rauthan 17 Sep’18, 03:14 PM

    UG Aspirant

    thanx for the post. MBA/PGDM college in India

    Reply to Akash Rauthan

  • Anam Khan 29 May’18, 04:50 PM

    PG Aspirant

    hey i have completed my bachelors in baf and i wanna do mba which countries should should i opt for

    Reply to Anam Khan


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 31 May’18, 09:22 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Anam, please check here

  • Vadisala Kiran sai 22 May’18, 06:46 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi i have completed bba with 70% i want to do mba in francr or italy can u suggest which country is best nd i want to settle my whole life in any other country..can u suggest me which country is best for mba

    Reply to Vadisala Kiran sai

  • Anjali Panchal 17 May’18, 11:56 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hello everyone i have completed my BE in extc from Pune university and right now working in Accenture as L1 support engineer/It associate(IT Operations).

    By next year i am planning to pursue MBA in IT.

    Can anyone suggest me which university and country will be preferable and best to do so.

    Reply to Anjali Panchal


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 17 May’18, 02:23 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Anjali, USA, Canada, Australia are among the top countries for MBA now. You may take help of this listing and check the admission requirements , fees etc and narrow down your choice. If you have a GMAT score you can share your profile with us at [email protected]

    Our services are free of cost, please learn more about it here

  • Anjali Panchal 17 May’18, 11:55 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hello everyone i have completed my BE in extc from Pune university and right now working in Accenture as L1 support engineer/It associate(IT Operations).

    By next year i am planning to pursue MBA in IT.

    Can anyone suggest me which university and country will be preferable and best to do so.

    Reply to Anjali Panchal

  • Kavuturu Tapaswini 15 May’18, 06:29 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Can anyone tell mee doing mba in European countries good or bad

    Reply to Kavuturu Tapaswini


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 16 May’18, 08:14 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Kavuturu, depends on the country and university you are enrolled in . Countries like France, Spain , Italy and Netherlands have reputed business schools.

  • Sahil Bansal 14 May’18, 08:46 PM

    PG Aspirant

    hello this is sahil.i have completed my this year with 58% from Rajasthan University and having work experience of 1 year.I want to do MBA from abroad but i am average student then how will i get admission and in which university amd what is the loan process

    Reply to Sahil Bansal


    Vedant Rathi 15 May’18, 11:21 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hello Sahil, first find the universities which need one year work experience. Then you should submit your GMAT,GRE,IELTS Exam score to the respected universities. You can go for education loan in financial institution.You can also ask about scholarship in the college .

  • Rishi Singh 13 May’18, 02:28 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hello, I’ve done and still have few backlogs to be cleared. Can you please tell me what should I do next as I’m willing to do MBA from abroad. Can you please guide me what my next move should be and how can I choose a good university abroad. Thank you.

    Reply to Rishi Singh

  • Mohd Asim 02 May’18, 12:26 AM

    What is the study process in abroad.tell me…………

    Reply to Mohd Asim


    Vedant Rathi 15 May’18, 11:24 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Find the college’s you want to be in first

  • Karthi Keyan 01 May’18, 12:00 PM

    PG Aspirant

    now iam studying BE civil engineering .after i completeded BE i would like to study MBA in abroad .so i want the details of the scholarships and admission procedure and mainly fees structures per year.

    Reply to Karthi Keyan


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 02 May’18, 08:02 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Karrthi Keyan, different B-schools have different requirements. Majority of the MBA programs abroad however require 2 years work experience after graduation, additionally you must take the GMAT or GRE and TOEFL. If you are applying without work experience admissions will be a challenge plus options will be limited. Scholarships are on merit offered by the universities themselves. For details regarding scholarships entry requirements, fees etc please check here

  • Souvik Bakshi 13 Apr’18, 07:04 PM

    Hi my name is Souvik I just want to know is there any good MBA college outside India on travel and tourism which could be relatively cheap with a course fee between 5-8 lpa. ? Please suggest

    Reply to Souvik Bakshi


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 17 Apr’18, 01:53 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Souvik, please take help of this list below

    You may use the filter to expand your search and narrow down your final choice.

  • Souvik Bakshi 13 Apr’18, 07:01 PM

    Is there any good MBA college outside India on travel and tourism with course fees between 5-8 lpa then please let me know.

    Reply to Souvik Bakshi

  • Krishnaraj R 10 Apr’18, 05:33 PM

    PG Aspirant

    I am 30 and have experience is middle management for 5 years and I am also an entrepreneur. My qualification is BBA and it was done via distance education wit average score. I am looking to do MBA abroad. Can someone suggest best country and university if am looking for job after the course.

    Reply to Krishnaraj R


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 17 Apr’18, 01:56 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Krishnaraj, you may consider pursuing your MBA from Canada, Australia or New Zealand which have attractive student policies and stay back options. Europe is another choice. You have to check the entry requirements however and enquire directly to the universities if they will accept distance education and what additional steps to be taken to evaluate your degree in accordance with their education system.

  • Harshal Chauhan 09 Apr’18, 11:56 AM

    PG Aspirant

    how much ielts bond will required for take an admission in MBA at canada

    Reply to Harshal Chauhan


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 17 Apr’18, 01:57 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Harsah, typically a score of 6.5 with no section less than 6 is required.

  • indu singh 06 Apr’18, 01:28 AM

    PG Aspirant

    How are mba courses in germany ? are they good?

    Reply to indu singh


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 06 Apr’18, 02:47 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Indu, yes MBA in Germany is a good choice. Germany is a well reputed country for studies and research.

  • Saurav Pahuja 02 Apr’18, 06:36 PM

    PG Aspirant

    hey, i ll complete my BE in CSE in next year ,is there any cheaper MBA courses available in any country under 7-8lakhs or less then that?

    Reply to Saurav Pahuja


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 04 Apr’18, 01:55 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Saurav, please check here and browse through the list of countries alongwith their fees. Malaysia, China, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic etc may suit your budget.

  • Mohan Prasad 01 Apr’18, 11:28 PM

    PG Aspirant

    I ll complete my bbm next year which country will be good for me to study and it should be cheap and best

    Reply to Mohan Prasad


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 02 Apr’18, 08:25 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Mohan, you can use this list below to check and compare various factors such as fees, admission requirements etc and decide

  • Deeksha Rai 01 Apr’18, 10:12 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Iam from middle class family…is that possible for me to afford an mba degree abroad?…if yes , which country should i prefer

    Reply to Deeksha Rai


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 02 Apr’18, 08:31 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Deeksha, yes possible. You can check out education loan options from banks in India and a scholarship may be possible if you are a bright student. Many cheap options are available , you can look options in Asia and/or Europe such as Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, China, Malaysia, Spain etc.Take help of this list below

  • Sandil Parhi 26 Mar’18, 09:44 AM

    PG Aspirant

    I want to know if i have 12 backlogs..but all are cleared and if i want to study in abroad which country i preferred.

    Reply to Sandil Parhi


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 02 Apr’18, 08:33 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Sandil, please share your profile with us at [email protected] for a complete profile evaluation and university application assistance. You may browse through this list below and have an idea of options, country specific requirements etc

    Be cautious with external agents posting comments here who are not part of Shiksha team.

  • Sandil Parhi 26 Mar’18, 09:42 AM

    PG Aspirant

    I want to know if i have 12 backlogs..but all are cleared and if i want to study in abroad county i preferred.

    Reply to Sandil Parhi

  • Ankita M 09 Mar’18, 08:09 AM

    PG Aspirant

    You can earn MBA degree AFFILIATED FROM UK COLLEGE in FTMS College, Malaysia.

    The cost of the full course is less than 6Lacs. Contact [email protected] for details.

    Reply to Ankita M


    Sabyasachi Behera 26 Mar’18, 01:15 AM

    PG Aspirant

    I wanna pusue mba from Malaysia. Plz let me know the admission process and fees all.

  • Pragati Joshi 25 Feb’18, 03:50 PM

    PG Aspirant

    HI, I’ve heard various things like MBA in the US can be opted by students who have done a four years degree. Is it true? I’ve also heard that in UK MBA programmes are eighteen months long and has no value in India. How far is this true?

    Reply to Pragati Joshi

  • Sanju Yadav 23 Feb’18, 10:06 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hlo , I wanna do MBA by abroad so can you suggest me which one is best ,I can’t afford high-rise package so tell me lowest and eduction wise good country and univ which is good for my future

    Reply to Sanju Yadav


    Ankita M 09 Mar’18, 08:10 AM

    PG Aspirant

    You can earn MBA degree AFFILIATED FROM UK COLLEGE in FTMS College, Malaysia, with out IELTS.

    The cost of the full course is less than 6Lacs. Contact [email protected] for details. the best for any middle class family student.

  • Suresh Kumar 23 Feb’18, 12:10 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi. I am having IT(Software) experience of around 8.5 years. I am planning to do MBA in Finance. My budget for fees is around 15 Lakhs. Can you please suggest some good universities with good employment opportunities?

    Reply to Suresh Kumar


    Ankita M 09 Mar’18, 08:20 AM

    PG Aspirant

    FTMS is a v good university in Malysia. and maximum It personal do their Msc in Comp System Engineering from FTMs. we provide you with degree from University of East London. which is of equal weight of that earned in UK. My email id is [email protected] write to me for more.

  • Vijay Krishna 20 Feb’18, 06:15 PM

    Hi..I am planning to do mba.I was looking after my father’s business for a while.It does come under working experience?I have finished engineering in computer science.I have completed my ug in 2014’s super market.and I want to do mba in marketing only.

    Reply to Vijay Krishna


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 22 Feb’18, 03:22 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Vijay, it will come under work experience if it was full time. The nature of work experience, quality and your contribution will also be considered.

    Ankita M 09 Mar’18, 08:20 AM

    PG Aspirant

    You can earn MBA degree AFFILIATED FROM UK COLLEGE in FTMS College, Malaysia, with out IELTS.

    The cost of the full course is less than 6Lacs. Contact [email protected] for further details.

  • Teja Mallineni 14 Feb’18, 11:51 AM

    PG Aspirant

    hi there i completed my bcom with an average score . i wanted to go abroad for mba programme.

    Reply to Teja Mallineni


    Teja Mallineni 14 Feb’18, 11:57 AM

    PG Aspirant

    any suggestions

    Ankita M 09 Mar’18, 08:15 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hello Teja,

    I can assure you a very good course in Malaysia.

    You can earn MBA degree AFFILIATED FROM UK COLLEGE in FTMS College, Malaysia, with out IELTS.

    The cost of the full course is less than 6Lacs. Contact [email protected] for details. the best for any middle class family student.

  • Mayank Vora 11 Feb’18, 10:11 PM

    PG Aspirant


    Reply to Mayank Vora

  • Rishika Thakur 11 Feb’18, 01:29 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hey, Rishika here. I would like to pursue MBA and I have a work experience of about 3 years, any suggestions which exams should I consider giving for universities?

    Reply to Rishika Thakur


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 13 Feb’18, 12:08 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Rishika, GMAT is always the first preference but you may consider GRE as well as it supposedly easier than GMAT. Please compare the test patterns and syllabus and decide. Additionally you have to take the IELTS or TOEFL.

  • Siva Shankar 24 Jan’18, 09:20 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hey,am pursuing my BE degree(6th sem).I have decided to do my higher education in abroad and have enrolled for GRE. But as of now, is GRE score accepted for MBA?If so,which are the countries I can apply for?

    Reply to Siva Shankar


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 06 Feb’18, 03:30 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Siva, yes GRE is accepted however you have to check the university specific admission requirements before applying. Since you don’t have a work experience, chances of admissions are slim and challenging unless you have an extraordinary profile. I will urge you to take a free profile evaluation call with us so that we can guide you and suggest you countries as per your profile. Please contact us at

  • Devarshi Bhatt 18 Jan’18, 08:50 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hey, I am DEVARSHI bhatt and I am studying mechanical engineering last semester,I wanted to go abroad for study MBA, please give me advice about which field and which country is suitable for me…

    Reply to Devarshi Bhatt


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 18 Jan’18, 05:24 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Devarshi, most MBA programs require work experience and GMAT/GRE score. As far as the specialization is concerned Finance, Consulting, General Management, Sales and Marketing, Operations Management etc are some of the top ones. Which field is suitable for you? You should be knowing it better, know your interests and aptitude, career goals most importantly and decide what is better for you. Similarly once you decide your interests you have to choose your country based on these criteria, budget etc. USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore etc are some of the top MBA destinations.

  • Vignesh Siddharth 13 Jan’18, 08:37 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi , I have a first class BE degree and no work experience as of now . What all should I do to satisfy the entry requirements of any top business schools .. I am planning to write toefl .. Is there anything else I have to do ?

    Reply to Vignesh Siddharth


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 18 Jan’18, 05:22 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Vignesh, you must take the GMAT or GRE. Because you don’t have work experience, chances will be less unless you have a very high GMAT/GRE score and an excellent academic record.

    Ankita M 09 Mar’18, 08:17 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Vignesh,

    You can earn an MBA degree AFFILIATED FROM UK COLLEGE in FTMS College, Malaysia, with out IELTS.

    The cost of the full course is less than 6Lacs. Contact [email protected] for details.

  • Nandita Parihar 10 Jan’18, 02:50 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Heyy…am nandita and i’m in 12th standard and am planning to do study in abroad for better study…so can you suggest me what is the best branch in mba and best college for mba in abroad and the scholarship for study in abroad…???

    Reply to Nandita Parihar


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 11 Jan’18, 12:51 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Nandita, I hope you are aware of the fact that you must first complete your bachelor’s degree before you apply for MBA for any masters degree program abroad and in India. As far as the best branch is concerned, this will be based on your interest. As and when you complete your necessary qualification and gain work experience you will know your interest and career plans, which will help you know which branch is best for you. However for an idea you can refer to this list below for MBA abroad options in future

  • Saurabh Kumar 08 Jan’18, 02:50 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi , I have 3 years of work experience in IT with an average acads. Planning to give gmat after 3 months. Which country should i aim for as i cant afford too much tuition fees as in US or UK.

    Reply to Saurabh Kumar


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 09 Jan’18, 09:45 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Saurabh, you may consider Singapore, Canada, France, Netherlands and so on. Please refer to this list below and narrow down your choice basis your budget, profile etc

  • Dundesh Basaragaon 07 Jan’18, 06:36 PM

    Hello sir!

    I am studying Bsc Agriculture. I am planning to study MBA abroad after my can I apply for that. Can I get admission for Agri business management course.

    Reply to Dundesh Basaragaon


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 08 Jan’18, 08:41 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Dundesh, most MBA programs will require work experience of atleast 2 years plus a GMAT score. You have to check university websites for university specific admission requirements. Alternatively you may check out MS Management programs in Agri Business. Please refer to this list below for options

  • Jaina Boricha 05 Jan’18, 09:11 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hello Sir !

    I am currently in SYBcom. I am planning to study MBA abroad after my graduation. Which all entrance exams I have to give, what is the procedure to get admitted to university/institutes, which institutes will you suggest for me.

    Thankyou !

    Reply to Jaina Boricha


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 06 Jan’18, 07:28 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Jaina, to pursue MBA abroad you must take the GMAT and have a minimum 2 years work experience. Universities may accept you without work experience if you are exceptionally bright. If you don’t have work experience you may alternatively look for MS Management programs. For university options you may check here

  • Deepanjali Gautam 27 Dec’17, 11:51 PM

    PhD Aspirant

    I hope you are doing great!!!

    I am Deepanjali From Pune.I already did my MBA in finance from India and I have 1.5 years of experience in Banking operations.

    Now I am planning to move to abroad for my better Carrier Growth

    So would you suggest me some courses which i can go for ?????????

    Reply to Deepanjali Gautam


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 06 Jan’18, 07:26 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Deepanjali, this will depend on the career goal you have in mind, you have to choose accordingly and it is a matter of personal interest. Since you already have an MBA choosing a relevant course will be tough.Also universities will hesitate to accept you if you don’t know what you are looking for. Some more years of work experience and another MBA perhaps in international business or a Global MBA is something you can consider.You have to check the program details on university websites and see what matches your career interests the most.

  • samalla vikram 25 Dec’17, 11:56 PM

    Hello sir Iam vikram I have completed mcom with 3year work experience can I do mba abroad in top universities

    Reply to samalla vikram


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 26 Dec’17, 11:53 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Samalla, you can if you have a competitive profile – good academic record, significant work experience with demonstration of leadership and managerial skills, high GMAT score, compelling LORs, outstanding essays and so on.

  • Harish Kumar 22 Dec’17, 01:05 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hello sir . I’m Harish Kumar from Chennai

    I want to study banking , could you say which country is best to study

    Reply to Harish Kumar

  • Asif Iqbal Khan 21 Dec’17, 12:15 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi sir. I am BBA graduate with 3.9 yrs of exp in airline cargo handling department. I want to pursue MBA in Logistics and supply chain management from France or any European country. Can you suggest some colleges/universities/institutes for me.

    Need you help?

    Reply to Asif Iqbal Khan

  • Abiral Agarwal 11 Dec’17, 04:24 PM

    Hi,I have completed my graduation and currently working in IT industry.I am having 1 year of experience.I want to know the minimum work experience required for doing MBA in abroad.please help

    Reply to Abiral Agarwal

  • Sushree Das 07 Dec’17, 08:23 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi, I have completed Btech with 76% and have 2.7 years of work experience in IT. I want to to Masters in abroad. Should I go for MBA or MS. Can you please make me understand the difference.

    Reply to Sushree Das

  • Vivek Murthy 03 Dec’17, 04:30 PM

    Can i study mba abroad after my 3years of bba course by writing GMAT

    Reply to Vivek Murthy


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 07 Dec’17, 11:54 AM

    PG Aspirant

    HI Vivek, you can if you have an outstanding academic record and an exceptional profile overall. Because , majority of the MBA abroad programs requires a good amount of work experience in addition to a good GMAT score.

  • Surya Bhaskar 30 Nov’17, 06:21 PM

    PG Aspirant

    HI, I am currently pursuing BBA final year….I want to do MBA in abroad and……I do not have any work exprience…my prefernece are IRELAND,NEW ZEALAND and NETHERLANDS….So sir can you suggest which country is best??

    Reply to Surya Bhaskar


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 01 Dec’17, 09:28 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Surya, all these countries require 3-5 year work experience. You may opt for MS or PG Diploma programs in Management. You may narrow down your country basis the admission requirements, budget, post study work options and so on. You may take help of this list below

  • Madhukar Reddy 28 Oct’17, 01:20 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Gud afternoon sir,i want to do my mba in abroad and I dont have any work experience.Am I eligible or not?? IF eligible which is the best choice between US and Canada???

    Reply to Madhukar Reddy


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 01 Dec’17, 09:30 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Madhukar, you can be accepted without work experience if you have an extraordinary profile including a very high GMAT score. You may narrow down your choice basis the admission requirements, your profile, budget and so on. Please refer to this list for university and country specific information

  • Siddharth Mandawat 27 Oct’17, 03:58 AM

    PG Aspirant

    mngmnt programs conducted abroad have a duration of full 2 years or there are some which have 1 year duration

    Reply to Siddharth Mandawat


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 27 Oct’17, 11:23 AM

    PG Aspirant

    I believe I have responded to your query on another article. Hope it helped.

  • Siddharth Mandawat 27 Oct’17, 03:57 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hello ,i am CA recntly complted it , I have no wrk exp right now except for the internship period we serve during CA course , I want to know whether it would be wise to take up GMAT and apply for a mngmnt course abroad or without work exp I don’t stand a chance to get in good universities?

    Reply to Siddharth Mandawat

  • asish ghosal 24 Oct’17, 07:37 PM

    PG Aspirant

    Hello sir, I completed 4years of Btech( dairy technology) course and more than 4 years of working experience in AMUL. Now I want to go abroad for MBA but I am not financially strong …so please suggest me some universities in abroad where cost will be much cheaper or get max. Scholarship…

    Reply to asish ghosal


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 27 Oct’17, 11:27 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Asis, scholarships are typically given on the basis of merit. You may explore from the list below and narrow down your choices as per your profile, budget, university requirements and so on.

  • Jahira Debbarma 20 Oct’17, 07:08 PM

    PhD Aspirant

    Hii sir, i am pursuing MBA now and i am in second year ( international business and marketing ). i have an experience of one year, and i want to go for higher studies in abroad . plz suggest me as im being confused…it will be kind and humble. thank u…

    Reply to Jahira Debbarma


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 27 Oct’17, 11:26 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Jahira, if you do not have clarity over your own career plans and interest I am afraid I cannot help you much. If you are confused about what to study it is best you ask yourself why you want to study abroad at the first place.Have your career plans sorted out. Identify your interests. Browse through university websites , check the relevant programs and career outcomes and see what fits you best. Good Luck.

  • Prateek Singh 19 Oct’17, 12:22 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hlo sir,

    I did my graduation with b.pharm after that i am doing job in sales and marketing from last 2.5 yr in oncology department, as area bussiness manager…

    But i want to groom my carrier, dats why i want suggestions from your side,

    So which course is suitable for me and place aswell


    Reply to Prateek Singh


    Sharna Modhi (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 20 Oct’17, 11:36 AM

    PG Aspirant

    Hi Prateek, what you want to study is entirely your choice, since you are looking for a career enhancement ask yourself what your career aspirations are, you must have your career plans sorted out and plan accordingly. Also where you want to settle down is important.

    For example, you may look for an MBA, MBA Health Care Management, MS Management if you are interested for a management career.

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MBA Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions FAQs

The following are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we receive from prospective students interested in the Wharton MBA Program. In addition, the  MBA Admissions Blog  has the latest news from Admissions and Financial Aid. If none of these resources works for you, please  contact us.

Interact With Us: On and Off Campus

What can I do when I visit campus?

You can attend MBA classes, have lunch with current students, attend an information session hosted by a member of the Admissions Committee, and get a tour of campus. These activities are not available May through September when classes are not in session. For more information, explore the  Visit Campus  page.

How can I contact Wharton alumni in my area?

Alumni often attend our admissions information sessions and receptions all over the world.  For a list of these events, please check the  Admissions Events  page.

As an international prospective student, I need a visa to come to the U.S. for a campus visit. Will Wharton or the University of Pennsylvania sponsor me or provide a letter of support that I may use when I apply for a visa?

The university is unable to sponsor individual visits to the campus. The  Office of International Programs , which handles visa and immigration issues at the university, may only support students who have been admitted to and intend to enroll at the school.

Admissions Process and Requirements

Do I need to hire an admissions consultant to get into Wharton?

Hiring a paid admissions consultant isn’t necessary to gain admission to the Wharton MBA program. Our goal is to have a transparent evaluation process, as we believe in providing each applicant with an equal opportunity for success. While we certainly encourage you to have a trusted family member or peer review the written portion of your application for clarity and accuracy, we do not believe that professional services are needed.  If you have questions during the application process, we recommend seeking guidance through our  website  and  visit opportunities .

When should I apply, and when is the application deadline?

Wharton offers three rounds of admissions. To determine which is the best round for you, please visit the  Application Deadlines  page. We encourage all applicants to apply in the year preceding their start at Wharton. Our general policy is not to grant deferrals. All requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

What are the minimum requirements to apply to Wharton?

The minimum requirements to apply to the MBA program include:

  • Completion of an undergraduate program in an accredited U.S. college or its equivalent in another country.
  • Results of the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
  • Submission of the Wharton application.
  • Results of an English Language Test (TOEFL or PTE) unless you have earned an undergraduate or Master’s degree in an English-speaking country or from an institution in which English is the language of instruction. To waive an English language test, you must include a letter requesting the waiver in your application AND documentation that your education was in English.

For more information on the application process, go to the  Admissions Requirements  page.

I already have an MBA. Can I apply to Wharton?

Yes. We do not exclude candidates who have an MBA or any other graduate degree. You should, however, fully explain your reasons for pursuing a second MBA in your application.

I earned an undergraduate degree that only took three years. Am I eligible to apply to Wharton?

Several universities around the world offer three year undergraduate programs. If you have received a Bachelor’s degree upon completion of such a program, you are eligible to apply to the Wharton MBA program.

How many applications do you receive for a given class?

We typically receive 6,000 to 7,000 applications in a given year. Approximately 75% to 80% of all applicants are qualified for admission. Of these, we generally admit about 1,000 candidates for a class of about 840 students.

Do I need an interview, and if so, how can I arrange one?

We interview by invitation only. After we review the completed application, we select candidates for interviews. No candidate is admitted without an interview.

Can I get my decision over the Web or by e-mail, telephone, or fax?

All applicants receive their decision letter over the Web via their online account. We do not release decisions over the telephone or via e-mail or fax. If admitted, you will receive additional information, along with a hard copy of your admissions letter, via regular mail.

How long does it typically take for an applicant to receive a decision after he/she has submitted his/her application?

The round deadlines for Fall 2017 are:

MBA Program
Application DeadlineDecision Release Date
Round 1September 19, 2017December 14, 2017
Round 2January 3, 2018March 29, 2018
Round 3March 27, 2018May 10, 2018
MBA/MA-Lauder Program
Application DeadlineDecision Release Date
Round 1September 19, 2017December 14, 2017
Round 2January 3, 2018March 29, 2018

What should I know about the GMAT?

The  Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT)  is offered year round as a computer adaptive test. You should register for the test at least one month before you plan to take it. You need to complete the GMAT test (or the GRE) before we can process your application. GMAT scores are valid for five years after the test date. You may self-report your GMAT score; if admitted, you will need to submit an official GMAT score report to our office before you can matriculate. If we are unable to locate your official score sent by ETS, we will confirm your score with ETS by telephone. Our median GMAT score for recent entering classes is approximately 720, but the range of scores of admitted students is very broad. A high score does not guarantee anyone’s acceptance, nor does a low score preclude it. There is no minimum score required. For more information, go to  Admissions Requirements .

The GMAT code for the Wharton MBA Program is G56-97-73.  The GRE code is: 6802.

What is the average TOEFL? Do you keep scores submitted in prior years?

The average TOEFL score for those students in the Class of 2019 who were required to take it was 110 . We keep TOEFL scores submitted within the previous two years or as long as they are valid (two years from the test date). If you studied at an English speaking institution please request a TOEFL waiver in our application as your TOEFL score is waived. If we cannot locate your official report, we will verify it with ETS. For more information, go to  Admissions Process .

Can I submit the English for International Opportunity (IELTS) exam results instead of the TOEFL or PTE?

No. We want to evaluate all candidates against the same measure so applicants must submit the TOEFL or PTE. We also pay careful attention to a student’s GMAT (verbal percentile and AWA score), written and spoken English, recommender observations, and exposure to language, in addition to the GRE. Applicants who earned a baccalaureate or advanced degree at an institution in which the medium of instruction was English, or who have had considerable exposure to the language, may waive the test. A waiver request may be submitted as part of your application.

Are application fee waivers available?

Application fee waivers are only granted to students for whom the application fee would create an extreme financial hardship. Applicants who wish to request a fee waiver must start their application and e-mail [email protected] with information detailing their financial need. We will then follow up for supporting documentation. Requests must be submitted no later than 15 days prior to application submission, and no requests will be granted after the application deadline for the round in which you applied.

Work Experience

How much work experience do most accepted students have? Is there a particular type of work experience Wharton seeks?

The average student has worked for five or six years between graduating from college and entering the MBA program. The program does accept early career candidates with limited or no experience who exhibit strong managerial and professional potential. The Admissions Committee looks for individuals who exhibit professional maturity. In other words, we evaluate work experience not in terms of years, but the depth and breadth of an individual’s position, his or her contributions to the work environment, and level of responsibility and progression.

Wharton looks for diversity in the professional backgrounds of its admitted students just as it does in all other parts of our applicants’ profiles. No one industry is favored over another, and experience in a Fortune 500 company does not have higher value than experience in a small business or public institution.

Does graduate education count as work experience?

While we recognize the value of graduate academic work, we do not count academic work as professional work experience.

Does time spent in the military count as work experience?

Absolutely. The service provides many rich and varied opportunities for professional growth and development. Military candidates are evaluated based on the same criteria as other candidates, including the nature and scope of the work, the skill sets required, work progression, and general leadership and management skills developed.

Does time spent in the Peace Corps, on a Latter Day Saints’ mission, or other voluntary assignment or internship count as work experience?

Certainly. As with all work experiences, we are interested in the skills acquired on the job and level of progression (measured by scope of responsibilities, job title, salary).

I am still an undergraduate student. How can I increase my chances for admission?

We welcome applicants directly from undergraduate programs who are motivated and exhibit strong leadership and managerial potential. When preparing for the Wharton MBA program, consider that the stronger your quantitative background, the better prepared you will be to take finance, statistics, accounting, economics, and other quantitative courses offered in our curriculum. For example, calculus and/or statistics are good foundation courses. We do accept students without this type of background, but we like to see evidence of a capacity to handle these types of topics (e.g., strong quantitative GMAT scores, strong academic performance in quantitative subjects). We are also interested in your history of involvement in extra-curricular activities, community service, and hobbies.

We advise undergraduates to apply in the Fall prior to the academic year in which they want to enroll in the program. Admission to the program is contingent upon successful completion of the undergraduate degree. We do not offer deferred admissions for those who apply while still in an undergraduate program.

I have less than your average four years of work experience. Is this a disadvantage in the admissions process?

Each year, we welcome several early career candidates (individuals with 0 to 3 years of professional work experience) into our program. We are more interested in the skills you have acquired to date, including leadership and management opportunities, than the number of years you have been in the work force. We consider both the skills you have demonstrated to date and your future potential.

Is an applicant at a disadvantage without previous course work in business?

No. Many students at Wharton have not had business courses prior to entering the program. Generally, 40% of our class consists of people with liberal arts backgrounds. Pre-term offers incoming students an opportunity to “brush up” on their quantitative skills before classes begin. Candidates are also encouraged to complete introductory courses in calculus and statistics prior to entrance, since much of the course work requires quantitative skills. Please go to  Non-traditional Backgrounds  for more information.

Online Application Questions

How does the system work?

You may already have an account on the Wharton Web Application System if you have completed your profile through the “Let’s Get Acquainted” Form, or if you started or completed your MBA application through the  Wharton Web Application System .

If you encounter problems logging on, please email [email protected] .

I created an account and began and/or submitted my application. But, when I log into my account, information I entered is missing and/or my application does not appear to have been submitted. What happened to my information?

The problem you encountered typically happens when two accounts are inadvertently created. To determine if you have more than one account on our system, please follow the instructions below:

Return to the login page. Click on the “Search” button in the user login box at the top right-hand corner of the page. A PIN lookup box will appear. Complete the required fields for first name, last name, birth date, and e-mail address. Then click “Search.”

An e-mail(s) will be sent to you with your login and password information for each of your accounts. Please check both to see which one is active and make a note of it. If you continue to encounter problems, please contact [email protected] .

When should I check the system after submitting the application?

You should allow three weeks for us to process your online account and update your online status to reflect receipt of your online application and any supporting materials.

Will I receive an e-mail when decisions are made? How do we know when to check the system?

You will receive an e-mail each time your status changes, including when we release a decision. Once you receive an e-mail, you need to check your status online (the e-mail only indicates there is a change, but it does not indicate what the change is).

How do I calculate my GPA if my university or college does not provide one?

Students reporting grades from institutions that do not evaluate academic performance on a 4.0 GPA scale should NOT convert their scores to a GPA. Report your scores or grades as your university lists them in your official transcripts, including an explanation of the grading scheme if needed. Keep in mind that we have students from more than 70 countries in our program and have broad expertise in grading methods around the world.

Interdisciplinary Programs Questions

Am I able to apply to the Lauder Program after I have started the Wharton MBA Program?

The academic calendar for first-year students in the Lauder Program begins in May. Students that have been accepted to the Wharton MBA Program in Round 1 or Round 2 can apply separately to the Lauder Program and still will be expected to start the program in May. Students cannot apply to the Lauder Program after they have started their first or second years at Wharton. For more information about applying to the Lauder Program, please visit the Lauder website or contact [email protected] .

Can I combine the Lauder Program with a degree program other than the Wharton MBA?

The Lauder Institute also offers a joint JD/MA program in partnership with Penn Law. For more information about the Lauder JD/MA, please visit this website .

Is Health Care Management a major or a separate program?

Health Care Management (HCM) is one of the 19 majors offered through the Wharton MBA Program. The Health Care Management major differs from other majors in that students must select this major at the time of application to Wharton. HCM integrates academic and professional development, helping students to obtain summer and permanent positions in all parts of the health care sector, including consulting firms, health care venture capital and private equity, digital health, health care analytics firms, biotechnology, pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, insurers, and government agencies. If prospective students wish to explore the Health Care Management major, the HCM department is happy to arrange either a telephone conversation or a meeting with June Kinney, the Associate Director of HCM. Please find more information on the application process here .

If I am not accepted into the Health Care Management major, can I still be admitted to Wharton?

Your application will be evaluated specifically for the Health Care Management major. If the Admissions Committee feels you are not best suited for HCM but could be a good fit for the MBA program more broadly, you will be considered for Wharton.

If I am admitted to a dual degree program with the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) or the School of Advanced Studies (SAIS), can I start my degree at HKS or SAIS instead of Wharton?

Applicants should apply to Wharton during the application cycle directly preceding their desired Wharton start date. If you are admitted to both programs and do not want to begin at Wharton, you will need to request a deferral and will be subject to our deferral policy. Deferrals typically are only granted for extenuating circumstances.

Are there any dual degree programs that will not allow me to start at Wharton?

The School of Design requires all dual degree students to start at Penn Design. The Harvard Kennedy School encourages students interested in the MPA/ID dual degree to start at HKS.

If I want to apply to a dual degree program, do I have to apply to the Wharton MBA Program and the other program separately?

Unless otherwise noted on the Interdisciplinary Programs website, you must submit separate applications and materials to both programs. Some schools will have strict application requirements around testing, recommendations, and essays. Please follow the admissions requirements for each individual school.

Are admissions decisions for dual degree programs made by one committee?

Applicants to the MBA/MA Lauder Joint Degree in International Studies, the Francis J. & Wm. Polk Carey JD/MBA Program, and the MBA in Health Care Management will receive one joint decision. For all other dual degree programs, you will receive separate decisions, and it is possible that you could be admitted to one program and not the other.

Can I create my own dual degree with a school not listed on the website?

We cannot accept any credits from other programs. You can pursue another program in your own time, but you would still be required to complete all Wharton credit units as prescribed by the full-time MBA program. As a full-time MBA student, you are expected to be at Wharton and pay tuition for four full semesters.

How do I learn more about a graduate program not listed on the Wharton Interdisciplinary Programs website?

If you are interested in other programs not listed on the website, please contact the program office of that respective program.

How many credit units can I take at other Penn graduate schools while a Wharton MBA student?

All Wharton MBA students can take four to six credit units at other Penn graduate schools .

Can I apply to a dual degree program after starting at Wharton?

For most dual degree programs, you can apply to the other program during your first year at Wharton. However, this may extend your time at Penn.

Can I connect with a current student that is a part of a specific dual degree program?

Due to the volume of such requests, we are unable to connect prospective students with current students in every dual degree program. Please review the profiles of our Admissions Fellows and request to be connected with a current MBA student who most closely aligns with your interests.

What if I want to pursue a degree beyond the master’s level at Penn?

Please speak with the PhD department of your interest if you intend to continue your studies beyond the master’s level.

Deferred Admissions with Moelis Advance Access Program Questions

Who can apply for the Moelis Advance Access Program?

At this time the Moelis Advance Access Program is only open to Penn seniors, beginning with the Class of 2018, in the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Nursing, the Wharton School, and all coordinated dual degrees. We are not currently accepting applications from current undergraduates at other colleges and universities.

Can I apply if I am graduating from Penn a semester or year early?

Yes, all current Penn seniors graduating a semester early in December 2017 or any current juniors finishing their studies in three years instead of four years in May 2018 are eligible to apply to the Moelis Advance Access Program.

Can I apply to the Moelis Advance Access Program if I am a current graduate student that sub-matriculated as an undergraduate at Penn?

Yes, if you sub-matriculated directly from Penn to a graduate degree program and are currently completing your last year of studies at Penn, you are eligible to apply.

If I am a current graduate student at Penn but I did not attend Penn for my undergraduate studies, am I eligible to apply to the Moelis Advance Access Program?

No. The program is currently only open to Penn undergraduate applicants.

If I am a recent graduate of Penn, can I apply to the Moelis Advance Access Program?

No. The program is only accepting applications from current Penn students.

How do I apply to the Moelis Advance Access Program?

All current Penn seniors interested in the Moelis Advance Access Program can apply using the Wharton MBA Admissions application located here .

When is the application deadline for the Moelis Advance Access Program?

Apply to the Wharton MBA Program during Round 3 of your senior year. For the current admissions cycle, the Round 3 deadline is March 27, 2018.

What is the application fee for Moelis applicants?

Moelis applicants have a reduced application fee of $100.

Do you accept both the GRE and the GMAT?

Yes, we accept both tests and do not have a preference for either. Please make sure to take the test by March 2018 and submit your unofficial scores with your application.

Are the recommendation requirements the same for Moelis applicants?

All Moelis applicants are required to submit two recommendation letters like other Wharton applicants. However, recommendation letters for Moelis applicants can come from professors, internship supervisors, or campus leadership advisors. We recommend submitting letters from a mixture of professional and academic/campus sources.

Will I have to interview for the Moelis Advance Access Program?

Yes, if you are invited to interview you will participate in the Team Based Discussion interview along with general MBA applicants. Moelis applicants will also interview separately with the Director of the Moelis Advance Access Program.

If I am interested in the Lauder Institute, the Carey JD/MBA program, or the Healthcare Management program, can I apply to the Moelis Advance Access Program?

Yes. The application will allow you to select the above joint degree options when applying. However, all additional application materials specific to each program (e.g., LSAT, language tests, etc.) are still required at the time of application.

Can I apply to joint degree programs after working for some time and discovering an interest in the program?

Yes, you would reach out directly to the joint degree program and submit a separate application for their program.

Is there a competitive advantage in the application process for a particular school or major at Penn?

No, we are looking for the strongest candidates across all schools, coordinated dual degrees, majors, and scholar programs at Penn.

If I am not accepted to the Moelis Advance Access Program, will this hurt my chances of being accepted in the future?

No. Your future application will not be at a disadvantage.

What is the enrollment deposit?

Accepted Moelis applicants are expected to pay $1,000 by the end of May when they are admitted to secure their seat in the class and an additional $1,000 the year they decide to matriculate and begin classes.

How long can I defer my start date in the MBA program?

Moelis Fellows can defer for up to four years, but during those years you still need to be employed and gaining quality work experience. Moelis Fellows are required to submit a yearly intent to enroll, keeping the MBA Admissions Office informed of their plans to matriculate.

How will I engage with Wharton during my working deferment period?

Moelis Fellows will be a part of a close-knit community that will be provided access to the Wharton network and resources through: quarterly social or professional development events, yearly retreats, professional mentoring program, complimentary tickets to select events, and much more!

I am taking my GMAT or GRE close to the deadline and will not receive a full testing report with percentiles and/or writing scores until after the deadline, what should I do?

Please enter in all the score components you have on the application and enter in 00 for the missing percentiles or analytical test scores. Once you receive your full testing report after the deadline, please email it to our office.

Miscellaneous Questions

I heard that Wharton is offering some of its core courses online through Coursera. Where can I find out more information about this?

Yes, as part of a greater Penn initiative, Wharton has recently launched nine non-credit, massive open online courses (MOOCs) available at no cost through  Coursera . More information about these offerings is available on the Wharton.Online site ,  Penn’s Open Learning Initiative  site, our  Coursera FAQS page, and the University’s  Coursera homepage . Registration for these courses is available directly through .

How will changes to the curriculum affect current applicants?

Wharton fully implemented the new curriculum in 2012 and has received much positive student feedback regarding the new course structure and resources. The new curriculum offers increased flexibility based on your background and experience with strengthened emphasis in microeconomics, statistics, ethics and legal responsibility, leadership and communications. New MBA graduates will have access to tuition-free executive education every seven years throughout their careers. See  curriculum .

Are transfer credits accepted?

Wharton does not accept transfer credits, but does encourage students to waive required core courses, either by furnishing the required academic or professional credentials or passing Wharton’s waiver examinations. Waiving courses gives you the opportunity to take more electives.

Can I reapply to the MBA Program?

You can reapply to the MBA program, but not during the same academic year. For more information, visit the Reapplicants section in Admissions Requirements .

What is the median compensation package for graduating MBA students?

The median total compensation for graduates of the class of 2016 included:

Annual Base Salary: $125,000
Sign-On Bonus: $25,000
Guaranteed Year-End Bonus: $20,400

Other compensation included tuition reimbursement, relocation expenses, mortgage assistance, automobiles, stock options, etc. For more detailed information, please see the  MBA Career Management’s Annual Career Statistics .

Does Wharton offer a one-year, a part-time, an evening, or a distance-learning MBA?

Wharton offers the  Wharton MBA for Executives  program, a two-year program that offers the same MBA degree in an executive format, delivered in Philadelphia and San Francisco. Other (non-MBA) programs that may interest you are executive programs offered by  Wharton Executive Education .

I’m fluent in another language. How can that help me with my MBA?

Consider the joint  MBA/MA – Lauder program  if you are interested in acquiring an expertise in a specific region and speak one of these nine languages relatively well: Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish. In addition, Wharton offers many opportunities to participate in career treks or global consulting in which you can immerse yourself in the culture and language. See  Global Learning .

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