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January 7, 2015 

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HACC Spring Semester Viticulture & Enology Courses Announced

By: Bob Green

The Spring semester is starting soon at HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, and there are still openings in four courses in the Enology and Viticulture Program. These courses are offered with all lecture material made available online; some have one or two weekend sessions to provide hands-on experience. Enrollment in the college and registration for classes can be completed online—visit the HACC home page and follow the APPLY NOW link. Information about becoming a HACC student and taking courses can be found under the NEW STUDENTS link.

Questions? Contact Bob Green, Program Director, by email at [email protected] or by phone at 814 860 1452.

ENVI 130 Spring Vineyard Operations explores the principles and practices of pruning and training grapevines, the evaluation of cold hardiness and winter injury, and methods of frost protection. Offered through the Gettysburg campus, it is an online course with one “camp” weekend to be held at Hauser Winery on February 21st and 22nd. A prerequisite of ENVI 100 General Viticulture or equivalent experience is required.

ENVI 173 Winery Sanitation is a 1 credit course offered through the Harrisburg campus that covers all aspects of maintaining a sanitary environment in the winery. Poor sanitation can be linked to many quality issues in the winery, and a proper sanitation protocol can do much to raise the overall quality of wines produced. This course is offered completely online with no set meeting times for classes. While ENVI 161 Fundamentals of Enology is a prerequisite for this course, this may be waived for students with winery experience.

ENVI 183 Sensory Evaluation I is an introductory course that investigates our senses and how we use them to relate to wine, providing an invaluable training for tasting room and cellar personnel. Study of the physiology of sight, smell, taste and touch provides a framework to explore what information each of these senses provides, and how they work together to create the overall flavor of a wine. Two weekend “camps” at the Harrisburg campus provide opportunities for practicing sensory skills and building a vocabulary for describing perceptions of wines. There are no prerequisites for this course, but students must be at least 21 years to participate in tasting exercises.

ENVI 275 Winery Regulations and Compliance provides an overview of the various regulatory agencies and the regulations that govern wine industry operations. Students learn specific regulations governing wineries and retail outlets, including recordkeeping, periodic reporting of operations, excise tax records, and labeling laws. Offered through the Harrisburg campus, this course if 100% online with no set meeting times. A prerequisite of ENVI 161 Fundamentals of Enology or winery experience is required.


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