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SAT Strategy Boost

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  • 6 Hours of Video Instruction
  • 1 Full-Length Practice Exam
  • Math, Reading, and Writing & Language Practice
  • Proven Score Raising Strategies
  • CollegeDrive Student Guide
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SAT Online Prep

$179 $199

  • 18 Hours of Video Instruction
  • 4 Full-Length Practice Exams
  • Proven Score Raising Strategies
  • Official SAT Study Guide
  • Exercises to Build Skills and Reduce Test Anxiety
  • CollegeDrive Student Guide
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Live Online Tutoring – 3

$249 $299

  • Three Hours of SAT or ACT Private Tutoring
  • Live One-on-One Instruction
  • At Least 2 Full-Length Practice Exams
  • Proven Score Raising Strategies
  • CollegeDrive Student Guide
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Live Online Tutoring – 6

$499 $549

  • 18 Hours Live Instruction
  • Six Hours of SAT or ACT Private Tutoring
  • Small Class Size
  • At Least 2 Full-Length Practice Exams
  • Proven Score Raising Strategies
  • Official SAT (or ACT) Study Guide
  • CollegeDrive Student Guide
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In depth content and score raising strategies that are proven to increase test scores on average by 135 points.

Practice from actual past full-length exams to accurately reflect what the students will experience on test day.

The CollegeDrive Student Guide that includes important test information, strategies, formulas, and tips leading right up to test day.

Teaching content and strategies in a fun and engaging way motivates students to apply what they’ve learned in the course.

Training exercises are assigned to encourage students to apply knowledge and practice strategies they have learned. The more students practice, the more confident they will be on test day.

Our courses are designed and taught by expert instructors who have scored in the 90th percentile or higher and are passionate about helping students reach their goals.


CollegeDrive offers a variety of programs suited to a wide range of needs and budgets. The ideal program for you depends on many factors, including your GPA and previous test scores. We can help you identify which test prep program will work best for you. Keep in mind that becoming a better test-taker requires practice. The more you practice, both in a structured setting and on your own, the more you will improve and the better you will do!


Increased Scores

Our students have increased their scores an average of 135 points. Our top improvement to date is 310 points!


Our students have earned millions of dollars in scholarships based on their strong test results.


Our students are not only prepared for test day, they are confident about it.


We are passionate about creating a high quality and affordable program for our families and their students.


Take a look at our programs and see which one is best for you.

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  • Are you looking to prep for your big test on your own schedule?
  • Would you thrive in an online interactive learning environment?
  • Does an engaging test prep solution that doesn’t break the bank sound appealing?

With B Line Test Prep, you get an affordable interactive learning experience that you can complete on your own schedule.

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esoteric (adj.)

designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone

What our students say

The video explanations of the answers helped me more than the group tutoring I have been getting.
– Roger S. Cambridge, MA

I really liked being able to review for my test on my own schedule, not someone else’s schedule.
– Mary V. Petaluma, CA

The feedback not only helped me understand why I was getting a question wrong, but also how to correct it.
– Ryan G. San Diego, CA

The practice section went through every single problem and solution systematically. The problems were accurate to the ones that you would find on the test.
– Bryan P. Ogunquit, ME

Our Technology:

Our FREE online SAT prep courses do not require any special software to download. All course material is web-based and requires only a regular web browser and a set of speakers or headphones.
Students get instant video and audio feedback after every question in our review segments helping to recognize and remedy errors quickly.

  • Engage your senses

    Instead of just reading test questions and taking a bunch of practice tests, our FREE SAT course show you the questions you miss and explain how to get the correct answer.

  • Learn from the nation’s top tutors

    We have assembled some of the nation’s top tutors to bring you the first Free Test Prep Course that is totally interactive. You will get feedback and tutorials throughout the course.

  • Avoid embarrassment

    Are you a little weak in a few areas? No one will know but you, so you can take your time and retake any sections or tests as necessary.

  • Master 1200+ vocabulary words

    Understanding words that are frequently tested is a key factor in scoring well on standardized tests. Practice for FREE with our vocabulary review tool.

  • Practice until you ace it

    However long that takes. Re-watch videos and go through timed practice tests as many times as you want until you get it right and understand the key concepts.

  • Flexible scheduling

    Our FREE Test Prep course lets you move at your own pace, whether you’re cramming over the weekend or starting a regular study habit months ahead of time.

  • Watch yourself improve

    With our built in tracking tools you will be amazed on how much your scores increase with a little practice.


    We are pretty sure you get it at this point……Our course is FREE! You pay NOTHING ever. Sound good? Then sign up for our free online SAT prep course now!

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