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CompuKol Communications LLC

Writing Services

Compukol Communications LLC can help you with a broad range of writing services, including business/marketing, technical, and informational kinds of writing.

We will set up writing projects in whatever ways are most convenient for you: from the get-go in which we plan, organize, and create documents for your special needs; or put together and polished from your rough drafts resulting in what you have in mind for an outstanding finished product. We can produce both documents for print and online writing for websites, blogs, discussion boards, etc.

Our ultimate aim is to create documents of high, professional quality that get your message across in a way that stands out in your eyes and for the audience to whom you want to present your ideas.

Services Include:

Business/Marketing Writing

  • Press Releases
  • Ad copywriting
  • Marketing studies
  • Marketing materials (brochures, flyers)

Technical Writing

  • Technical White Papers
  • Medical Journal Articles
  • Scientific Journal Articles
  • Posters
  • Abstracts
  • Slide Kit presentations
  • Monographs

Informational Writing 

  • Web content
  • Newsletters
  • Blog articles
  • Newspaper articles
  • Transcriptions from audio files
Web Content WritingBlog WritingBusiness WritingMedical Writing

For your web presence to be an effective tool in an overall sales and marketing effort, the writing on the website must attract the attention of potential visitors who are steered toward your website and then hold their attention and stimulate interest while they are visiting the site. Without the necessary website content, people will turn away in disinterest or worst of all never come to your website at all.

The CompuKol Communications writing team will create for you powerful website content. This begins with the use of tailored keywords so important for search engine optimization (SEO) as the way to draw the maximum traffic to your website.  We will work with you to ensure that this effort will reach the target audience you anticipate will be most interested in exploring your website and perhaps others as well whom you haven’t considered.

The second element of effective content writing is clear, uncomplicated text that is user friendly and enables your website visitors to move smoothly and easily throughout the website; to find whatever they need, and ultimately promote sales.  Our writing professionals at CompuKol will develop for you attractive and effective content that captures your message clearly, stimulates exploration of your website, and leaves such an impression that visitors will want to return to the site.

Contact Us today for a professional, affordable website content solution to help achieve your marketing goals.

Blogging is a great strategy for marketing your products and services on the Internet.

Blogs accentuate keywords more effectively than other media in search engine results. A blog speaks directly to your existing customers and potential customers without editorial filters. Blogs are the cornerstone of Web 2.0–they are the ultimate hub for social media campaigns. Unfortunately, blogs are very time consuming to write, edit, and promote.

That’s why we are here: you come up with the concept and we execute it.

We research, write, post, and promote articles for your blogs.

Content for Your Business Blog

Content is what makes a business stand out in a world where all consumers focus on products and services online before they make a commitment to buy; however, some people just do not have the time or comfort level for writing. For those clients, we offer content that make all clients shine as experts.

Custom Ghost Blog Writing 

We will write your content for you. Our writers are highly skilled and are very well versed in better blogging practices, including optimization for search engines. The concept is that the writing will sound like your writing. The responsibility for the success of your blog will rest squarely on us, while it will appear to originate with you. Our services include:

  • Working with the Client to develop satisfactory content
  • Working with the client to edit the posts satisfactorily
  • Ensuring that titles and content are on focused, targeted key words & phrases
  • Entering posts on a regular timeline (ie, 10, every 3-4 days)
  • Guaranteeing no less than 100 words per article, although most are more words than that
  • Adding links in targeted key words & phrases
  • Adding graphics, whenever possible, with (alternative content) tag and link
  • Maintaining categories and tags

Fees depend on required posts per month and the number of months contracted.

CompuKol Communications business writing services offer you powerful, straightforward and effective solutions for your business writing needs. These include a wide range of promotional and correspondence writing. We can help you by creating flyers, proposals, brochures, speeches, press releases, advertisements, staff biographies, Company Newsletters, scripts for demonstration videos, and more!

When you promote your business, you want your message to be targeted, memorable, and influential. The trouble is, finding the right words to make a lasting impression on your audience takes time and effort that you cannot always afford. CompuKol Communications can help by furnishing you with fast, dependable business writing services to give you straightforward, effective solutions for all your business writing needs. Our highly skilled business writing professionals have extensive experience in all types of corporate communications, from proposals to press releases, and will work to provide you with targeted business writing that is directly aligned with your organizational goals.

Let the business writing professionals at CompuKol Communications help to persuade your target market and promote your business with clear, compelling language that is specifically designed with your business in mind.

Contact Us today for all your business writing needs.

If you have innovative and cutting-edge data to present in writing, enlist the expertise of  experienced Medical Writers, Medical Editors, and Medical Ghostwriters from CompuKol Communications.

Our writers have long-term experience writing medical documents, which you can benefit from in the form of their in-depth knowledge of the research and writing process, FDA and Regulatory guidelines, AMA style guidelines, and other specialized knowledge that can only be gained through experience. They are always on top of current trends in science and health.

Our Medical Writers understand your research goals and ensure that your results are accurately presented. You can count on our experienced Medical Editors to provide the expertise necessary to finalize and polish your documents. You can also count on our knowledgeable fact checkers to ensure that your medical content is accurate and clear. CompuKol Communications is also skilled at rewriting, if that is the appropriate way to go.

Depend on us to write and edit the following types of projects:

  • Manuscripts for books and journals
  • Congress materials
  • Monographs
  • Slide kits
  • Medical education materials
  • Newsletters
  • Promotional materials
  • Sales materials

CompuKol Communications can easily assemble an effective team of medical communications professionals to meet your specific and unique professional needs.

We have a team of high-quality writers and editors with established proficiency in the healthcare industry.