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Online Spanish courses

Online Spanish courses

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International House Riviera Maya also offers online Spanish courses for adults (16 or over) via Net Languages —one of the world’s leading virtual language schools.

Each course (or level) consists of 120 to 150 hours of interactive study materials and includes individual tutorials with qualified language instructors, most of whom are themselves IH teachers. It is also possible to enrol for half a course.

With a complete course, your password and user name gives you access to all the course materials at your level and all the resources of the virtual language school (the library, study centre, café, etc.) for 12 months. You also have access to our growing community of language learners around the world.

With a half-course, you get access to half the course materials and access to the language school for 6 months.


  • Complete level: 462 US$
  • Half level: 242 US$

There is also an untutored version of the course, for self study:

  • Complete level: 115.50 US$
  • Half level: 60.50 US$

We have a special pricing structure for large corporations and institutions that want to copy our courses onto their server(s) and thereby make the courses available to all the employees or members via their own internal Intranet.

Full information on our Net Languages site.

Combined online and intensive Spanish courses

If you would like to start studying Spanish before you come to Mexico, you can do so very easily (at home, at work, at any time that suits you…) with a Net Languages course.

Similarly, when you have finished your Spanish course in Playa del Carmen, you don’t have to stop studying. If you enrol for a Net Languages course you can continue to improve your Spanish even when you get home. You may even be able to continue to study with the same teacher!

We offer a 20% discount on the standard Net Languages course fees to all students who enrol for both a Net Languages course and an intensive Spanish course in Playa del Carmen.

FREE Interactive study material

During your stay in Playa del Carmen, from our Internet room, you can access our online Spanish language courses.

They cover all aspects of the language (reading, listening, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary, functional Spanish and so on) and the interactive material has been designed to make the learning process effective as well as fun.

IH Riviera Maya is accredited by:

Accreditation for our courses

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The best of the best runs out fast. Limited space available. Register now →

DMA Online:
Fundamentals of 3D Modeling with Maya

Imagine. Design. Model.

Build up your 3D Modeling skills using the industry professional standard Autodesk Maya software. With no previous 3D modeling experience required, this course puts you in charge of your own learning though lessons, videos and hands-on challenges that you can watch as many times as necessary or take at your own pace. Challenges focus on creating detailed models and executing proper model topology so that by the time you complete the course you will be modeling at the same level as the pros!  Register for this course >>


Course Details

Learn everything you need to know about Fundamentals of 3D Modeling with Maya.

Program Info

Ages: 10+
Cost: $95
Hours: Any!

Hardware + Software

Autodesk Maya*
DMA’s Learning Management System

Learning Outcomes

You’ll learn how to create characters and objects while applying custom textures before rendering your final images.

What You Create

Each student will create a custom character, object, or environment.

*All Autodesk products are free for students to download and use. Download Autodesk Maya here >>

Register for Fundamentals of 3D Modeling with Maya

Registering will give you access to this course for one year from the date of purchase.

Fundamentals of 3D Modeling with Maya for $95

Register for all 9 DMA Online Courses for $295

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are DMA Online courses available?

DMA Online courses are available for a minimum of one year after release. Courses will only be deactivated if they become too out of date or technologically infeasible. If you purchase a DMA Online course and can’t complete it in a reasonable amount of time before it is deactivated, we will be happy to move you into a related and more recent course free of charge.

Have more questions? Check out the Help Center  >>

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