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Conference Keynote/Presentation Topics

Peter Van Buskirk’s engaging style and provocative messaging are well suited to gatherings of college access professionals and/or student advocates in the college-going process. Topics range from those that challenge assumptions and provide practical instruction to others that inspire and motivate.

Admission Reform and the Need for Transparency in College Admission

Admission Reform and the Need for Transparency in College AdmissionThe college-going process has become a high-stakes, billion-dollar industry. More than ever, transparency into that process is essential to preserving the vital trust between families and the institutions that would serve them. This session examines factors that have transformed the process as well as efforts to bring it under control.

30-45 minutes. Audience size: no limit.

Finding the Best Fit

Finding the Best FitAs students immerse themselves in the college search process, finding the college that fits their needs and interests best goes a long way to determining their successes as both applicants and, subsequently, enrolled students. This session focuses on factors that often influence the direction of a college search, some good and some bad, and helps students identify their priorities as they begin their college searches.

45-55 minutes. Audience size: no limit.

Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to BeThis engaging and motivational keynote program for high school students and parents delivers a five-point plan for achieving educational goals. Special emphasis is placed on self-awareness, finding a good college fit and the consequences of decision-making throughout high school.

45-55 minutes. Audience size: no limit.

Promoting Self-Advocacy

Promoting Self-AdvocacyWhen things happen in life that affect a young person’s ability to perform and achieve, s/he has a story to tell. In addition to reducing the stigmas that are typically associated with such circumstances and creating avenues for self-actualization, this session focuses on exercises that can be used to equip students with the tools to tell their stories to curious admission committees—and the confidence to tell them.

45-55 minutes. Audience size: 30-50.

Separating Fact From Fiction

Separating Fact From FictionThe college-going landscape is changing dramatically and the rhetoric surrounding the process has reached the point where it is hard to know what to believe. This presentation analyzes the college-going process and examines factors that contribute to shifts in recruitment practices and policy changes and, subsequently, the growing angst among families of the college-bound.

45-55 minutes. Audience size: no limit.

“Something is Wrong…”

'Something is Wrong...'The college-going climate has changed dramatically over the last 25 years, but is it for the better? Have we reached the “level playing field” or are we just kidding ourselves? This speech assesses the cultural and demographic changes that have taken place, as well as their impact on the college-going process, and challenges the audience to consider a commitment to student-centered college planning.

35-45 minutes. Audience size: no limit.

Unwrapping the Financial Aid Award

Unwrapping the Financial Aid AwardNow, more than ever, financial aid holds the key to college access for most students. This presentation takes a look at how colleges determine who gets how much—and why—while offering strategies for helping students find affordable college options in today’s economy. In doing so, it will also:

  • Examine the status of "need blind" admission.
  • Assess the "loans to scholarship" programs that seemingly promote access for low/middle income students
  • Explore the "myth" of the Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

45-55 minutes. Audience size: no limit.

Who Is Being Served?

Who Is Being Served?Despite advances in technology and outreach, the college-going process seems less student-friendly than it was 25 years ago. Have we indeed taken “two steps forward and three steps back?” This session focuses on the factors behind the changes and identifies the “winners” and the “losers.”

45-55 minutes. Audience size: no limit.


To learn more about these opportunities, or to find out how you can collaborate with Peter to create programming to meet your constituent needs, contact him at [email protected] .

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A. Contact Peter at 717-808-5462 or [email protected] . You may also fill out the form on the Book an Event/Contact Us page.

Q. Does Peter conduct professional development workshops?

A. Yes. Peter offers customizable, interactive professional development in half-day increments for up to 100 people. Elements of this program continue to be popular preconference workshops at the annual National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Conference.

Q. Does Peter provide other resources that compliments his programming?

A. Yes! Check out the information and advice in Resources for Students & Parents .

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140 Creative PowerPoint Presentation Topics for College Students

March 30, 2017


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Home > Blog > 140 Creative PowerPoint Presentation Topics for College Students

140 interesting powerpoint presentation topics for college students

140 Creative PowerPoint Presentation Topics for College Students

When it comes to creating a good PowerPoint presentation, choosing an interesting topic can define your success. Both teachers and students get bored with dull presentation topics. To avoid losing your audience and getting a lower grade, you should start with mulling over a few cool presentation ideas to pick a perfect topic.

Since there are so many different subjects, it might be rather difficult for you to find suitable topics for presentation assignments. Prior to getting started, go through this checklist and settle on one topic:

  • Do a Research
  • Go online and look for interesting presentation topics. There is no guarantee that you will find a good subject to explore, but you can draw inspiration to come up with your own idea.

  • Talk to Your Teacher
  • Your professors can provide you with some unique presentation ideas if you seek their help at once. Don’t wait until another student gets a cool topic; be the first to ask.

  • Consider Your Interests

unique presentation ideas

The easiest way to make an effective presentation is to tell about something you are interested in or know well. The best presentation topics ideas come from a person’s expertise or experience. So think carefully what makes you engaged in a particular subject and use it to construct a topic.
If you are still uncertain about your presentation, read on to find a wide range of engaging presentation topics.

A List of Interesting Presentation Topics for College

To help you make your college presentations exciting, we have composed the list of universally interesting topics in various subjects. The areas of study are arranged in alphabetical order.

If you are in hurry and do not have a time for creating PowerPoint Presentation by your own, you may use our top-notch assistance. Place your first order and get 25 % off discount!

Agriculture Presentation Topics

  1. Environmental impact of agriculture
  2. Development and utilization of bio-based fuels
  3. How world population growth affects global demand for commodities
  4. Americans waste their food
  5. Trump’s return to conventional agriculture
  6. How GMO labeling works
  7. Anti-pollution efforts anyone can put in
  8. How is your beef treated before it ends up on your plate
  9. How is permaculture different from organic gardening
  10. Is there a future for sustainable agriculture?

Art Presentation Topics

  1. Popular misconceptions about oil paintings
  2. Is graffiti an artwork?
  3. The art of digital photography
  4. World weirdest museums
  5. Greatest painters of all time
  6. Peculiarities of Orientalism in art
  7. Religious aspects of art
  8. Impressions from Impressionism
  9. Posters and collages: modern art
  10. The art of murals

Architecture Presentation Topics

  1. Modern garden architecture
  2. Examples of post-modernist architecture
  3. Environmentally friendly architecture
  4. Architectural design
  5. World’s most impressive pieces of architecture
  6. Religious architecture
  7. Greatest architects of all time
  8. Industrial architecture
  9. Best examples of landscape architecture
  10. Architectural engineering

Business Presentation Topics

  1. Pros and cons of family-owned business
  2. Business ethics as a key factor in corporate success
  3. Evolution of entrepreneurship
  4. How does a franchise work
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing
  6. Is freelancing a career?
  7. Effective management techniques
  8. How to create a healthy workplace environment
  9. Importance of the workplace diversity
  10. Perks of e-commerce

Criminal Justice Presentation Topics

  1. Hate crimes in different age groups
  2. What you should know about human trafficking
  3. How to deal with domestic violence
  4. Danger of cybercrime
  5. How to prevent crime
  6. How prison system works
  7. Consequences of wrongful conviction
  8. Capital punishment
  9. Elder/child abuse
  10. Types of juvenile delinquency

Environment Presentation Topics

  1. How urban ecology works
  2. Notion of environmental racism
  3. Size and impact of industrial pollution
  4. Environmental sustainability
  5. Consequences of deforestation
  6. What is ecofeminism?
  7. Contamination of groundwater
  8. Exposure to nuclear waste
  9. How bad is air pollution?
  10. Management of water resources

History Presentation Topics

  1. Role of the USA in Vietnam War
  2. Constitutional history of the US
  3. Rise and fall of the Roman Empire
  4. A typical day of an ancient Egyptian
  5. Interesting facts from Cleopatra’s biography
  6. Ancient Greece and the origins of democracy
  7. Historical aspects of Sumerian mythology
  8. Famous women in world history
  9. Unknown facts about Geronimo
  10. Legacy of African-American folklore

Lifestyle Presentation Topics

  1. Difference between consumption and consumerism
  2. Role of social media in our personal life
  3. Why are people obsessed with celebrities?
  4. Which family values still matter?
  5. Drug and alcohol substitutes
  6. Social issues of dating violence
  7. How efficient is online dating?
  8. Spending quality time with your friends
  9. Growing up in the same-gender family
  10. Does sport equal health?

Literature Presentation Topics

  1. Haiku: Japanese poetry at its best
  2. Stendahl and his two colors of French novel
  3. Literary genre of mystery and detective fiction
  4. George Orwell and dystopian literature
  5. Evolution of the short story genre
  6. Kabuki, a traditional Japanese theater
  7. Gods in Scandinavian mythology
  8. Catharsis and Greek tragedy
  9. Peculiarities of medieval drama
  10. Origins of science fiction literature

Psychology Presentation

  1. Archetypal attraction to horror movies
  2. Difference between stereotypes, discrimination, and prejudice
  3. False memory disorder
  4. Gender roles in modern society
  5. What is social identity?
  6. Cognitive models of decision making
  7. Individual differences in reasoning
  8. Nature of cognitive dissonance
  9. Experimental social psychology
  10. Basics of self-reflection

Science Presentation Topics

  1. What determines body mass index?
  2. How harmful is tobacco smoke?
  3. Germ theory of disease
  4. Sleep deprivation, patterns, and habits
  5. Cosmology versus cosmogony
  6. Marijuana use, dependence, and abuse
  7. What do we know about genes and DNA?
  8. Role of biotechnics
  9. Greatest women in science
  10. Origins of modern calculus

Sports Presentation Topics

  1. Popular sports superstitions
  2. Where do the fastest cars race?
  3. Greatest athletes of all times
  4. Little known facts about the Olympics
  5. Equine therapy for autistic kids
  6. History of basketball
  7. Famous animal athletes
  8. Origins of martial arts
  9. Which sports cause most injuries?
  10. Traditional sports you never heard of

Technology Presentation Topics

  1. Evolution of artificial intelligence
  2. Ethical hacker: Can hacking be legal?
  3. Possibilities of solar energy
  4. How a lie detector works
  5. Prospects of green technology
  6. Ethics of genetic engineering
  7. Eco-friendly means of transportation
  8. Networked culture of social media
  9. Risks of nanotechnology development
  10. SpaceX’s interplanetary spaceship

5 Minute Presentation Topics

  1. Greatest discoveries of the last decade
  2. Industrial impact of autonomous cars
  3. Governmental control of the Internet
  4. iOS versus Android
  5. Gender difference in IQ
  6. Reasons to stop watching horror movies
  7. Busting fast food myths
  8. Can an atheist have virtues?
  9. Blogging as self-employment
  10. Why care about politics?

You can choose any of the suggested topics to make an interesting college presentation. You can also try exploring curious and controversial aspects of a subject. In such a way, you will be able to find an engaging topic for your slide show.

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You should not forget to make your PowerPoint presentation effective and memorable. For this, use images of good quality and appropriate size. Remember that a successful presentation is a combination of interesting information and helpful visual aids. That is why it is crucial that you provide both for your audience. Best of luck!

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  • Rohith Machendar
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    Thank You


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    • admin
      May 4, 2018 в 9:44 am

      We are currently working on it))) We will update our article) Also, if you need help with powerpoint presentation or other type of academic writing, please apply to us))) We will help you)))


  • olivia lettuce
    May 26, 2018 в 2:57 pm

    they are ok but some seem a bit babyish


  • Redone
    May 31, 2018 в 1:03 pm

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    Any suggestions please


  • sharon miller
    July 2, 2018 в 6:50 am

    im sharon miller from israel
    im looking to open a website of PowerPoint Presentation’ and i found ur website.
    its ok by you to translate your Presentation to hebrow and use them to my site?
    thank you


    • admin
      July 3, 2018 в 10:06 am

      Hello, Sharon!
      Yes, you can translate topics of our site and use them at your website. Also, we ask you to add link to this page with powerpoint topics)))
      Thank you!


  • Shehroz Khan
    July 3, 2018 в 9:13 am

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    300+ General Topics For Presentations

    Topics | 35 comments

    This is a list of common topics for paper or PowerPoint presentations. Students, Teachers and other professionals can use these general topics for presentations, seminars, speeches, discussions, essays, seminars or other programs. This is an alphabetical list of all possible general topics. We welcome your suggestions to improve this list.

    List of 300+ General Topics for Presentations

    3G Wireless Technology

    3rd Generation Mobile Telecommunications (3G)

    4G Wireless Technology

    4th Generation Mobile Telecommunications (4G)

    5th Generation Mobile Telecommunications (5G)

    5th Generation Wireless Technology

    7 Wonders of the world

    9/11 Terror attack: Impact on World Economy


    Abuse Of The Elderly

    Abused Women

    Academic Dishonesty

    Academic Freedom

    Acid Rain: Reasons & Solutions

    Acoustic Coupler

    Adaptive signal processing in wireless communications



    Affirmative Action


    Ageism or age discrimination

    Aging Population

    Agricultural biodiversity

    Agricultural Policy

    AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)

    Air India

    Air Pollution

    Airline Safety

    Alcohol Abuse

    Aliens and UFO’s (Unidentified flying object)

    Alternative Fuel

    Alternative imprisonment

    Alternative Medicine

    American Education Reform


    AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode)

    Ancient China

    Ancient Egypt

    Ancient India

    Android Operating System: Revolution in Mobile Experience

    Android: Most Popular Operating System for Smart phones

    Animal Communication

    Animal Cruelty

    Animal Experimentation

    Animal Rights

    Animal Testing / Animal Experiments / Animal Research / In vivo Testing

    Animal Welfare

    Animated Dictionary

    Animated Movies

    Anorexia Nervosa

    Anti corruption

    Anti Dumping

    Anti Pollution

    Anti Ragging act

    Anti theft devices for homes




    Arab-Israeli Conflict

    Armed Conflicts

    Arms Control

    Artificial Intelligence

    Assam Riots/ violence 2012

    Atomic Energy

    Babri Masjid Demolition: Verdict

    Ban on Gutkha

    Bermuda triangle: Truth?

    Best Operating System for Laptops/ Computers

    Best Operating System for Mobile Phones

    Bill of Exchange

    Bio genetics

    Bio photography


    Biological Engineering

    Biological Weapons


    Biomedical engineering

    Biometric Voting System


    Bionics (Biomimicry, biomimetics, bio-inspiration, biognosis or bionical creativity engineering)


    Bird Flu (Avian influenza )

    Birth Control

    Black Friday

    Black Holes

    Black money

    Blind Faith

    Blood Donation

    Blu Ray Disc

    Bluetooth: Applications

    Body Language


    Borderless World


    BRIC Countries

    Business Ethics

    Buy Nothing Day

    Capital Punishment

    Chaturbhuj Project India

    Child Labour and related issues

    Child marriage

    City Planning

    Climatic Changes

    Cloud Computing

    CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)

    CNG Vs. LPG: which is the best fuel for vehicles?

    CNG: Fuel for Vehicle – Analysis

    Coal Scam India (Coalgate) : A Corruption Scandal

    Commercial Geography

    Company Act

    Conservation of Energy

    Conservation of Natural Resources

    Consumer Behavior

    Consumer Protection (Consumer Protection Act)

    Consumer rights

    Copyright (Copyright Act)

    Cordic Implementation

    Corporate Communications

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    Corruption and related issues

    Cosmetic Surgery

    Cricket Mania in India

    Crime / Criminal Activities

    Cyber Crime

    Cyber Monday




    Digital Books

    Digital Divide

    Digital Signature

    Direct taxation

    Disaster Management

    Distance Education

    Distribution channels

    DNA Computing

    DNS Changer


    Driverless Car

    Dry Day

    Eco friendly productd

    Education Today

    Electronic Governance

    Electronic Media

    Embedded Systems

    Energy Conservation

    Ethical Hacking

    Ethics in Business

    Ethnic Violence

    Ethnic Violence


    Evolution of Telecom System


    Extraterrestrial life

    Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography (Euvl)

    Eye Donation

    False Memory syndrome

    Farmer Suide

    Female Foeticide (Feticide)

    Fiber Antennas

    Food Poisoning

    Foreign Exchange Management

    Foreign Investment

    Foreign Oil Dependence

    Forest Conservation

    Future of Communication

    Future of Computers

    Future of Education

    Future of Technology

    Genetic Engineering

    Global Warming

    Globalization & its impact

    Go Green

    Google Glass Project

    GPS (Global Positioning System)

    GPS Maptor

    Green House Effects

    Green Technology

    Greenhouse Effect

    Grid Computing

    Head Hunting

    Healthy Lifestyle

    History of Computer

    HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus)Air Pollution


    Human Bomb

    Human Cloning

    Human Rights

    Human Trafficking

    Inclusive Growth

    India Vs. Bharat

    Indian Culture

    Indian Economy

    Indian Festivals

    Indian Government: Health Care Policy

    Indian Hospitality

    Indian Wars

    Infant homicide

    Information Technology Act

    Insect Eating Plants

    Integrity at work

    Intellectual Property Rights

    Intelligent Traffic Control Using Image Processing

    Inter caste marriage (Inter caste marriage act)

    Inter religion marriage

    Internet Banking

    IRDA (IRDA Act)

    ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization)

    Landrover Robot

    Law of Attraction


    LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

    Liquid Funds

    LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)


    Lokpal Bill

    LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    Magneto Electronics

    Management Style

    Mass communication

    Match Fixing


    Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

    Mobile Technology

    Mobile Technology

    Molecular Electronics

    NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

    National Consumer Dispute act

    National Game

    Natural Calamities or Disasters: Who is responsible?

    Natural Calamities/Disasters: Reasons and Solutions

    Natural Gas

    Natural Resources

    Negotiable Instruments

    Neural Network


    Nuclear Technology


    Online Education

    Open Source

    Open Source Applications

    Open Source Projects

    Optical Coherence Tomography

    Organ Donation

    Organizational Behaviour: Changing Environment

    Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing


    Ozone Depletion

    Ozone Layer

    Ozone Therapy

    Paperless World

    Patent Act

    Plasma Antennas

    Plastic Pollution

    Plastic Recycling

    PNG (Portable Network Graphics)



    Population: Threat or Opportunity

    Project Blue Book

    Promissory Note

    Quantum Cryptography

    Rain water harvesting



    Red Zone

    Remote control System

    Renewable Energy

    Renewable Resources


    Right to Information Act

    Risk Management

    River Linking Project India

    Robot that can camouflage itself

    Robotics For Millitary Applications

    Robotics: General Applications

    Role of Cinema in Social Awareness

    Roswell Incident

    Rural Development

    Save a girl child

    Save Energy. Save Earth.

    Save Papers. Save Trees.

    Save Tigers. Save Earth.

    Save Tree. Save Earth.

    Save Water. Save Earth.

    Sex Education: Need

    Sexual Abusement

    SEZ (Special Economic Zone)

    Share Capital

    Share Market

    Silicon Solar Cell

    SIP (Session Initiation Protocol, in Voice Over IP telephony)

    SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)

    Social Media: Pros and cons

    Social Networking

    Social Responsibility

    Social Welfare

    Soil Conservation

    Soil Erosion

    Solar Energy

    Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

    Special Economic Zone

    Special Investment Region (SIR)

    Sperm Donation

    Stress Management

    Stress on Students

    Super Conducting Generator


    Surface Plasmonics

    Swiss Bank

    Symbian OS

    Syndicated Services

    Tablet PC

    Telecom System


    Terror Attacks: Analysis


    The power of social media

    Time Management

    Touch Screen Devices

    Touch Screen Monitors


    Traffic Problems

    Tree Plantation

    TV Media Censorship




    Unmanned Aircrafts

    Vedanta (Vedanta Philosophy)

    Vedic Astrology

    Vedic Mathematics

    Video Games: Impact on Children

    Visual Resumes: New way to present yourself

    Water Conservation

    Wildlife Conservation

    Wireless Energy Transmission

    Women’s Rights

    Work life balance

    WTO (World Trade Organization)



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  • jothna
    on September 3, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Thank is very useful .


    on November 21, 2017 at 4:19 pm



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