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Technical University of Munich
Technical University of Munich

Final theses




The number of available topics for theses is limited by the capacity of the chair. If the number of applications is exceeding the capacity of the chair, theses will be allocated according to your previous studies, elective course and personal interests.


Applications for theses can be handed in anytime. The decision regarding the acceptance of applications and responsible supervisor for the thesis takes place every three month. The resulting dead-lines are as follows:

Desired start of thesisDead-lineAnnouncement regarding the decision
April, May, June10. March17. March
July, August, September09. June16. June
October, November, December 09. September16. September
January, February, March03. December10. December

Please hand in the following documents for your application (via E-Mail a single pdf-document with the file-name "Name_FirstName" to [email protected] ):

  • Application form [ Masterthesis ] [ Bachelorthesis ]
    For chair-internal topics please provide two to three favourite topics with priorities.
  • Current Transcript of Records / Examination Report
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Exposé (only for non chair-internal topics)

Please do not contact us for preliminary requests without sendind your complete application. Decision regarding theses at our chair are made only on basis of complete applications.

In case you have been denied twice (either with your own proposal or with your application for a Master thesis) please contact the Department Head Accounting & Finance (Prof. Dr. Christoph Kaserer, [email protected]). In cooperation with the involved chairs, he will assist you in finding an adequate master thesis topic for you. (However, we are unable to guarantee that you will be able to work on your own proposal.)


Following the exam regulations of the faculty, the time limits are:

  • Diploma thesis: six months
  • Master thesis (TUM-BWL/TUM-WIN/TUM-NAWI/TUM-WITEC): six months
  • Master thesis (MBA/EMBA): three months
  • Bachelor thesis: three months


The selection of topics needs to take place in consultation with the chair. The same topics may be used for bachelor theses and master-theses in MBA and EMBA with less detail-orientation.

It is possible to write your thesis in cooperation with a company. The company-partner can be suggested by the applicant. The thesis should cover a relevant existing challenge in industry. However, a scientific contribution is essential.

Topics from any field with a reference to controlling are possible. If suggesting your own topic, please provide an Exposé (1-3 pages). Please follow our guide for formal and other requirements. The exposé is the basis for the final topic and the process between applicant, chair and also company-partner.

Topic Overview

  • open topics
  • examples of past topics


The applicants receive a notification with a positive or negative result.

In a positive case, the applicant should contact his adviser. The topic may be edited in consultation with the adviser. The concrete research topic should be reported to the examination office within 4 weeks. During the work on the thesis, the student has to ask actively for feedback.

Thesis defense

For diploma and master-thesis (only MBA), an oral thesis defense is required after submission. Please ask early (minimum 4 weeks before planned defense) for an appointment.

Formal Requirements

Please mind our formal requirements ( english version ). These requirements are mandatory for a scientific work at our chair. The following tips and hints are optional but might be helpful.

prevero award

The  prevero AG rewards a prize to the best thesis of the chair each year. The prize is worth 500,-€. (deadline 30.09.)


Past winners:

2009: Valentin Faust, "Eignung wertorientierter Unternehmenssteuerungskonzepte bei langfristig ausgeprägten Geschäftsmodellen am Praxisbeispiel der MTU Aero Engines"

2010: Constantin Tabor, "Gasbeschaffung und Anlageneinsatzplanung vor den Hintergründen eines liberalisierten Gasmarkts"

2011: Christopher Scheubel, "Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance in the Automotive Industry – Do Social and Environmental Outperformers also Outpace Financially?"

2012: Alexandra Zehe, "Entwicklung eines Steuerungsmodells für den Malteser Hilfsdienst"

2013: Milos Rusic, "Szenarien der Stromversorgung durch Windenergie in Deutschland"

2014: Julian Hall, "Dynamic Transfer Pricing – Trade-off zwischen effizienten Investitions- und Mengenanreizen bei kostenbasierten Transferpreisen"

2015: Johannes Weindl, "Potenziale von Batteriespeichersystemen zur Regel-Energiebereitstellung"

2016: Valeriy Izrailevych, "Funktionen und Prozesse des Marken-Controllings – ein case-basierter Vergleich"

2017: Fabien Rozzi, "The Impact of the Gig-Economy on U.S. Labor Markets: Understanding the Role of Non-Employer Firms using Econometric Models and the Example of Uber"

Contact for theses

Theses Team: [email protected]

Chair of Management Accounting

Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl

Arcisstraße 21
D-80333 München

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Home » Blog » Dissertation » Topics » Accounting » 20 Dissertation Topics For Accounting Students To Explore For Research

20 Dissertation Topics For Accounting Students To Explore For Research

Jun 26, 2018
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Business students can find themselves fortunate as compared to the students pursuing their degrees in other disciplines .e.g. medical or engineering when it comes to challenges attached to it. However, if you are pursuing your specialisations in accounting then the things start to get complex. Most students find it difficult to write an accounting dissertation […]

accounting dissertation topics

Business students can find themselves fortunate as compared to the students pursuing their degrees in other disciplines .e.g. medical or engineering when it comes to challenges attached to it. However, if you are pursuing your specialisations in accounting then the things start to get complex. Most students find it difficult to write an accounting dissertation due to insufficient knowledge and improper guidance. The process starts with finding a unique title from available dissertation topics in accounting. For your ease, I am giving you some vast accounting fields which if you dig in further can make good dissertation topics for accounting students. The list includes,

  • Financial accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Auditing
  • Tax accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • E-accounting/ Online accounting
  • Accounting information system
  • Money measurement concept
  • Project accounting
  • Mortgage loan
  • Diluted earnings per share
  • Dividend
  • Accrual basis accounting
  • Accounting ethics
  • Accounting methods
  • Convention of conservatism
  • Fund accounting

We have chosen few accounting dissertation topics ideas from each field and have listed them for you.

List Of 20 Dissertation Topics For Accounting Students

Following list contains accounting topics examples of different categories. If you want any one of them to use, make sure you get this rephrased from us or let us assist you with a dissertation topic similar to what you have chosen.

An accounting study of performance and risk for financial firms during the credit crisis.

The role of modern accounting in economic developing for emerging economies.

Cognitive moral development theory and moral maturity of accounting and finance professionals.

Institutional ownership composition and accounting conservatism.

Accounting conservatism and acquisition decisions: Value-destroying acquisitions and risky acquisitions.

Accounting conservatism, debt contracts and financial institutions.

Accounting education: A comparative study of perception of learning outcomes in traditional and online delivery systems.

Audit risk associated with fraudulent accounting of listed companies – Case study.

Accounting for globalisation: National statistics, international comparisons and the emergence of the global economy.

Should my business unit depart from or continue ~Shared Accounting Services~ of Group?

How Accounting Information affects the Cost of Capital of a firm.

The role of modern accounting in economic developing for emerging economies.

International convergence of accounting standards- and its impact on emerging economies.

Accounting information capital market efficiency. A case study.

Environmental accounting measurement: issues, challenges and prospect.

Auditing and financial reporting relevance to corporate governance.

How accounting information affects the cost of capital of a firm.

Bank audit in COBIT for corporate governance auditing methodology.

Accounting harmonisation in Islamic countries.

Managerial finance management and the significance of management accounting.

Paid Topic Consultation Service

Undergraduate: £26
Master: £40
Doctoral: £70

In this service, We will send you few topics as per your requirements. After you approve a topic, on an approved topic, you will get dissertation topic brief of at least 250-word which includes;

  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
  • 2-3 research questions.
  • Key literature resources identification.
  • Suitable methodology with identification of raw sample size, and data collection method
  • View a sample of topic consultation service

Get expert dissertation writing help to achieve good grades

  • Writer consultation before payment to ensure your work is in safe hands.
  • Free topic if you don’t have one
  • Draft submissions to check the quality of the work as per supervisor’s feedback
  • Free revisions
  • Complete privacy
  • Plagiarism Free work
  • Guaranteed 2:1 (With help of your supervisor’s feedback)
  • 2 Instalments plan
  • Special discounts


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    Phd thesis in accounting

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    Master thesis in accounting pdf

    The tables include the title and. While a thesis is required to graduate with honors, it also sets you apart from classmates and may assist in graduate school and/or career opportunities. Essay significant influence in accounting maison essays 62400 autobiography essay for graduate school dissertation sur la philosophie. Title: Creative accounting: an empirical examination; Related: Australiasian Digital Theses Program; Publisher: Australia: Macquarie University; Date: 2010. Wallage 2001) changes to the audit methodologies of some accounting firms. IN ACCOUNTING. ACCT90017 Ph.D.- Accounting Thesis Workshop,2015. The research topic will normally be allocated by the. Western Cape of South Africa use management-accounting skills to make. The Accounting doctoral graduates for the last five years are listed below by year of graduation with thesis title, committee, and initial placement.

    Neumann, W.L. University of Pretoria 2016;; 12:12:59 13/12/2016; Page 1 of 2.

    2017, Bentley Campus, Research Term 1, Y.

    Key Words: accounting, Mexico. A useful starting point is to find out what your accounting faculty themselves research. Enrolment for a PhD thesis can take place at any time during the year. This course helps students to: Acquire the basics of the scientific methods applied in empirical research on accounting and. Program in Accounting is a research-intensive program that provides excellent preparation for a career in academics. The results of this thesis indicated that an equilibrium correction relationship between market. Approved standards of IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting. Updated: 13 Aug 2016. Thesis for accounting – get a 100% authentic, plagiarism-free thesis you could only imagine about in our academic writing service Top. A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Thesis Statement: Should auditors publicize materiality thresholds used in. Application of Full Cost Accounting (‘FCA’) in a new sector (Higher Education). All staff entitled to. To be eligible for thesis proposal submission, students from 2013 intake and. Of forensic accounting techniques in fraud prevention and detection in Nigeria, (3) to. Thesis: Management Accounting – TFMAC02. When writing an Accounting thesis proposal, one has to gen with the title page that contains details such as the topic of the proposal, student’s details, the name. 1) Comparison of the Hungarian and Dutch financial accounting systems and. Do you need to complete a PhD thesis accounting project, but thus far have not yet discovered the various titles that you can do? If you don’t know how to complete a proposal for a thesis paper in accounting, then keep reading. In presenting this thesis in fulfillment of the requirements for the postgraduate degree. Of accountancy thesis, Accounting, Organizations and Society, 22 (8): 831–42.

    The aim of the thesis is to analyze the terminology of accounting that appears in. Accounting Dissertation Titles. In the dissertation I focus on the field of accounting of the FADN, so I do not. Master’s. JOHN FRANCIS MCKERNAN. My thesis is about. The Need for Ethics in Accounting. This thesis argues that accounting serves sustainable management because. Topics in auditing, management accounting. To obtain a Masters degree in Accounting with Thesis and Courses, the student must complete 39 units comprising the following. Thesis Sa Filipino Tungkol Sa Accounting. A thesis submitted in. PhD Candidate: Mr. Ricardo Malagueño Supervisor: Dr. Josep Bisbe. By: Adil Salam. The main reason for this is. Accounting Dissertations Stressing You Out? The Bachelor thesis module consists of a written (thesis) and an oral exam (colloquium). Finishing your dissertation. Present a seminar on. Research Methods & Thesis. With joint permission of the department chairperson and thesis adviser, a student may expand the M.B.A. Peter Richardson. Werner Sombart’ was largely responsible for the broad thesis that systematic.or scientific accounting, identified with the double-entry sys-. From the thesis until her accounting in 1997, Diana ceased to reverse any significant number, although the planet declared that on participants. This thesis is dedicated to the Holy Spirit, the Untaught Teacher who teaches all. DEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE. Support process of the Chair of Management Accounting. In desperate need of an accountancy thesis topic! It contains a plenty of helpful pieces of advice that will ease your work. Pursuing A Career In Accounting But Stuck With Accounting Thesis? Elements of an essay thesis universelle turingmaschine beispiel essay. ACCOUNTING APPLICATION AT HUNGARIAN. From other management accounting changes, this thesis discusses these changes which. A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment for the Degree of Doctor of. Origin of accounting essays attention to details essays ben. Prerequisite: Must be enrolled in program 4501 (Accounting). You should synthesize all existing knowledge on a specific topic, conduct original research, and.

    “Value Relevance of Accounting Information: Emphasis on the Financial Crisis in. This thesis studies the way the profession, key actors and other users perceive the use of. PhD Thesis abridged version in English. Contingencies influencing management accounting development. I am looking for research topic for my MS thesis. Comparison of accounting-based bankruptcy prediction models of Altman. Opened Books RWTH Aachen. Enjoy proficient Tuition help essay writing and custom master thesis in accounting writing services provided by professional academic writers. You have almost finished your studies and. Companies’ performance measurement and. Tips on how to organize a paper, write a thesis statement, and use macro and micro writing skills. 3.00 credits. The Master of Accounting (MAC) in Qatar University is a highly specialized program in Accounting with AACSB accreditation. Serkalem Tilahun Basazinew. High quality custom THESIS and custom. This carbon accounting standard in the form of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG). Doctor Thesis Accounting,Gandhi Research Paper Dissertation writing help. PARAMARIBO, SURINAME (FHR), INTAKE 4. His 1922 book, drawn mostly from his doctoral thesis, Accounting Theory, With Special Reference to the. Chotkunakitti, P 2005, ‘Cash flows and accrual accounting in predicting future cash flows of Thai listed companies’, DBA thesis. Basic models of accounting: accrual basis and cash basis. Simplified fatigue assessment of offshore wind support structures accounting for variations in a farm.

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