Are there any free online courses for film editing?

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Are there any free online courses for film editing?

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6 Answers

Bobby Lin

Bobby Lin , Co-Founder of Valoso

Yes. There are plenty of paid online courses (Pluralsight, Lynda .com, Larry Jordan, etc.), but you can also find free options to learn film editing.

The most commonly overlooked websites for learning film editing skills for free are Vimeo and YouTube .

Vimeo in particular carries a wide variety of educational categories. A lot of professional businesses turn to Vimeo to teach courses on film editing because the environment is more suited for courses than YouTube sometimes is.

There is no particular channel I recommend on Vimeo, but Vimeo has its own Video School which I recommend checking out. Here, you can learn all about video editing.

However, many educated individuals and modern businesses looking to teach the public about things like film editing often turn to YouTube, too. Its a more popular website than Vimeo, so you will find plenty of video editing channels that offer tutorials, tips, and courses.

I recommend Video School Online as a free online course for film editing on YouTube. They are very modern and comprehensive, and have built up a sizable following.

Hope this helps!

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Matt Burwood

Matt Burwood , Editor & Filmmaker

Im afraid I dont know of any specific free courses… most Ive come across you have to pay for (Larry Jordan, etc).

Its quite easy to create your own course for very cheap using other resources… I can highly recommend A Perspective on Film Editing: Walter Murch: Books , which is about the best book on editing theory there is, written by one of the top film editors (this book seriously is the best editing resource by a mile!).

Also in terms of software tutorials there are many free resources online, its just a case of searching for the thing you want to know about (this is how I learned). Most topics from basics to advanced stuff are covered somewhere. Adobe have made very good video tutorials for Premiere, for FCP X there are many good tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo.

Hope that helps!

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Naresh Sharma

Naresh Sharma , Founder Director at Craft Film School (2006-present)

[1] Yes, there are many online courses for film editing that you can opt for. But it is recommended that you should do this course from a good institute, this will help you to enhance you skills in much better way than online classes .

Here is the list some of the best film editing institutes in the country, where you can enroll your name name to learn film editing:-

  • Film and Television Institute of India,(FTII) Pune
  • Satyajit Ray Film Institute, Kolkata
  • Film & Television Institute of Tamil Nadu, Chennai



[1] Editing  Course

[2] Editing  Course

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Suket Dedhia

Suket Dedhia , Art Director

The biggest online school these days is YouTube. For editing all you need to learn are the tools, the rest of the editing process is purely your creativity. The more you practice the more you will get the hang of the process.

So, stop worrying about any online courses and self learn. Youtube for some basic lessons in whatever software you want to start with and Get! Set! Go!


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I hope it helps.

Mahmoud Mizar

Mahmoud Mizar , Senior Film Editor -Color -Motion Graphics

Maybe that helps you
for multiple option
film editing – YouTube
Premiere Pro
premiere pro cs6 – YouTube
Final Cut Pro X
final cut pro x tutorial

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