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Associate Dean Brian Frank discusses the nature of Queen’s University’s well-rounded engineering program and what he looks for in applicants.

Why Queen’s Engineering?

One of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious engineering schools, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at  Queen’s University is known for its high academic standards and proud alumni network.


But the program is so much more.  


Our curriculum is built on The Engineering Design and Practice Sequence (EDPS)

The Engineering Design and Practice Sequence (EDPS) is a four-year sequence of courses for students in all engineering programs. It provides an opportunity to develop skills in design, creativity, economics, communications, and professionalism in engineering contexts. The first two years of the EDPS are delivered by faculty-wide project-based courses APSC-100 (EDPS I) and APSC-200/293 (EDPS II). The third and fourth years of the sequence (EDPS III and IV) are delivered by departments, and tailored to the disciplinary design and practice approaches. EDPS IV is a culminating capstone design project supervised by an engineering faculty member.


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We Offer Unique Options
  • Common First Year with Open Program Choice .
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Innovation Stream .
We Support our Students
  • 10-point Student Success Model

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Extra Curricular Activities
Queen's Concrete Toboggan Team


Queen's Formula Team

Queen’s University offers countless Extra Curricular activities catered to the interests of its students. Our students are well-rounded individuals who excel in a wide range of activities both in and outside the classroom, whether that be varsity athletics or one of our 16 competitive design teams.


Check out the links below for an extensive list of all Extra Curriculars and Design Teams offered at Queen’s!



Extra Curriculars 

Design Teams 

Personal Statement of Experience
We highly value the PSE

Admission at Queen’s is very competitive and we use the Personal Statement of Experience (PSE), Supplementary Essay (SE) (where required) and your academic record to help make admission decisions. For all programs, except Commerce, completion of the PSE is optional-but recommended. While we recommend that all applicants submit a PSE, applicants who have not submitted a PSE (with the exception of Commerce) will be considered equally for admission to Queen’s. 

For applicants who fall within a critical range, we may consider your PSE, in support of your application to the program.


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Want to learn more about our J Section? Check out the video above!

Challenge Examinations in Year One Subjects: Prior Learning Assessment


Exceptionally qualified applicants who feel that their preparation would allow them to follow an accelerated program of study are encouraged to write challenge examinations that are available in most of the First Year courses.  These examinations are usually written during the first week of term in September and are only available to those students who have not yet started in any classes in Engineering and Applied Science. Application to write should be made to the First Year Program Assistant, (613) 533-2055, [email protected], before 31 July.  There is a special fee for each Challenge examination (see the section on Fees).


Credit will be granted to those First Year courses in which competence is indicated by the results of the challenge examinations.  A student may then elect to reduce the First Year curriculum by those courses for which exemption has been obtained, or elect to undertake an accelerated curriculum by replacing those courses with more advanced courses.  Students who wish to preserve their eligibility for scholarship standing will need to formulate a program which provides the same or greater unit load as the standard First Year curriculum.

Do you have more questions about Queen’s Engineering? Fill out this form and our Recruitment Coordinator, Cortney Clark, will get right back to you.

Cortney Clark