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In Elder Scrolls Online, every character must choose a class at the start of the game. Each of the five classes are open to customization, although some may be more suited to certain roles than others. All weapons and armor are available, no matter your chosen class or race . Every class comes with three unique skill lines.

Playable Classes[ edit ]

ON-icon-class-Dragonknight.png Dragonknight
ON-icon-class-Nightblade.png Nightblade
ON-icon-class-Sorcerer.png Sorcerer
ON-icon-class-Templar.png Templar
ON-icon-class-Warden.png Warden (with the Morrowind chapter)

NPC Classes[ edit ]

Adept Magic (?) (?)
Agent (?) (?) (?)
Aggrandizer (?) (?) (?)
Arbalest Magic (?) (?)
Archer RangedBow & Arrows (?)
Arcanist Magic (?) (?)
Aristocrat (?) (?) (?)
Ash-Weaver (?) (?) (?)
Assassin MeleeDual Weapons (?)
Bandit Melee (?) (?)
Bannerman (?) (?) (?)
Battlecaster Magic (?) (?)
Battlemage Melee & MagicStaffLight
Beastcaller Magic (?) (?)
Berserker MeleeDual Weapons (?)
Blade-Bearer Melee (?) (?)
Blademaster Melee (?) (?)
Blizzard Witch MagicStaff (Frost) (?)
Bloodcleaver Melee (?) (?)
Bodyguard Melee (?) (?)
Bonecaller Magic (?) (?)
Bonelord Melee & MagicOne-handed (?)
Bone-Shaman Magic (?) (?)
Bowman Ranged (?) (?)
Bravo Melee (?) (?)
Brigand Melee (?) (?)
Bruiser Melee (?) (?)
Brute MeleeOne-handed & ShieldHeavy
Bully Melee (?) (?)
Bulwalk (?) (?) (?)
Butcher Melee (?) (?)
Chainspinner (?) (?) (?)
Chieftain (?) (?) (?)
Chillrender Magic (?) (?)
Clanslayer (?) (?) (?)
Clarion Seer Magic (?) (?)
Coalheart (?) (?) (?)
Coercer (?) (?) (?)
Coldblood (?) (?) (?)
Conjurer Magic (?) (?)
Corruptor Magic (?) (?)
Cropper (?) (?) (?)
Crusader Melee (?) (?)
Cryomage MagicStaff (Frost) (?)
Cryomancer MagicStaff (Frost) (?)
Cultist (?) (?) (?)
Cutthroat Melee (?) (?)
Fear Mage MagicStaff (Fear)Light
Fire Mage MagicStaff (Fire)Light
Foot Soldier Melee & RangedOne-handedMedium
Frost Mage MagicStaff (Frost)Light
Healer MagicStaff (Restoration)Light
Knight MeleeOne-handed & ShieldHeavy
Necromancer MagicStaff (Necromantic)Light
Nightblade MeleeDual Weapons (?)
Pet Ranger RangedBow & ArrowsMedium
Ravager MeleeTwo-handed (?)
Sentry MeleeOne-handed & Torch (?)
Shaman Melee & MagicOne-handedLight
Spirit Master MagicStaffLight
Storm Mage MagicStaff (Lightning)Light
Tank MeleeOne-handed & ShieldHeavy
Thundermaul MeleeTwo-handedHeavy
Time Bomb Mage MagicStaffLight

Notes[ edit ]

  • An unknown sixth class was also originally planned.
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      • Sorcerer
      • Dragonknight
      • Templar
      • Nightblade
    • Guides  How To
    • Power Leveling
    • Gold  Wealth
    • Fashion  Motifs
    • Races  Racials
    • Skill Trees  Abilities
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Legendary Mage

Register for Ashes of Creation – Most Anticipated MMORPG of 2018

July 25, 2017

What is the Strongest Class in Elder Scrolls Online

In ESO all classes can fulfill all roles, but if you want to maximize your results and performance, then picking the right one is important. This guide will teach you what each class is good at, and their strengths & weaknesses.

Defining Character Roles


We can define character roles as being the following:

  • Tank
  • Healer
  • Damage Dealer
  • Support & Buffs (mostly in PVP).

Support & Buffs role can be played in PVE as well, since these classes can also heal, but it is generally more popular in PVP, while in PVE healers that can also provide buffs are more common.

There is a distinction here between these two setups, a support & buffs build is a build that focuses mostly on this, while a healer build that also happens to provide a bit of buffs & support, is still a healer build primarily.

Damage dealers can also further be defined as:

  • Magicka (or magically) oriented damage dealers.
  • Stamina (or physically) oriented damage dealers.

Both of these can be either melee or ranged, meaning that they’re either doing damage from a distance, or not. Or both combined.

Strongest Tank Class


Dragonknight is the strongest tank class, with a lot of utility, crowd control and sustain options.

They mitigate the most damage passively and they have the best self-sustain while tanking, blocking and so on.

Alternatively other classes can be great tanks too, but if you want to focus primarily on tanking, then the dragonknight should be your class.

Strongest Healer Class


Templars with their strong instant as well as healing over time effects, buffs and resource management, take the lead here.

Alternatively wardens, sorcerers & nightblades are great at healing too, but templars are better in the end.

If you want to build a pure healer character, templar should be your choice.

Strongest Buffs & Support for PVP


An interesting setup to play in PVP, even more so if you’re playing with a group of players that often play together.

Wardens are a great support & buffs class that can also be very good at healing, and somewhat decent at everything else.

If you’re a PVP player and you’d like to focus on being a supportive type of a character, go with the warden class.

Strongest Melee Magicka Damage Dealer


Dragonknights win here hands down, with a lot of fire damage and skills that also inflict additional damage over time, burning effects and even heal them in certain circumstances.

If you want a melee fire mage that burns everything to ashes, dragonknight should be your class.

Strongest Ranged Magicka Damage Dealer


This is where the sorcerer class performs the best.

A lot of mobility, burst skills that are also unblockable, decent AOE options as well as self-preservation, sorcerer has it all.

Close second option is a nightblade, but in PVE & PVP sorcerers simply play better at range in most cases.

The only case where a nightblade will outperform a sorcerer, is when those two are matched up against each other.

Strongest Melee & Ranged Stamina Damage Dealer


Perhaps not the best at magicka damage dealing from range, nightblades are certainly the best when it comes to physical damage dealing, from both range & melee.

Access to debuffs, utility, stealth, awesome single target skills and an ultimate that decimates players, NBs perform extremely well as both ranged and melee stamina damage dealers, especially in PVP.

Final Words


Whatever class that you go with, rest assured that you will still perform well at any of these roles.

It’s uncommon to see a dragonknight healer, but then again most players that opt-in to go with this class, aren’t really interested in healing in the first place.

So, if there’s a class that you really want to try out, don’t worry too much about whether it performs very well at any of these roles, go for it and have fun!

You can always make another character in the future, and all experience from before will come in handy as well.

Liked it? Take a second to support Legendary Mage on Patreon!

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  • Legendary Mage

  • July 25, 2017

  • Guides & How To , The Elder Scrolls: Online

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Legendary Mage


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