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Graduation Project Writing the Research Paper.

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Graduation Project Writing the Research Paper


Learning Target I understand the requirements for my Research Paper, Outline, and Works Cited page.


Task Definition Create an Outline Write Research Paper on Approved G.P. Paper Topic Conduct & Include Interview Include a Works Cited Page


Research Paper Guidelines
Review sample student paper Review list of guidelines (find in paper) Work with student Place ? beside any you need more info about


Research Paper Guidelines
Standard English: 5 to 8 Pages Honors/AP English: 8 to 10 Pages MLA Format Double Spaced with Indented Paragraphs One Inch Margins In-Text Citations (Internal Citations in Parenthesis) Direct Quotes in Quotation Marks Header- No Cover Sheet (Name, Teacher, Course, and Date) Page Numbers (via Header) Font/Size -12 Point/Times New Roman Includes a Catchy Title Includes a Student-Generated Diagram Uses Interview as a Source At Least 5 References (1 Interview, 2 Published, and Others)


In-Text Citations Internal Citations in Parenthesis
Show what source you got your information from Use whenever you quote or paraphrase information Connects back to your Works Cited page Working with partner: Why does the writer write “263” in the first sentence? Why does the writer write “Wordsworth” at the end of the second sentence, but not the first? Why does the writer write “Impact of Global Warming” in this in-text citation, and not an author name?


Outline Map for Research Paper
A Way to Organize Information Before you Start Writing In-Depth Review Copy Can you write an outline without research? What do you think happens in the paper each time she changes numbers/letters?


Outline Outline Corresponds to Content of Paper
Title of Research Paper Centered at Top Thesis Statement under Title Top Right Header with Last Name and Page Number on each Page Roman Numeral I is Introduction Last Roman Numeral is the Conclusion For Every A there is a B For Every 1 there is a 2 Formatted using Hanging Indent or Stair Step Double Spaced Parallel Phrase Format (No Complete Sentences)


Works Cited What’s the purpose? Works Cited Page
Can you find these things in the sample? * MLA Format * “Works Cited” is Centered at Top of Page * Last Page of Research Paper * Entries are in Alphabetical Order (Not Numbered) * All Sources are Cited * All but First line of Entry is Indented 5 Spaces (Hanging Indent) * Double Spaced Citation Help Link on Web Page


Information Seeking Strategies
School Media Center Public Libraries NC WiseOwl NC Live Quality Web Sites Interview: Mentor or Expert


Location And Access 5 Sources Minimum At Least 2 Published
Books, Periodicals, or Online Databases At Least 1 Interview Expert (Interview Verification Form) Quality Web Sites Authority, Accuracy, Currency, Objectivity


Use of Information Avoid Plagiarism (Do Not Copy and Paste)
Take Notes or use Note Taking Sheets Make an Outline from Notes Write the Paper from your Outline Complete Works Cited Page MLA Handbook/Website NC WiseOwl Citation Maker Easy Bib/Other Citation Maker


Synthesis Research Paper Outline Research Paper Works Cited Page


Evaluation Paper Due in Eng IV Paper Rubric—Used by Teacher
Must Achieve Successful Completion on all Components Self Evaluation What would I have done differently?

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Plagiarism 1.Failing to cite quotes and borrowed ideas 2.Failing to enclose borrowed text in quotation marks 3.Failing to put summaries and paraphrases.

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