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Nice Example Cover Letter For Library Media Specialist With Librarian …

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Library Media Specialist Cover Letter

The cover letter is sent to prospective employer while looking for a job opportunity. The cover letter can be sent in many formats but the most usual form is the application cover letter. The cover letter can be divided in to four sections. In the introduction part of the cover letter, you can find the reference to the job position you have applied for. In the body part of the cover letter, you are required to mention the candidate’s achievement and his professional journey with reference to his past experience. In the conclusion part of the cover letter, you need to mention the next course of action that candidate is likely to take. It would also contain the enclosure of the candidate’s documents.

Application cover letter is written to respond to the advertised job opportunity in any newspaper or magazine. The cover letter plays an important role because based on the type of the cover letter your next passage of selection is decided. There are employers in the market, who would consider your cover letter and then shortlist for the next round of interview. Therefore, it is important that we write the cover letter, which will stand out and lead us to a great opportunity.

The media library specialist reports to library building manager. The library media specialist directs, implements and evaluates the library programs. He establishes the behavioral patterns of the library media specialists. He helps the students for developing the habits of personal reference work; he also helps the users to become effective users of the library resources. He organizes library material and equipments for the effective utilization of resource.

Media library specialist’s major roles are, planning and maintaining facilities, maintaining the library catalog, maintaining appropriate records of library materials, helping the staff to make full use of library services and resources, interacting with the other staff members of the library, and maintaining and processing the material efficiently. The major skills that call forth for this job are good communication, organization and interpersonal skills, ability to maintain the knowledge of CD ROMs and software, and helpful nature.

Sample Library Media Specialist Cover Letter

Joseph James
043, Eisenhower Parkways,
Lovington, NJ-90323
Phone: 903-203-1023
E-mail:[email protected]

James Ryan
Library Media Centre, Fairfield
023, Carnegie Centre,
Fairfield, NJ-90432
Phone: 904-102-2093
E-mail:[email protected]

Dear Mr. Ryan

With reference to your advertisement in “Morning Herald,” dated December 27, 2011, I am applying for the position of library media specialist in your media centre. I have six years of experience in library media and I have handled the job of library media specialist with responsibility and dignity. I am sure that my profile will match your requirement for this position.

I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in educational technology from St Wilson College and I also hold a certificate course in library media management from the same college.

I possess exceptional management skills, technical skills, leadership skills and interpersonal relation skills; I am sure that I will exceed your expectations and set new milestones while working for your company. I have been an asset to my employers and I have proved my talent and dedication once and again.
Beginning with a small public library, I soon got the responsibility to handle the department of foreign literature; where I got opportunity to interact with manifold foreign students and professionals. I joined Wilson’s Media Centre in the year 2008 as a library media specialist.

In over three years of my tenure as a library media specialist, I have performed many major roles apart from the regular job responsibilities such as developing research library skills program relating to the needs of the students, planning with the teacher for effective reference work for the students, and evaluating and selecting the materials.

I have, herewith, attached my updated resume for your kind reference. I am looking forward to work with you.

Sincerely yours,

(Signature)James Ryan

Enclosure: Resume

The library media specialist cover letter gives a short and specific description of the candidate’s professional journey and achievements and emphasizes on the pertinent skills and job roles of the candidate. This will surely land the candidate in a great opportunity.

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