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Online Banking Using Oosd

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1. Introduction
1.1 Existing System1.2 Problems of Conventional System1.3 Goals of proposed system1.4 Alternative Solutions1.5 Scope
2. Overall Description
 2.1 Introduction2.2 Architecture of Online Banking2.3 Project Requirements2.4 User Characteristics2.5 Constraints
3. Feasibility Study
3.1 Economical Feasibility3.2 Technical Feasibility3.3 Operational Feasibility
4. Data Flow Diagrams
4.1 Use Case Diagram4.2 Class Diagram4.3 Interaction Diagram1.


Sequence4.4 Activity Diagram4.5 State Chart4.6 Component Diagram4.7 Deployment Diagram4.8 Object Diagram
5. Testing
5.1 Black Box Testing5.2 White-box Testing5.3 Top-Down Testing 
6. Conclusion7. Bibliography


1. Introduction
The purpose of this project is to develop an on-line banking system thatprovides customers with the facility to check their accounts and do transactions online. The system will provide all the banks facilities to its customers when theirauthentications [user id and password] match, including viewing accountinformation, performing transfers, giving the customer an option of changingaddress, paying bills on-line, password retrieval, performing transactions, viewingtransactions and the locations the bank and its branches. The system should alsosupport an online enrollment facility for credit card customers and should allowcustomers to view their personnel accounts and to pay bills online from theiraccount. The system should assign a unique transaction number to everytransaction that a user makes. It should also generate credit card numbersautomatically when administrator,
insert credit card customer‟s information. The
Administrator will administer both normal bank account and credit card bank accounts. The administrator should have the ability to perform various operationslike creating a normal bank account for the customer and performing functions liketransfers, withdrawals and deposits when the customers want teller transactions.The administrator
also has the privilege to close the customer‟s
account on therequest of the bank customer. The customer should be able to access his/heraccount from anywhere just by inputting the correct user-id and password.
1.1.Existing System:
 The existing system involves the following activities:
Activities like Demand Draft issues, Pay Order issues are done manually andcorresponding registers updated manually.

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