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Causal Analysis

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Causal Analysis

There is nothing Casual about Causal-Analysis!

Orson Welle's 'War of the Worlds' Broadcast

Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our program of dance music to bring you a special bulletin. . .–Orson Welles


Learning Objectives

At the end of this module, students will be able to

    • Research topics utilizing Online Databases;
    • Incorporate information from outside sources to support papers;
    • Create an MLA formatted 3-4 page Cause/Effect essay;
    • Develop a properly formatted MLA Works Cited page from their sources;
    • Include properly formatted MLA in-text citations;
    • Utilize quotation marks with material taken directly from original source;
    • Incorporate the Edit Cause/Effect Edit Sheet for editing their papers;
    • Develop a polished Cause/Effect Final Draft.
Why a Causal Analysis or Cause/Effect essay?

With the Causal Analysis essay, students are introduced to source-based writing. If 90% of the papers students will write in college are in third person, 98% of the papers will be source-based. With the causal analysis, students will be expected to identify three to four credible sources for their papers. They will read and assimilate the information, then incorporate it in their work as evidence and support.

While students will probably not write a cause/effect essay in their professional life, being able to recognize and incorporate cause/effect data is important. When studying accidents or plane crashes, investigators attempt to determine the sequence of events that led to the crash. What caused it? When deciding to spend all of that taxpayer money to build the train system in the valley, supporters first gathered data showing the current effects of all of the traffic on the city. Then they provided the probable effects of the train system on the valley based upon similar results from other cities. These are just a couple of ways that causal analysis is utilized in society, so it is important to be able to understand it.

Choosing a topic

Many students find the cause/effect essay hard to write. They struggle with a few aspects. First, they struggle to identify an appropriate topic. The topic needs to cover a true cause/effect relationship. Here are some examples:

  • Effects of bullying
  • Effects of air pollution on inner-city children
  • Effects of divorce on children
  • Causes of childhood diabetes
  • Causes of  bullying
  • Three main causes of global warming

These topics identify clear cause/effect relationships. In other words, x most definitely causes y, or y is a direct result of x. These topics are focused enough to provide sufficient information to complete a three to four page essay with in-depth analysis of the topic and support from outside sources.

Students make a few mistakes when choosing a topic. One mistake students make is to pick a topic that is too broad; for example, students choose topics like the causes of WWI or the effects of the Great Depression. Books have been written about topics like this. These topics provide too much information to cover in  a short paper. Instead of an in-depth analysis, the essay is shallow and rushed. Students need to avoid broad topics like these.

The second mistake students make is confusing causes and reasons. A cause has a direct effect. It explains how it occurred. For example, let’s say that I put a glass of water in a freezer that is cold enough to freeze water, what will the outcome be? I get ice.  There are laws of physics that operate in this world, and water must obey them. That is how the world works. However, a reason explains why it occurred. The focus of a reason is why something happens. Let’s say that I don’t study for a test the night before I take it,  what will the outcome be? We don’t know. This time the outcome is not automatic. While not studying is a bad idea, it does not mean I will fail the test. It is not an inevitable outcome. The reason I may fail the test is because I chose not to study, but I might be confident about this particular information and feel it is unnecessary to study. Thus, students need to pick topics where the relationship between the cause and effect can be clearly established.

Finally, the third mistake students make is confusing causation and correlation. Things can happen at the same time without there being a direct cause/effect relationship. Let’s say that there is a five year study that covered an increase in inflation in the United States. At the same time, the study noted that sales in flat-screen televisions had increased. Does that mean that the increase in inflation caused an increase in TV sales? Probably not. There maybe a relationship between the two, but one does not directly cause the other.

Thus, choosing a topic that shows a clear causal relationship is extremely important.

Writing the Causal Analysis/Cause Effect Essay

The cause/effect essay can be split into four basic sections: introduction, body, conclusion and Works Cited page. There are also three basic formats for writing a cause/effect:

  1. Single effect with multiple causes–air pollution is the effect, and students would identify several causes;
  2. Single cause with multiple effects–bullying is the cause, and students would establish several effects it has on children;
  3. Causal Chain–this is complicated, and I try to steer students away from this format. Causal chains show a series of causes and effects. For example. dust storms between Tucson and Phoenix can be deadly causing a chain reaction of accidents. The dust is the initial catalyst. It causes car A to stop. Car B crashes into Car A. Car C crashes into Car B., etc. Global Warming is a good example of a causal chain topic. Population increase is causing an increase in traffic and greenhouse gases. It is also causing an increase in deforestation for housing, roads and farming.  Deforestation means less plants to take up the CO2 and release O2 into the environment.  Each item causes an effect. That effect causes another effect. All of this contributes to global warming.

The  Introduction

The introduction introduces the reader to the topic. We’ve all heard that first impressions are important. This is very true in writing as well. The goal is to engage the readers, hook them so they want to read on. One way is to write a narrative. Topics like bullying or divorce hit home.  Beginning with a real case study highlights the issue for readers. This becomes an example that you can refer to throughout the paper. The final sentence in the introduction is usually the thesis statement.

Another way to introduce the topic is to ask a question or questions. What are the main causes of schizophrenia? Who is susceptible? The student would then begin a brief discussion defining schizophrenia and explaining its significance. Once again, the final sentence would be a thesis statement introducing the main points that will be covered in the paper.

The Body

The body  of the essay is separated into paragraphs.  Each paragraph covers a single cause or effect. For example, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, the two main causes of schizophrenia are genetic and environmental. Thus, if I was writing about the causes of schizophrenia, then I would have a body paragraph on genetic causes of schizophrenia and a body paragraph on the environmental causes. The global warming example would have separate paragraphs that explain each cause/effect relationship: population increases, increases in air pollution due to traffic exhaust and manufacturing,  increases in food production and agriculture, deforestation, all causes for global warming and all intricately linked.

A body paragraph should include the following:

  • Topic sentence that identifies the topic for the paragraph,
  • Several sentences that describes the causal relationship,
  • Evidence from outside sources that corroborates your claim that the causal relationship exists,
  • MLA formatted in-text citations indicating which source listed on the Works Cited page has provided the evidence,
  • Quotation marks placed around any information taken verbatim (word for word) from the source,
  • Summary sentence(s) that draws conclusions from the evidence,
  • Remember: information from outside sources should be placed in the middle of the paragraph and not at the beginning or the end of the paragraph;
  • Be sure and use transitions or bridge sentences between paragraphs.


  • Draw final conclusions from the key points and evidence provided in the paper;
  • Tie in the introduction. If you began with a story, draw final conclusions from that story;
  • If you began with a question(s), refer back to the question(s) and be sure to provide the answer(s).

Minimal Requirements

  • 4 Pages of text–your actual writing
  • 3 – 4 Sources (one database), no wikis or blogs
  • In-text citations identifying which source supplied the information – at least one per body paragraph
  • MLA formatted Works Cited page

Works Cited page

  • A Works Cited page is a type of bibliography that is formatted according to the Modern Language Association’s (MLA) guidelines;
  • Citations are double spaced and placed in alphabetical order by the author’s last name;
  • If there is no author, then the title is used;
  • The first line of each entry is placed on the left margin with subsequent lines of that entry indented a half inch.

More Resources

  • Causal Analysis Power Point
  • Cause/Effect Essay from Roane State Community College
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab–OWL
  • “Innocents Afield”
  • “Nothing But Bones”
  • “War of the Worlds”
  • Student Essay

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License  by Lynn McClelland


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Blue eagle m shape logo

Uncategorized  Posted by Tony Mack


There are 2 sub-issues for you to manage regarding Realtor Branding. The first is the fact that YOU your brand. The brokerage you dangle your license together with is NOT your company. The second issue when weve realized the primary is actually implementing the Realtor branding properly just like the big boys accomplish.
Lets deal with the 1st issue a little more. Generally your clients are choosing you because of you not your brokerage. In case you switched brokerages that they had go with you Ninety nine.9 of the time right That means its YOU they may be choosing and not the brokerage.
Far too many Realtors and agents overstress their own brokerage as a feature as their brand. Naturally some brokerages give some unique solutions that actually IS the logo and the reason why the consumer is definitely choosing you including But thats such a minority percentage.
The majority of the time youre finding the client because of a recommendation a past buyer working with you once again advertising you placed that emphasized you personally not your own brokerage etc. Blue eagle m shape logo
We will put it another way to generate this Realtor branding issue home………
At the brokerage right now will be every one of the agents inside your office closing the identical number of deals every month No of course not. That proves the brokerage firm is not your brand name.
If the brokerage ended up being the brand every adviser would close in the same way many deals as being the next agent. But thats not the case. Each broker closes differing varieties of deals because every single agent markets independently and each consumer prefers to work with the Agent or AGENT definitely not the brokerage.
A number of agents are plainly better at Real estate agent branding than others. When they switched brokerages certainly they wouldnt miss the beat and enterprise would continue moving along. They are the brand no matter what company that they hang their permit with. Ok I believe were clear on that now.
Thus since you are your company you need to brand yourself. No you should not get a red hot straightener and scorch yourself like cattle. You must learn how to build a strong consistent recognizable company which is You inc.Inch You need to create that Realtor branding that you want out in the public.
You should decide if you want to company your name or if you need to create a separate organization or team numerous agents are doing today. You might want to be referred to as Jane Doe to the public. Or you will want to be The Doe Team or Doe Real estate Group if you plan on building a big or small team of more than merely yourself. Either way hold that name reliable on all your marketing and advertising. If you keep changing names your Realtor branding will be non-existent for the reason that public will be baffled at best.
Ensure have one label on your postcards and the other name on your web site. Consumers will get baffled and that means nothing for you.
What you are a symbol of your USP unique selling proposition is an additional vital item to mull over when it comes to Real estate professional branding.
How are you completely different from every other agent available
Are you an expert from the Homeville Neighborhood or do you concentrate on working with military home buyerssellers
Do you want to be referred to as Animal Loving Agent who attracts all the animal crazy and I mean nuts in a very nice way…. We have 4 puppies ourselves out there
Consider what sets you actually apart from every other broker and put that to your Realtor branding.
Also to solidify that which you stand for put it right into a 2-7 word sentence which is to be your USP. Regarding example the USP for the certain Seattle centered brokerage is Founded through Agents to Serve You actually Better. Thats the essence on the company. With yet another Realtor marketing college their USP is definitely Creating Wealthy Agents via World-Class Marketing.
This way as you make your brand recognition when individuals hear of Jane Doe they dont simply just picture some hit-or-miss agent. They image the Animal Loving Agent whos the one they need to work together with to find them and 3 Chihuahuas a new residence.
See how it works Be noted for something that sets a person apart. The possibilities usually are absolutely endless.
Yet another big piece of this kind of pie we call up brand recognition is the best logo. Not only do you need to keep your name reliable and your USP consistent but you want prospects to keep seeing a similar imagelogo over and over and over yet again. When they see that company logo you want them thinking of you immediately.
Your logo could be an image as well as your name displayed individually or both concepts mixed together. You just need to get creative and different and come up with anything. Then put in which on every stinking marketing piece along with ad you have available.
What do you think of if you think of Coke You think of a red can with the words Coke running up the side. Thats what you desire. But instead of the can easily theyll be thinking of the image or emblem that you use.
When it comes to your own logo you dont want something cheap. You want that to embody what youre trying to convey. For anyone who is an artist you can do this oneself. If youre like the rest of us you need some help.
A couple excellent vendors Id recommend in no particular order can be Austin Milner and Trident Style.
Austin Miller is awesome when it comes to developing your logobranding image. He did the logo pertaining to Shiloh Street and Shiloh Avenue University. In addition when other big name custom logo companies charge 400 for a logo Austin is really a fraction of that.
Yuriy from would be my own other recommendation. Its too hard to say that is better so I might just check them both out and see who you like best.
Creating your brand isnt going to happen overnight. In case you build it appropriately and consistently youre going to reap some HUGE rewards. Blue eagle m shape logo After the exploration of the years and progression in bred technological know-how now the types of koi fish fish are numerous. It can be primarily used seeing that decoration for waters and the water back yards. Some people consider of which koi brings good luck because its a symbol of friendship and really like. Its also symbolizes energy endurance and bravery.
Now we have various types of koi fish from the following lines were going to discuss some of forms of koi

Kohaku imply white and red. They are crimson along well explained edges the white is pure in addition to bright.

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