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Business plan for cable company

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    Charter launches wireless plan as cable companies diversify

    The Associated Press
    Updated: September 5, 2018

    This Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018, photo shows Charter Communications, Inc.s Spectrum trucks in the parking lot at a Spectrum customer center in Orlando, Fla. Cable company Charter is launching a $45-a-month unlimited-data phone plan as cable companies try to diversify to offset slowing traditional cable TV revenue.

    John Raoux / AP


    NEW YORK — Cable company Charter is launching its own wireless service as cable companies try to diversify to offset slowing traditional cable TV revenue.

    Charter and Comcast agreed last year to co-operate on back-end operations for mobile networks, including leasing Verizon’s cellular network, but they’re offering their services separately. Comcast launched its mobile plan called Xfinity Mobile in 2017; it costs $45 a month for unlimited data.

    Charter’s Spectrum Mobile will also cost $45 a month for unlimited data. Charter is also offering a plan that charges $14 per gigabyte of data; that’s enough for roughly one hour of video. Service is available only to those who have Charter’s internet service.

    Bigger rivals are Verizon and AT&T, which are able to offer TV, internet and home phone services, along with wireless.

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    Charter launches wireless plan as cable companies diversify

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    Structured Cable Business Plan

    Cable Installer Van A Structured Cable Business Plan provides a guideline for starting a business. Structured cabling businesses have knowledge and techniques in the field of cable networks, including network installations, maintenance and repair. This type of business may be small and an individual can start it out of their van, or grow to be large enough to serve large organizations such as a school district. The sky, driven by the installer’s motivation, is the limit.

    Starting a cable installer business

    When looking to start a cable installer business, one should first and foremost have practical experience in the field of network cable installation. To keep a thriving business, it is important to stay up to date with the constantly developing industry and its new technologies and various changes. This knowledge is crucial in order to be able to service cable networks throughout, install new networks and troubleshoot efficiently.

    Before starting a structured cable business:

    • Write up a business plan. In that plan specify local potential customers who may hire you, such as new and upcoming businesses in the area, homeowners, building owners and or residents. List potential obstacles that may be in the way of the new business and old it back from taking off, including competitors or the lack of cable and satellite coverage area. Calculate an estimated cost to start and run the business for a year with no profit.
    • Choose a business structure. Each business structure has pros and cons, and every individual should consider both personal and business goals to help them decide on the appropriate business structure for them. The most common business structures are either sole proprietorship or corporations.
    • Apply for a business license – request an application from your state’s department of revenue. Determine if your state requires professional licensing (cable contractor’s license or a telecommunications contractor’s license), and if so apply for it at the same time. These are important in maintaining and establishing your professionalism in business.
    • Apply for a loan for the new business by submitting the business plan to a bank. If the loan is not approved for the desired amount, ask for a lesser amount to at least cover the van or truck and the installation equipment required to start the business
    • Purchase the tools of the trade. A van or a truck will be needed, as well as a ladder, meters for cable adjustments and other tools depending on the nature of the prospective jobs to start the installation business. Consider starting with quality tools, to avoid having to replace them not too long after or during a job. The reliability of quality tools will save you money and time in the long run.
    • Write up a Marketing plan. Print business cards, advertise in different business directories such as yellow page, white pages and others, and advertise in local newspapers or online in related sites.
    • Search for possible jobs for independent cable contractors. Start by searching databases such as CABL Bar for leads for contract cable jobs.

    Your business plan is important to not only start an organized business but also to continue to develop a business in today’s competitive marketplace.   If you need assistance please contact us at Tektel, we are always glad to help provide advice and suggestions to help you grow your business in the cabling industry.


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