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MBA Colleges in Australia that don’t require GMAT 


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MBA Colleges in Australia that don’t require GMAT

Australia provides an excellent study abroad destination. Truly world class cities, a conducive environment and first-rate academic facilities. Adding to the many positives is another lure for international students…the requirement or rather no requirement of GMAT scores. Don’t go judging too fast. True, most of the top MBA colleges of the world require rather high GMAT scores. But to consider  GMAT  scores as a measure of the school’s program would be hasty and wrong. All the top schools across the world look at a variety of aspects of the application and the same is true for all  Australian Universities  as well. So why don’t they need a GMAT?

The answer lies in the way the Australian Education System works. More based on practical expertise, the Australian education system gives credence to work experience as well as your academic score. Most of the colleges require a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience for you to be able to apply. Moreover, a quick glance at the student profile of these colleges would present to you that the average work experience of the students in their MBA program is around 4 years.

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Furthermore, the Australian Education system believes that a student applying for a higher education after completing a bachelor course or a graduate diploma would necessarily have the required aptitude to complete the course. No GMAT does not in any way mean a lower qualification. In fact, the Australian Universities would require you to have a rather consistently high score across your high school and graduation. Most of the listed colleges have a minimum requirement of 65% in your undergraduate degree – aggregate and not only of the final year!


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About GMAT Exam

GMAT Registration

GMAT Exam Dates

GMAT Syllabus

GMAT Scores

GMAT Preparation Tips


Another more important aspect to understand is that the universities do not require the GMAT mandatorily! As in, it is not compulsory for you to have a GMAT score to apply to these colleges. They assess the application and may request you to provide a GMAT score is your academic score does not match the minimum requirement. So, while we present a list of colleges that do not “require” a GMAT score, we still maintain that admissions to universities abroad is strictly on a case to case basis. Hence the standard suggestion remains the same – talk to the university’s admission officer about your application.

Colleges accepting GMAT

  • MBA Colleges Accepting GMAT 550 colleges
  • MS Colleges Accepting GMAT 269 colleges


Meanwhile, here’s a list of Australian Universities, some ranked amongst the top 30 MBA schools in Asia Pacific Region (Source: QS Global 200 MBA Rankings 2014/15: Asia Pacific), that do not require a GMAT score. If you have a good academic record, a decent work experience and an  IELTS  score of 6.5 – 7 and a low GMAT score of 550 or no GMAT score, these are the 10 universities you might wish to start your research with.

Name of College/ University

Asia Ranking*

ANU College of Business and Economics, Australian National University


La Trobe University, Melbourne


Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University


Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong


Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University


Sydney Graduate School of Management, University of Western Sydney


The University of Sydney Business School


Australian Catholic University


Curtin University, Perth


James Cook University, Townsville City


* Source: QS Global 200 MBA Rankings 2014/15: Asia Pacific

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This article was written by:
Harleen Bedi,
20 Jul’18 | 05:02 PM



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Guru Mohan 11 Jan’18, 9:50 pm

PG Aspirant

Hello this is Guru Mohan I’m in the final year of my graduation.i am interested in pursuing my higher education in aggregate as of now is 70% .


Reply to Guru Mohan

Ritu Singh 02 Oct’17, 12:32 pm

HI, I have got 91-93 % in 10th , 12th; Btech 73 % ; GMAT score of 530 ; Working as Sales Consultant with work experience of 3 years. Please rate colleges for me.

Reply to Ritu Singh

Ritu Singh 02 Oct’17, 12:30 pm

I have scored 91 & And 93 % in 10th, 12th; 73 % in Btech from Computer Science; Gmat score is 530 . Which colleges should I apply?

Reply to Ritu Singh

abilash 25 May’17, 11:55 am

hello sir, This is abhilash I have work experience of 1 year so how can apply for the university which are offering MBA without please share some information so that it will be helpful to me.

thank you


Reply to abilash

Shauvik 19 Jul’16, 9:43 am

I have 1 yr of work experience in Bosch ltd. Graduation marks is 77%. 10th and 12 marks is 78%. Please suggest me a good MBA university. Not appeared for GMAT

Reply to Shauvik

Ambuj Chauhan 18 Jul’16, 12:37 pm

i have 4 yrs of exp in banking. Currently working in Oracle. Graduation 70%, 10th and 12th :- 67%. What are my chances to get Melbourne business school, AGSM

Reply to Ambuj Chauhan

gaurav 15 Jul’16, 1:13 pm

i have completed my graduation in Engineering. Dont have any work ex. based on IELTS can i get admission in MBA program in Australia.

Reply to gaurav

Abhishak Singh 20 May’16, 10:58 am

My budget is from 17-18 lakh to 20-25 lakh

Reply to Abhishak Singh

Kanika Khurana 04 Jul’16, 10:32 am

PG Aspirant

HI Abhishak,

Please mail your query to our Australian Expert Ms. Ashmeet at [email protected]

Abhishak Singh 20 May’16, 10:55 am

I have 67% in BBA and I don’t have any work experience. Also I hadn’t clear GMAT so please guide me for good college for MBA in finance

Reply to Abhishak Singh

Kushal 06 May’16, 10:53 pm

i have 65% aggregate in bcom and i dont have work exp. so can i get any good university for MBA in aus.?

Reply to Kushal

Kanika Khurana 04 Jul’16, 10:31 am

PG Aspirant

Hi Kushal,

Without work experience getting MBA from a good university would be difficult.

sreekarreddy 04 May’16, 6:34 pm


i am planning to do my mba in australia. please suggest universitites that suits my profile.

i have an ielts score of 6.5 with 2.5 years work experience. But my accedemics are a bit low 60%. Please suggest appropriate university.

Reply to sreekarreddy

Kanika Khurana 04 Jul’16, 10:30 am

PG Aspirant

Hi Sreekarreddy,

Please mail our Australian Expert…Ms. Ashmeet on [email protected] for a shortlisted set of universities as per your profile.

Ashish Gulati 23 Feb’16, 8:32 pm

PG Aspirant

Hi…I wana do MBA in Hr…from abroad even I have 4 year of work experience in HR platform , so.pls kindly suggest me to get admission and m looking low fees college for mba

Reply to Ashish Gulati

Kanika Khurana 24 Feb’16, 8:55 am

PG Aspirant

Hi Ashish,

The universities mentioned above are all good options. also, please share the country preference and budget idea for us to enable you to guide better. You can even write to us on [email protected] for more personalized assistance in selecting the right colleges.

Akshay Nagar 03 Feb’16, 5:43 pm

PG Aspirant

Hi.. I have 2 years of work experience with Australian bank Stgeorge so do I get the admission on the basis of only work experience? Please advise . thanks.

Reply to Akshay Nagar

Kanika Khurana 04 Feb’16, 8:12 am

PG Aspirant

Hi Akshay,

If you have been working in the country, you might not be asked to prove english proficiency. Apart from that, you would have to fulfill the basic academic criteria of a graduation to get admission in a PG course in Australia.

Akshay Nagar 04 Feb’16, 8:46 am

PG Aspirant

Hi Kanika.. there is a head office of westpac group in Jaipur and I am still working there .. my academic criteria of graduation is 76%.. should I get the admission or I have to give the exam.. ?

Akshay Nagar 04 Feb’16, 8:46 am

PG Aspirant

thanks for responded

mitanshi 18 Jan’16, 7:32 pm

Hey guys i.want to Know whether it is.mandatory to.give GMAT for getting admissions in australian business universities ? or by just clearing ILETS orTOFEL help us in.getting best universities

Reply to mitanshi

Kanika Khurana 20 Jan’16, 8:34 am

PG Aspirant

Hi Mitanshi,

While GMAT is mandatory in a few universities in Australia, many universities (list shared in article) do not require a GMAT score and an IELTS score of above 6.5 would suffice in most cases.

Devam Ahuja 12 Nov’15, 12:46 pm

In your another article eligibility requirements for some colleges include IELTS and TOEFL both!

So does it mean that to take admission we have to clear and get qualifying score in both or one test is enough?

Reply to Devam Ahuja

Kanika Khurana 16 Nov’15, 9:29 am

PG Aspirant

Hi Devam,

The eligibility is an either or. What we mean is that you need to clear either of the accepted english language proficiency tests. This could also be a PTE, depending on the university and country. We recommend that you check on the website which all tests as acceptable. If more than one is acceptable, you can write either of them.

Nishat Hussain 16 Nov’15, 4:44 pm

PG Aspirant

Hi Devam, Either IELTS or TOEFL score is required and not both.

Habib 02 Nov’15, 2:57 am

Melbourne University was not in the list. Does it mean that Melbourne University require GMAT?

Reply to Habib

Indrani Garg (Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellor) 03 Nov’15, 2:46 pm

PG Aspirant

Yes, Melbourne University requires GMAT for its MBA programme. Admitted students generally have more than 700 GMAT score.

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Online MBA Programs w/No GMAT

Online MBA Programs w/No GMAT

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Posted On:
November 9, 2017 by
Henry R. Steele

    What’s Inside

  • Good News – GMAT Not Always Required
  • Do MBA Admission Requirements Differ without a GMAT Score?
  • Narrow by MBA Specialization
  • Featured Online MBA Programs
  • Executive EMBA vs MBA Programs
  • Accreditation – AACSB – Why It’s Important
  • List of No GMAT Online MBA Programs

If you want to earn a graduate business degree, you probably are familiar with the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). The GMAT is a standardized test that many business schools require for you to be considered for admission. In addition to GMAT scores, applicants typically need to have recommendations, high GPA, essays and writing samples, and even a personal interview.

Many students spend weeks and months studying so they can get the highest GMAT score possible. The test consists of these sections:

  • Analytical writing assessment
  • Integrated reasoning
  • Quantitative section
  • Verbal section

Top notch business schools often want to see a GMAT score of 670 or higher. While the GMAT score may not be the most important factor involved in getting into these schools, it is important. Some business schools may have more emphasis on other factors, such as GPA, recommendations and writing samples. The higher your GMAT score at these business schools, the better.

Good News – GMAT Not Always Required

More prestigious business schools are no longer requiring the GMAT. Or, they may provide a GMAT score waiver for those who qualify. These are usually professionals with a high GPA or many years of work experience. Others may receive a waiver if they already have a graduate degree in certain fields related to business.

According to US News and World Report, of the 218 programs they rank, 99 require standardized test scores, but the list of no-GMAT-required schools is growing annually.

Why is this happening? Some educational experts maintain that the GMAT score, while it does provide a measurement of knowledge and your ability to use it, is of limited importance for determining likelihood of success in graduate school.

A GMAT score does have some value, but these hours-long tests do little to show how innovative or tenacious you are in school and in the business world. Nor do GMAT scores indicate your ability to apply what you learn to your career and field. And that is why more schools today are relying less on GMAT scores for MBA admission, or ignoring them entirely.

See our guide on how to  Choose a Top Online MBA Degree

For those who either do not want to take the test or have trouble doing well on standardized tests, it is recommended to consider business schools that do not require GMAT scores. If you are considering such an MBA program, it will be important for your application to be strong in these areas:

  • GPA – above 3.0 is highly desirable
  • Two or three professional and/or academic references who can speak to your business and academic ability
  • Strong business resume with years of related experience
  • Strong writing samples

Do MBA Admission Requirements Differ without a GMAT Score?

The entrance requirements for a no-GMAT MBA program online will vary, but a good example of requirements can be found at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. There are GMAT waiver options available, but you must have at least five years of professional experience with some managerial experience.

Also, the student needs to have shown preparedness for being successful in a quantitative-based curriculum. To demonstrate this, the student should have a graduate degree in a quantitative subject, such as accounting, mathematics, statistics, etc. Or, the student must have an undergraduate degree with the last four classes averaging 3.0 in math, economics, statistics, finance or accounting.

Other requirements for this MBA program are at least two years of work experience and a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field. Letters of recommendation, transcripts and an updated resume also are needed.

It also should be noted that few employers after you graduate are interested in whether you took the GMAT or what your score was. Above all, businesses want strong business management leaders to fill vacancies in their organizations. Whether you took the GMAT or not is of little relevance in this situation.

Narrow by MBA Specialization

  • Accounting MBA
  • Analytics MBA
  • Criminal Justice MBA
  • Economics MBA
  • Entrepreneurship MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Finance MBA
  • General Management MBA
  • Global Management MBA
  • Health Care Administration MBA
  • Human Resources MBA
  • International Business MBA
  • Leadership MBA
  • Marketing MBA
  • Management Information Systems MBA
  • Non-Profit Leadership MBA
  • Operation Management MBA
  • Project Management MBA
  • Public Administration MBA
  • Public Relations MBA
  • Real Estate MBA
  • Supply Chain Management/Logistics MBA
  • Taxation MBA
  • Technology MBA

Featured Online MBA Programs

The MBA program at  Southern New Hampshire University  is accredited by the ACBSP, which is the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. This is one of the major business education accreditation bodies in the world. The MBA program has been accredited by this body since 1994. Therefore, you can have confidence this program will be respected by future employers.

FACT: Did you know 83% of employers plan to hire new business school graduates in 2018?* At SNHU, we have a tradition of excellence and a proven success rate – 95 percent of our students are employed upon graduation

Courses are taught by highly-regarded faculty with many years of real-world business experience. Courses have been designed to provide you with the business toolkit you need to tackle today’s business challenges head on, from business entrepreneurship to international management.

Grad Tuition: Inquire
Application Deadline: Rolling
School Type: Non-Profit
Accreditation: ACBSP and NEASC
GMAT Required?: None
GPA Requirement: Min 2.75
Degrees Offered: Masters/MBA

Inquire Direct at

Online MBA Concentrations
  • MBA in Accounting
  • MBA in Athletic Administration
  • MBA in Business Intelligence
  • MBA in Community Economic Development
  • MBA in Criminal Justice
  • MBA in Economics
  • MBA in Engineering Management
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Forensic Accounting
  • MBA in Healthcare Informatics
  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • MBA in Human Resources
  • MBA in Information Technology Management
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Internet Marketing
  • MBA in Leadership
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Music Business
  • MBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in Project Management
  • MBA in Public Administration
  • MBA in Quantitative Analysis
  • MBA in Six Sigma
  • MBA in Social Media
  • MBA in Sport Management Online
  • MBA in Sustainability & Environmental Compliance

Inquire Direct at

Executive EMBA vs MBA Programs

As you review your MBA program options, you will probably see some universities that offer a regular MBA and an executive MBA, also referred to as an EMBA. What is the difference?

An MBA is usually a two year program and can be taken online or in person at many universities. It can also take three or four years if taken part time. Most regular MBA programs are general management degrees that usually require less work experience than an EMBA. It depends upon the university, but it is common for many MBA programs to have students with five years or less of professional work experience.

MBA programs provide a more general business management background, with courses in accounting, finance, supply chain management, leadership and quantitative analysis.

An EMBA program is also usually a two year, full time program, but it is designed for experienced business managers and executives with more experience. Some EMBA programs require at least seven years, while others require 10 years or more of professional managerial experience. EMBA students are generally older and more experienced. Most EMBA programs are in person, not online, but can be full or part time.

Most EMBA programs are highly specialized; it is assumed that experienced business managers already have a background in basic business topics, such as finance, accounting and quantitative analysis. Students in an EMBA program usually are interested in developing specific, specialized business management skills for the particular industry in which they work.

Another major difference between these programs is who foots the bill. More MBA students tend to pay for their own education, or have to find scholarships, loans and grants. Most EMBA students’ employers pay for their education. After all, the company is directly benefiting from the knowledge the EMBA student is learning. Most companies will require the EMBA graduate to stay at the company for a few years after they graduate.

Accreditation – AACSB – Why It’s Important

When you are considering university’s MBA program, there are many factors to consider. One of the most critical is accreditation. It is important for the university that you are attending to have two types of accreditation: regional accreditation and program accreditation.

Regional accreditation means that the university itself has been accredited by one of the six regional accreditation agencies that are recognized by the US Department of Education. Regional accreditation means that the university has meet basic standards of educational quality. The regional accreditation agency that accredits the university depends upon the school’s geographic location. These accreditation bodies are:

  • Higher Learning Commission
  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Northwest Accreditation Commission
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges

The other type is program accreditation. It also is important for the MBA program to have been accredited by a respected business education accreditation agency. In the business and accounting industries, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, or AACSB. AACSB International has been accrediting business and accounting since 1916.

AACSB accreditation means that the MBA program has met the very highest standards of quality for business programs. With this accreditation, you can be confident your MBA curriculum is of the best quality, as the AACSB spends months evaluating the curriculum, teaching methods and staff of the business school. When you are ready to graduate and join the workforce, your degree will be recognized by employers as a high quality business degree.

List of No GMAT Online MBA Programs

The following chart lists top Online MBA Programs without the GMAT requirement.

School NameCity/StateAACSBConcentration
1Abilene UniversityAbilene, TXYesAnalytics, Healthcare Administration, Non-profit Leadership, Corporate Communications
2Albertus Magnus CollegeNew HavenNoAccounting, General Management, Human Resources, Leadership, Marketing, and Project Management
3Arizona State UniversityTempe, AZYesAccounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Management, Health Care Administration, International Business, Leadership, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Real Estate, Supply Chain Management/Logistics, Tax, and Technology
4Baker UniversityBaldwin City, KSNoFinance, Health Care Administration, Human Resources, Information Systems, International Business, Leadership and Organizational Change, and Marketing
5Ball State UniversityMuncie,IAYesBusiness, Health Economics, Professional Sales Management
6Belhaven UniversityJackson, MSnoAccounting, Criminal Justice Administration, Healthcare Management, Human Resources, International Business, Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Public Administration, Public Relations
7Bethel UniversityMcKenzie, TNNoFinance, Global Management, and Management
8Boise State UniversityBoise, IDYesGeneral MBA
9Bryan CollegeDayton, TNNoGeneral Management
10California State Monterey BaySeaside, CANoExecutive MBA, Traditional MBA, no concentrations
11Cameron UniversityLawton, OKNoGeneral
12Carnegie Mellon UniversityPittsburgh, PANoAccounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing
13City University of SeattleBellevue, WANoAccounting, Change Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Global Management, Global Marketing, Human Resource Management, Management Consulting, Project Management, Sustainable Business, and Technology Management
14College of St. ScholasticaDuluth, MNNoLeadership and Change, Rural Healthcare
15Columbia CollegeColumbia, MONoAccounting and Human Resource Management
16Eastern New Mexico UniversityPortales, NMYesGeneral MBA
17Emporia StateEmporia, KSYesGeneral, Accounting, Information Systems
18Endicott CollegeBeverly, MANoAccounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Management, Healthcare, Homeland Security, Hotel Management, Human Resources Management, International Business, Marketing, Non-Profit Management, Operations Management, Project Management, Maritime Economics, Project Management
19Fayetteville State UniversityFayetteville, ARYesGeneralist/Electives, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Healthcare Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, Project Management
20Florida Atlantic UniversityBoca Raton, FLYesInternational Business
21Florida International UniversityMiami, FLYesCorporate MBA – no concentrations specified
22Franklin UniversityColumbus, OHNoExecutive Leadership & Business Strategy, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Financial & Managerial Accounting, Operations & Project Management, and Human Resource Management
23 Grand Canyon University Phoenix, AZNoAccounting, Project Management, Finance, Health Systems Management, Human Resources, Leadership, Marketing, Sports Business
24Howard UniversityWashington, D.C.YesE-commerce
25Indiana Wesleyan UniversitySt. Marion, INNoGeneral MBA
26Kettering UniversityFlint, MInoGeneral, Information Technology, Leadership, Supply Chain Management, Technology Management
27Lawrence Technological UniversitySouthfield, MINoInformation Technology, Project Management
28 Liberty University Lynchburg, VAnoGeneral MBA, International Business, Organizational Behavior, Market Research and Consumer Insights
29Marylhurst UniversityMarylhurst, ORNoBusiness, Healthcare, Sustainability, Real Estate
30Maryville UniversitySt Louis, MONoAccounting, Cyber Security, Financial Services, Health Care Practice Management, Human Resources Management, Information Technology, Management, Marketing, Project Management, Supply Chain Management/Logistics
31McKendree UniversityLebanon, ILNoHuman Resources Management
32Medaille CollegeBuffalo, NYNoIntegrated Healthcare Delivery
33National Louis UniversityChicago, ILNoMBA, MBA in Non-Profit Management
34North Greenville UniversityTigerville, SCYesHuman Resources
35Northeastern UniversityBoston, MAYesFinance, Healthcare Management, High Technology Management, Innovation Entrepreneurship, International Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability
36Northeastern UniversityBoston,MANoGeneral, Accounting
37Northwest Nazarene UniversityNampa, IDNoGeneral MBA
38Northwest UniversityKirkland, WANoProject Management, Public Safety Administration
39 Norwich University Northfield, VTNoProject Management, Finance, Organizational Leadership, Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Construction Management
40Ohio UniversityAthens, OHNoFinance, Healthcare, Executive Management, Business Analytics
41Ottawa UniversityOttawa, KansasNoFinance, Health Care Management, Leadership Development, Marketing, Population Health Management, Human Resources
42Portland State UniversityPortland, ORYesEntrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Marketing and Logistics, Sustainability
43 Post University Waterbury, CTNoCorporate Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Leadership, Marketing, Multidisciplinary, Project Management
44Shippensburg UniversityShippensburg, PAYesFinance, Health Care Management, Management Information Systems, Supply Chain Management
45Simmons CollegeBoston, MAYesMBA, Healthcare MBA
46 Southern New Hampshire University Hookset, NHNoAccounting, Athletic Administration, Business Intelligence, Community Economic Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Forensic Accounting, Healthcare Informatics, Healthcare Management, Human Resources, Information Technology Management, Internet Marketing, Justice Studies, Leadership, Marketing, Music Business, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Public Administration, Quantitative Analysis, Six Sigma, Social Media, Sport Management Online, Sustainability & Environmental Compliance, Workplace & Conflict Management
47Southwestern CollegeWinfield, KSNoGeneral MBA
48Spring Arbor UniversitySpring Arbor, MINoFinance, Healthcare Administration, Human Resource Management, Management, Organizational Development, Strategic Leadership
49Syracuse University (Whitman)Syracuse, NYYesGeneral MBA
50Tabor CollegeHillsboro, KSNoLeadership, Sales Management
51Texas A&M University-CommerceCommerce, TXYesGeneral MBA
52Texas Southern University (Jones)Houston, TXYesEnergy Finance, General Business
53The University of Scranton Scranton, PAYesAccounting, Enterprise Resource Planning, Healthcare Management, Human Resources, International Business, or Operations Management
54University of BaltimoreBaltimore, MDYesEntrepreneurship, Finance, Health Care Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Leadership and Organizational Learning, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Public Sector Management
55University of Central ArkansasConway, ARYesInternational Business, Finance, Information Management, Health Care Administration,
56University of ColoradoColorado Springs, COYesAccounting, Finance, Health Care Administration, Innovation Management, International Business
57University of Houston-VictoriaVictoria, TexasYesBusiness Administration, Global MBA, Strategic Business
58University of MaryBismarck, NDNoEnergy Management, Executive, Healthcare, Healthcare Informatics, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Public Administration, Virtuous Leadership
59University of Maryland at College ParkCollege Park, MDYesAccounting, Finance, Information Systems, Business Analytics, Marketing
60University of Massachusetts LowellLowell, MAYesFinance, Accounting, Information Technology, or Marketing.
61University of Michigan-DearbornDearborn. MIYesFinance, Marketing, Management, International Business
62University of North DakotaGrand Forks, NDYesCorporate Finance, Economics, Healthcare Administration, Human Resource Management
63University of Northwestern OhioLima, OHNoGeneral MBA
64 University of Saint Mary Leavenworth, KSNoFinance, General Management, Health Care Management, Human Resources Management, Organizational Health, Marketing and Advertising
65 University of Scranton Scranton, PAYesGeneral, Accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning, Healthcare Management, International Business, Operations Management
66University of Sioux FallsSioux Falls, SDNoBusiness Innovation and Marketing, General Management, Healthcare
67University of St. MaryLeavenworth, KSNoEnterprise Risk Management, General Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing and Advertising, Finance, Health Care Management, Leadership and Organizational Health
68University of the Incarnate WordSan Antonio, TXNoAsset Management, Data Analytics, Human Resources, General
69University of Wisconsin OshkoshOshkosh, WIYesHealth Care Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, Management, Information Systems, Project Management
70Upper Iowa UniversityFayette, IANoAccounting, Corporate Financial Management, General Management, Human Resources Management, and Organizational Development
71 Villanova University Villanova, PAYesFinance, Marketing, Analytics, Strategic Management
72Webster UniversitySaint Louis, MONoBusiness and Organizational Security Management, Environmental Management, Finance, Gerontology, Human Resources Development, Human Resources Management, Information Technology Management, International Business, International Relations, Management and Leadership, Marketing, Media Communications, Procurement and Acquisitions Management
73West Texas A&M UniversityCanyon, TXYesGeneral Business, Computer Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Healthcare Management
74William Woods UniversityFulton, MONoEntrepreneurial Leadership

If you are interested in getting your MBA and don’t want to take the GMAT, it is recommended that you consider some of the above programs. Many of them are very highly regarded and put a stronger emphasis upon other parts of your MBA program application.


  • *Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, on the internet, at (viewed online April 24, 2018). Cited projections may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions and do not guarantee actual job growth.

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