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Best Resume Writing Services On The Planet: The Definitive Buyer’s Guide

resumes planet reviews

If you’re seeking a top-quality resume writing service – you’ve come to the right place.

On this site, we review & compare the best resume writing services for a variety of needs, including:
  • first-time job hunters
  • executive resumes
  • military & federal CVs
  • IT resumes  
  • career transitions
  • and more!

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The team at has several decades of professional hiring experience.

Everything we publish is designed to help you find your next great career opportunity. 

The reviews on this site are written honestly and updated regularly, without the involvement of the service providers and companies that we review. reviews reviews
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We do not accept guest posts or advertising from vendors we review.

Instead, we use affiliate links on this site that may compensate us when you purchase a service mentioned on this site. These links do not affect the price you pay.

To learn more about this, read our Terms of Use , which includes our Affiliate Disclosure .

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us using our Contact Form .

Good luck on your job search!

The Best Resume Writing Services Compared

The table below compares the best resume writing services available, according to our experience and research.  

Viewing this on a phone or a tablet?  Use your thumb to navigate the table below (slide left and right).




Best Choice For

Resume only: $199.95

w/  Cover Letter: $269.95

w/ Cover + Follow-up Letters: $289.95

First job, middle managers, senior executives, IT Pros, Military-to-civilian jobs.

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Resume Start (resume + cover letter): $188

Resume Pro (resume + cover letter): $278

Resume Executive (resume + cover letter): $388

First job, middle managers, professionals, senior executives, IT Pros, Military-to-civilian jobs, parents returning to work.

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Resume Only: $149

Resume + Cover letter: $179

Resume + Cover letter: $179

Resume + Cover letter + LinkedIn profile: $259

First job, middle managers, senior executives, IT pros.

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Resume Writing Group Logo

Student and Entry Level Resumes: $89

Professional Resume: $109

Senior and High-Level Executive Resumes: $199

Federal and Military resumes: $189

First job, middle managers, senior executives, IT Pros, Military-to-civilian jobs, students.

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Resume + Cover letter: $109.95

Resume + Cover letter + Thank you and follow-up letters: $139.95

Resume + CV writing: $199.95

CV + Cover letter: $139.95

CV + Cover letter + Thank you and follow-up letters: $169.95

First Job, middle managers, Senior executives, IT pros, Government jobs, Military-to-civilian transitions.

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Professional Growth (resume only): $149

Career Evolution (resume + cover letter): $219

Executive Priority (resume + cover letter + LinkedIn profile makeover): $349

First job, middle managers, sr. Executives, IT pros.

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Resume Prime Logo

Professional Resume: $190

Executive Resume: $230

Entry-Level: $150

Student: $110

Military Transition: $230

Federal: $230

First job, middle managers, senior executives, IT Pros, Military-to-civilian jobs, students.

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All-in-one Package: $83 to $156

First Resume: $64 to $120

Pro Resume Pack: $227.94

Advanced Package Plus: $299.94

Exclusive Resume Pack: $419.94

First job, middle managers, sr. Executives, IT pros, government jobs.

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Resume Professional Writers Logo

​ Basic:   $125

Deluxe: $195

Premium:  $305

Ultimate:   $485

Federal:     $300

First job, middle managers, senior executives, IT Pros, Military-to-civilian jobs.

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Best Overall: has been around for almost two decades. They’ve helped thousands of job seekers land their dream jobs through professionally-crafted resumes and cover letters.

What impresses most is their professionalism and attention to detail.

Everything from their website to the way they interact with you is handled in a clear, honest and forthright manner.

​For example,  on their website  you can easily see all the packages and select the one that is best for you.

The ordering process is equally quick and straightforward, too. is a bit more expensive than other resume services, but their top-rated resume writing services are worth it.

On BBB , enjoys an A+ rating, something very few resume services do.

Past clients report this is the best resume writing service they’ve ever used. But if you aren’t sure, they provide an interview guarantee that promises free revisions if you don’t get an interview within two months.

The only downside is that they don’t offer phone consultations to their clients. You can only communicate with your assigned writer via online chat. Personally, I prefer interacting that way on writing projects like this.

Popular Packages

  • Resume only: $199.95
  • Resume + Cover Letter: $269.95
  • Resume + E-resume + Scannable resume + Follow-up letter: $289.95

Note that this pricing is for professional resumes. Executive, military, entry-level and career-change packages cost differently. See the main review for the full price list.

Best For Senior Executives:

When you are looking for an executive position, your resume should match the weight of that position.

You need a resume writing service that has the resources to deliver the rigorous standards your job hunt demands., an official partner of Monster Inc, has been around for four years, helping over 300,000 people find jobs. They cater specifically to entry-level, professional and executive job seekers.

Their most popular executive package goes for $349 and includes a resume, a cover letter, and a LinkedIn profile makeover.

Note that you can also pay in three installments of $99 each.

TopResume provide a 2-month interview guarantee – they’ll give you a free resume revision if you fail to get an interview within 60 days.

Best Resume Service For Senior Executives

When you place an order on TopResume, they will match you with a professional resume writer who specializes in your field. This way, you get a resume that is customized – both in formatting and keywords – for your field.

My primary issue with TopResume is they don’t offer phone consultations. Instead, you fill out a questionnaire which is not as efficient when you want to communicate your career background and objectives fully.

Popular Packages

  • Professional Growth (resume only): $149 (or three installments of $59)
  • Career Evolution (resume + cover letter): $219 (or three installments of $79)
  • Executive Priority (resume + cover letter + LinkedIn profile makeover): $349 (or three installments of $99)

Best For Military-To-Civilian Transition:

Craft Resumes is one of our highest-rated professional resume writing services.

What immediately caught our attention when we began our review is their website – and how open and straightforward it is to potential customers. Nothing is hidden behind legal jargon or under layers of website links.

Craft Resumes also take a top prize when it comes to communication. You can talk to your assigned writer via phone or Skype for 45 minutes. I find this especially important for those seeking military, executive and federal resumes that have higher standards.

For military resumes, for instance, the right kind of background is needed to document military skills and experience into attributes that are attractive to civilian employers. But even more importantly, it requires clear communication from the client.

You will be able to tell the writer what skills you have learned and how you plan to apply them in an individual company.Their writers are certified and have various specializations in different fields.

They even have a retired army specialist  to offer advice for Military-to-civilian resumes.

The only downside I would mention – and it’s not a downside – is that they are relatively new. So they are yet to establish a long track record.

But for the short time they have been around, customer feedback has been mostly great.

Popular Packages

  • Resume Start (resume + cover letter): $188 – for those with no experience in a certain field.
  • Resume Pro (resume + cover letter): $278 – for those with more than two years of experience.
  • Resume Executive (resume + cover letter): $388 – for hopeful executives with 10+ years of experience.

Best For IT Professionals:

If you are looking for a job in the IT sector , showcasing your hands-on skills is extremely important. You need to show potential employers what you know and how you have used it to accomplish major projects in the past.

An IT resume also needs to incorporate exactly the right keywords and language to get through the automated resume filters most larger organizations use today.

Resume Corner is the best online resume writing service we know of for technical jobs.

Their website may be a bit outdated (they’ve been around since 2000, after all), but their resume writing services are extremely professional.

As you can see in their on-site samples, the formatting and wording of their resumes are excellent for IT professionals.

Best resume service for IT Professionals

Resume Corner’s writers have many different certifications, and you can be sure that you will be paired with a resume expert who understands the IT industry and what potential employers are looking for in your resume.

They provide both a questionnaire and a phone consultation to clients, which allows clear communication between you and the writer. Resume Corner also offers a 30-day interview guarantee as well as unlimited revisions within 30 days of receiving your resume.

The pricing is average and on par with most other top resume writing services.

The only thing I do not like is that they offer no refunds. While most customers seem happy with the work done, it is still a risk using a service where you cannot demand a refund for subpar work.

Popular Packages

  • Resume Only: $149
  • Resume + Cover letter: $179
  • Resume + Cover letter + LinkedIn profile: $259

Best For Federal Jobs:

Federal jobs require very specifically-written CVs, while retaining the appeal and professionalism of any private sector resume.

So you’ll need a resume writing service that not only knows how to craft great resumes but also has experience in writing federal resumes.

For that we choose  More than any other resume writing service, they seem to have a grasp on federal resume writing. They have certified writers and experts with a federal background who can help you create the best resume to land you that government job.

Best Resume Service For Federal Jobs

ResumesPlanet also provides add-ons to augment your federal resume. One of them is a KSA summary, which is important to getting many federal jobs. This is a statement that summarizes your knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

There are two issues to note before you order from Resumes Planet. First, there is no phone consultation with your assigned writer. Messaging is used, instead. Second, the website is a bit messy. 

Popular Packages

  • Resume + Cover letter: $109.95
  • Resume + Cover letter + Thank you and follow-up letters: $139.95
  • Resume + CV writing: $199.95 CV + Cover letter: $139.95 CV + Cover letter + Thank you and follow-up letters: $169.95

Best For First-Time Job Seekers:

Although they are not the best when it comes to professional, executive, federal and military resumes, Resume Writing Services ‘ packages and pricing are some of the best for first-time job seekers.

Most first-time job seekers are looking for an affordable service that can help them craft a compelling resume that appeals to employers despite the lack of experience. also offers a resume package for teens, grads and anyone else seeking their first job.

Best Resume Service For First-Time Job Seekers

Starting at $64 , this is one of the cheapest resume packages you will find online without resorting to dirt cheap overseas writers who can’t even write in good English.

In spite of the cheap price, however, all of their writers are certified, and when you make an order, they will try and match you to a writer with some background in your field.

Also consider paying for their LinkedIn profile package. A  good LinkedIn profile will significantly increase your chances of finding a job. If you already have a LinkedIn profile, they will critique it for free and give you ideas on how to improve it.

The main downside with this service is poor website design with unfriendly navigation. Read our review to sort your way through their many packages and services.

They also have no rush option in case you need a resume in 24 or 48 hours.

Popular Packages

  • All-in-one (Advanced) Package: $83.17 – $155.94
  • First Resume (Teen/grad) Package: $63.99 – $119.99
  • Pro Resume Pack: $227.94
  • Advanced Package Plus: $299.94
  • Exclusive Resume Pack: $419.94

How We Evaluate & Rank Resume Writing Services

Best Resume writing and Other Jobs

A quick online search reveals dozens of resume writing services, all claiming to be the best opportunity for you to land your dream job. So choosing the best ones to recommend to our readers takes a lot of winnowing.

Taking into account things like customer feedback, expert resume writing services reviews and our personal research, we narrowed down your options to just a handful of established services that provide quality resume writing services.

We use a 5-star rating system to rate & compare each service we review.

We look at the following 6 specific attributes to assign our star rating. 

Some of the highest-rated services on this website, such as, have excellent all-round performance.

Lower-rated services may excel in some aspects but underperform in others. They may still be a good choice for some types of job seekers.

Here are the six essential aspects we consider when rating professional resume services.

1. Quality Of Writing

99.99% of a resume is written text. There are no pretty pictures or beautiful graphics to appeal to the hiring manager. You only have 1 or 2 pages worth of text to make your case.

So what could be more important than the quality of writing? Nothing. Well, except perhaps for your credentials, skills, and experience.

But it does not matter how qualified you are for a position or how many years of experience you have. If the writing on your resume sucks, no one is going to hire you. If your resume does not communicate in proper grammar, logical flow, and clear writing – and include the keywords that are important in your industry – you may just as well fill it with gibberish.

So above all else, we make sure that any service we recommend has good writers. We prefer services that hire certified writers with formal credentials. They are more likely to write well, and even more importantly, they understand the unique styles and strategies of resume writing.

The first indication of good writing is the content on a company’s website. How is it written? Does it feel professional or is it full of typos?

We then check sample resumes.

But because anyone can hide subpar writing behind a few well-written samples, we also scan the web extensively for customer feedback. If too many customers complain about horrible writing or having to do corrections themselves, that’s a red flag.

2. Delivery / Turnaround Time

Delivery time for most resume writing services ranges between 24 hours and seven days.

A service with a 5-star delivery time rating is not necessarily the fastest, however. It would be a cause for concern if they rushed through all resumes and delivered them in just 24 hours.

What we are looking for is flexibility and options. For one, the average turnaround time should be between 3 and five days. Beyond that, the resume service loses a star. Secondly, there needs to be an option for emergency resume writing. The rush job should be delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

In both cases, the resume should not lose its quality. Most resume writing services will charge more for an emergency resume to cater for the added pressure and to ensure quality is maintained.

The lowest rated services lack rush flexibility. They will often have a rigid time frame with no option to request a rush job.

We also don’t rate highly services that take advantage of the rush order option to increase prices almost to double the regular price tag drastically. Any increase should be modest.

3. Customer Support

There are only a few industries where customer support is as important as in resume writing. This is quite literally about your professional future. Your future financial security and ability to sustain yourself or your family depends on a lot of how well written your resume is.

Top notch customer service should be a no-brainer. But we were still surprised to find customers complaining of resume services with terrible customer support. They refuse to answer questions, fail to pick up calls and stonewall you when you demand a revision or refund.

These are the kind of companies that will be very friendly when taking your money but then turn around and treat you like you didn’t just pay hundreds of dollars for their service.

We only recommend services that have average to excellent customer support. A highly rated service provides an easy way to communicate with writers, ideally through both phone and chat or email. It also keeps clients updated on progress and allows customers to request for revisions without any hassles.

We have recommended a few services whose customer support is average. In such cases, you find that the hired writers are the problem. If you are unlucky, you get assigned a writer who is rude and unresponsive. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about that since most services hire freelance writers.

4. Ease Of Use / Navigation

Some websites feel like you’re a navigating a maze. You are led one way first, then turned onto another path and then onto another until you cannot tell where you are. Usually, such websites are accompanied by loads of information, sometimes even conflicting information.

They offer zillions of services with a confusing mess of packages and pricing structures you would never understand.

In the end, you cannot tell what exactly they are offering, how much they are charging and on what terms and conditions.

Ease of use may seem like a small thing compared to factors like quality of writing and customer support. And it is. But that little thing can cause you a lot of frustration. In the worst case scenario, you may be misled into paying for something you did not want.

From experience, I know that these poorly designed and information-loaded websites are as unprofessional as the services they provide. Customer feedback regarding that service will often be negative with numerous complaints about writing quality, customer support and delays.

First impressions matter a lot especially online. If a service cannot make the effort of making the customer’s work easier, do they deserve your money?

5. Guarantee

We rate highly resume writing services that provide a money-back guarantee for their clients.

Most of the services we have recommended in this guide have an interview guarantee, for example.

They’ll offer a free revision or rewrite of your resume if you do not get an interview within a period, usually 1 or 2 months.

The less fine print there is around this guarantee, the better. The terms and conditions should be minimal. Common terms include things like you can only claim the rewrite within 90 days, or you should have put substantial effort into actually getting a job interview .

From the wording and the fine print as well as customer feedback, we can usually tell when the guarantee is bogus and just a way to give customers false confidence.

Our highest rated services provide even more guarantees. Some guarantee that you can request for unlimited revisions within 30 days of the first draft being sent to you while others offer money-back guarantees if you are not satisfied with the work done.

Other services offer a guarantee to returning customers, promising lower pricing and free bonuses.

6. Value For Money

If I had to choose the service that provides the most value for money, it would be They provide a 45 minute Skype/phone interview, a 1-day rush job at no extra cost and some of the best quality resumes you can get.

They do all this without charging ridiculous prices.

We look for this kind of value-cost balance when evaluating the value for money of various resume services.

On the 5-star side, there are great services like Craft Resumes and Resume Writers where you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. These services will often offer free bonuses such as agency lists alongside paid packages.

On the 1 and 2 star end, you will find services that charge a lot for nothing. They’ll even charge for the most basic of services like a list of job sites or international agencies.

How To Select The Right Resume Writing Service

How to select the right resume writing service

If you have not found the kind of service you are looking for in our top recommendations, try one of the many other resume writing services online. But there are scores of them, and it won’t be easy to find the best one for your career growth.

Here is a simple 6-step strategy you can use to find the best resume writing service.

1. Determine What Kind Of Resume You Need

Not all resumes are the same. Depending on your industry and level of experience, you need a resume that addresses your specific needs and best appeals to potential employers. So decide what kind of resume you need before you start looking for a resume writing service.

For instance, if you have just graduated from college and are looking for your first job, you need a resume that sells you in the best light despite your lack of experience.

Or, if you are seeking an executive position with ten years of experience, you need a different resume from an IT professional seeking a mid-level position with five years of experience.

There are even services that sell customized packages for parents returning to work, nurses, IT pros and those looking for a career change.

The same goes if you are looking for a job in the federal government or you want to move from the military to a civilian job. You need a resume that captures your unique skills and experience and is appropriate for the industry where you want to work in.

2. Determine What Other Career Documents You Need

A resume is the most important but not the only career document you need to clinch that position. Another essential document is a cover letter. In almost any job, a resume and cover letter are necessary.

Most resume services offer writing services for both documents either in a single package or separately. As with the resume, make sure whatever service you choose can craft a cover letter that fits your experience, skills, and specialization.

In some industries and countries, you may also need a CV alongside or in place of your resume. Not all resume services do CV writing so find those that do. If you can get a CV plus cover letter package, that would be best.

Other documents you may need include thank you letters, follow-up letters, and a KSA (knowledge, skills, ability) statement.

It’s a good idea to look up potential job offers on job sites for an idea of what papers and documents they require. Depending on your industry, you may also need special documents. For example, a federal position might require you submit various documents other than your resume and cover letter.

3. Determine Whether You Need A Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn is the largest career social network today. A big chunk of recruiters goes hunting for candidates on LinkedIn. So having a polished LinkedIn profile that shows your skills, accomplishments, and experience can help your job search.

If you want a professional-looking profile, get the pros to polish it for you. Almost all resume services offer LinkedIn profile writing. Some even offer free LinkedIn profile critiquing if you just need some expert insight into your profile.

4. Check Reviews And Customer Feedback

So now you know exactly what you need. Perhaps an executive resume, a cover letter, a Linked-In profile and a follow-up letter. Or maybe you just need an entry-level resume and cover letter.

The next step is finding the right resume writing service. There are dozens if not hundreds of them, and it’s impossible to know outright which ones are good.

My advice is to check what experts and customers have to say. Expert reviews like ours can help you narrow down your options to a couple or so different services. They can be especially helpful in finding a service that caters specifically to your needs.

You can also check out customer feedback on various platforms such as BBB to find the highest rated resume writing services.

The aim is to be left with at most 4 or 5 options that you can easily compare.

5. Compare Pricing And Packages

By this point, you have hopefully whittled down your list to 4 or 5 top rated resume writing services. The next step is to compare them against each other.

Visit each website and look at the packages, individual services, and pricing structure. If you are making an industry transition, look for a service that offers a career change resume. If you are in the military, find a service that helps with the military to civilian transitions.

The best services are those that offer a lot of flexibility. They should have different packages that cater to different types of job seekers. For example an entry level package, a professional package, and an executive package.

Each package should have at least two basic services: resume/CV writing and cover letter writing. If you need additional services look for packages that also include LinkedIn profile writing and follow-up letters.

While most websites also allow clients to order for individual services rather than packages, bundled packages are often cheaper, and you are more likely to get a good discount.

As for the pricing, you need to balance between quality and value. Any service offering resumes for $50 a pop is most likely low quality. On the other hand, paying more than $300 for a resume is too expensive.

Most resume services start at around $70 for entry level resumes. Professional resumes cost between $100 and $200 while executive resumes can go over $200. Cover letters on their own can cost anywhere between $60 and $200 depending on industry and career level. Getting a pro-LinkedIn profile makeover is in the same range as a cover letter.

If you opt for bundled packages, expect to pay between $130 and $300. Entry level packages will usually be the cheapest. Executive, military, and federal resumes are often the most expensive.

It’s a good idea to have a budget ready before looking for a resume writing service. This will help you choose the best one without feeling any pressure. If you are on a tight budget, go for a low-cost package (under $150) consisting of a resume, cover letter, and follow-up or thank-you letter.

If your budget is higher, look for premium packages (over $200) that also include a LinkedIn profile, KSA statement, and other add-ons.

6. Read Sample Resumes

When you land on a website for a particular service head over to their sample resumes page and go through a couple of them. They will give you an idea of the writing quality of the service.

We have come across some sample resumes that were horrible and many that were average and uninteresting.

But be careful about trusting sample resumes too much especially if they are good. They are not a sure indication that you will get an equally good resume. The aim is just to get a rough idea of how they write and what they consider to be a good resume.

7. Compare Guarantees

Check what guarantees the resume writing service provides to its customers. Usually, they have an interview guarantee. This is where they promise to revise your resume for free if you do not get a single job interview within a month or two. Others offer a money-back or unlimited revisions guarantee.

Check the fine print not just for details on what guarantees are offered but also on other aspects such as refunds, turnaround time and privacy.

8. Check Resume Format

Finally, check what formats your resume will be delivered in. I recommend working with a service that offers all types of formats. These formats are:

  • A Microsoft Word format – ideal if you want to make some changes to the resume yourself.
  • A PDF Format – ideal for sending via email or printing.
  • A Scannable Resume – the default format to send to hiring managers. It is designed for easy keyword scanning by software.
  • A Web-Ready Or ASCII Resume – ideal for sending via email and uploading to job sites.

A few resume services also give you the option of requesting a printed resume which will be delivered via mail.

Extra Services

Some resume writing companies offer various after-sale services designed to help job seekers land jobs quickly. These include resume distribution to agencies (also called email blasts), uploading of resume to multiple job sites, a list of recruiting agencies and a list of top job sites.

These extra services are not a guarantee that you’ll find a job but they can increase your chances of landing a good position. But be careful about overpaying for them. It’s normal for a company to charge you for resume distribution to agencies and job sites. Lists of agencies and job sites should, however, be free bonuses since this is information you can get yourself.

Other extra services you may want include interview coaching, career advice, reference lists and reference verification.

You are the one to decide what services will benefit you most and then look for resume writing companies that offer them at a good price and with quality assurance.

Best Resume Writing Services 2018

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FTC Disclosure

All content and opinions on this site are ours alone and are NOT affected by compensation we receive from advertisements or affiliate links on this site.

That said, we may earn a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase a service or product recommended or reviewed on this site.

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Resume Writing & CV Writing Services

How are you going to stand out to recruiters and employers? With our Professional Resume and CV Writing Services, you will make a great impression and present just as well on paper as you do in person. Employers are mulling over Resumes and Cover Letters every day, leaving you with one chance to soar above the competition!

Whether you are a Recent Graduate, Professional, Manager, or Executive, our Certified Resume Writers work with clients in all industries and at all career levels. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and most of our clients report receiving job offers within 1-3 months of working with us! Now that’s fast and effective!

Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services

A career can take an unexpected turn at any moment. If you are suddenly faced with having to downsize your workforce, you can rely on our Outplacement Services to help your displaced employees seek new jobs and save you money in unemployment! As one of the most trusted and affordable virtual Outplacement Companies, we provide Professional Resume Writing Services and Career Coaching to help employees transition while meeting the needs of your organization. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Our Outplacement Consultants provide personalized Career Services. We will work with your company to create a customized Outplacement Contract and cover all aspects of your employees’ needs. With Evolution Coaching, we are the solution for both employees and companies alike!

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New Year, New You—New Career?

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A Job Seeker’s Dream: The Largest List of 70 Resume Objective Examples (for 2018)!

A Job Seeker’s Dream: The Largest List of 70 Resume Objective Examples (for 2018)!

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So, you have your professional cover letter typed up, your resume prepared, and you’re pumped and ready to start distributing! Wait! Not so fast! Let’s take a second look at the resume objective you’ve developed and ensure it is going to jump off the page at the…

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