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Welcome to Anarchy KalOnline



Season 2 Posted on 30/05/2018

Hello Guys

We Decided to relaunch Anarchy Kalonline

Official Gonna Start 22 July 18:00 GMT+2

Support Us By Voting

Enjoy Anarchy Kalonline


Enjoy Anarchy Kalonline

Official Update #6 Posted on 30/05/2018

Hello Guys

This Update included

Tower Of Devah F1 Enabled for level 83 or above

2nd Window Pop up at pimp box deleted

Grade 65 Gear Drop Rate Increased

Grade 65 Weapons Added to drop

Spin Attack Damage Increased

Dance Of Killing Damage Increased

Exp Gap at level 80 fixed

Anti Bot System Disabled



Media Fire

Enjoy Anarchy Kalonline

Official Update #5 Posted on 21/05/2018

Hola Geeks

Included this update you gonna find

-Engine Crash While Login Fixed .

-Volantis City Enabled .

-TOD F1 Enabled .

-Jewel Exchanger Added .

-Qigong Talisman at donation shop fixed .

-Perforation Shot at donation shop fixed .

-Grade 65 Side Parts Added .

Enjoy Anarchy KalOnline

Official Update #4 Posted on 06/05/2018

Hola Geeks

Included this update you gonna find

-Dungeon 3 Floor 6 Level Limit Fixed .

-Dungeon 3 Floor 9 Level Limit Changed to be 65 .

-Grade 60 Full Set and Weapons added to drop .

-Tower of Priest Title Fixed .

-Guide at F1 improved , commands added .

-Emok Cret Exp Increased .

-Wanderer of Sand Power Decreased , Spawn Increased [Picker Pet Quest] .

-Auto Box Event Fixed .

-mining system: NPC Improved .

-Register invited by field isnt req any more – you can keep it empty .

-Anti Boting System added .

-Exp Rate for level 70- increased a lil bit .

-Imperfect element , perfect element drop increased .

-Buffer Level Limit Changed to 70 .

-Grade 50 Full Set and Weapon Added to 2nd Job Change .

-Qigong Talisman added to drop and premium market .

-Perforation Shot added to drop and premium market .

-New Bosses Added .

-Storm blade Boss Summon out side fort

-Ironclaw of Hell Boss Summon at High Land

-The first ghost Summon at Emok Island

-Drop Dss and KalCash Items

-Imperfect element , perfect element added to top .

Enjoy Anarchy KalOnline

Official Update #3 Posted on 03/05/2018

Hola Geeks

Included this update you gonna find

– New Vote Rewards Added with 5 Anarchy Gold rewards .

– Horns Amount at Golden Coin Npc increased to 10 .

– Shop Rewards Changed to be 5 Golden Coin .

– Gambler Price Changed to be 500k .

– High-Grade Scroll of Rebirth added to merchant .

– Horn Of Spirit Added to Merchant .

– Polishing Stone Added to merchant .

– Miner Processing Materials added .

– Box Event Had been fixed .

– Grade 42 Start Items Improved .

– Double Exp added to Vigor of New Comer .

– Demon Teeth For Player Event Exp Drop Increased .

– G60 Main parts + weapons g62 added to Emok Dragon .

– G60 Main parts + weapons g62 added to doggebi lord .

– Daily Exp Event added 16:00~16:30 .

Enjoy Anarchy KalOnline

Official Update #2 Posted on 01/05/2018

Hola Geeks

Included this update you gonna find

– Box Event Added to Server

+ Automatic start 2 times per day

+ drop pimp items + kal cash items

+ 4 stages with upgraded drops

– Cjb Self Buff Fixed .

– Grade 60 Side Parts Added – Check Area Camera For Drop Tip .

– Golden Coin Deleted from Shop Rewards .

– New Item Added To Shop Rewards Called [ Shop Ticket ] will get 2x every 30 min .

– Gambler Price Changed to be 5 Shop Tickets .

– Buffer NPC Level Increased to be 65 .

Enjoy Anarchy KalOnline

Refer a friend Posted on 29/04/2018

Official Server Posted on 29/04/2018

Hello guys

Official Started , Join Us

Official Server Posted on 29/04/2018

Hello guys

Our Official server will start at 18:00 GMT+2
Update your client
Register your account
We Are waiting you

Latest Update Posted on 28/04/2018

– Exp Rate Decreased to fit the official exp rate .
– Essence of undead drop rate increased .
– Donation Buffs Icon Dissapear Fixed .
– Discord link added to /discord command .
– E-mok Map Explorer Enabled .
– Emok Twisted Demon Warrior Health Point Increased .
– Emok Viscious Monsters Health Points Increased .
– Tower Of Perist Level Limit Changed to 58 .
– Tower of Doggebi Level Limit Changed to 40 .
– 3rd job Pack at market fixed .
– Emok Island Level Limit Changed to 50 .
– Daily Missions exp increased .
– Doggebi Certificate added to Daily Missions .
– Shield Offense Improve for General level 75+ , Aoe Stun .
– Pets Attack Disabled , You Cant attack pets any more .
– Pets Visiple while hide fixed .
– High Class Security guard of the priest .
– Tower Of Perist Dublicated Floor 4,5,6 enabled .
– Talismans Drop Rate Replaced with Pimp Box .
– Pets Descraption miss type fixed .
– Nirvana Levels Changed to be 86,91,96 .
– Mystery Skills States Decreased .
– Doggebi Forge Quest fixed .

Anarchy KalOnline Official

Posted on 2018/04/27

Aloha nippas

We’re almost done with the Beta Base, and we declared the Official date 😮 😮 IT’S [SUNDAY] [29 APRIL 2018] [18:00 GMT+2]

We appreciate all the support we can get

and as support back we decided to create an Social Event for our fans

1. Share This Post on your time line With 5 Players

2. Type your character name and unique Number ex [ 1,2,3,1000]

just don’t repeat numbers in comment and mention 5 Players

Throw this event

3. Join The Event and Invite your friends

10 Players will be choose Randomly throw

to gain Starter Support

Website :

FanPage :

Discord :

ah and dont forget to vote for us





Spread the work

Something dope is coming to town

Anarchy KalOnline Beta

Posted on 2018/04/25

Dear Players

We Would Inform you that our beta base gonna start at 19:30 GMT+2

During beta you should test exp rate , drop rate and quests .

please remember it’s beta base you may face some problems or bugs and we are here to catch it and fix it .

Patch added to download page , also auto updater is ready .

Thanks for your support

Don’t forgot to join our discord Server .

Join Here .

Anarchy Kalonline Guildlines

Posted on 2018/03/16

What’s up ladies and gentlemen

here is a bit of a Guildlines about anarchy and let’s start with Server team

We’re a group of a close friends , team , we have a passion and a dream

so we decided to make something unique , use cool stable addons , talented designer and developer

to make something we’re satisfied with , something we wanna play ourselves

back to the old days of grinding and satisfaction of doing shit , not an easy handover like some do …

our preset for the server is Very simple

– Balanced PVE

– Balanced PVP .. even int is fucked so don’t go hard on us for it we gonna do our best

– NO P2W everything in the donation is available for you to grind and farm

– KEEP the basics of kalonline no twisted shit and weird looking areas , spawns , systems


this is very simplified in a follow up posts we gonna go into details about everything

and our progress

okay so now you’re thinking those lads seems lit . what can i do to help ?

Like & subscribe .. oh wait that’s for youtube

just leave a comment about your thoughts about perfect kalonline .. make kalonline great again

share the post with your friends who you enjoy playing with

and idk leave a like or something

Anarchy Kalonline Gameplay Information

Posted on 2018/03/13

In the beginning talk to the Biggener Helper in Narootuh. You will get G42 armor parts and a G40 weapon for your class. Now you’re ready to grind as hard as you want. Kill some low-level demons like Escort Soldiers until you reach Level 10. Now you can start our brand new quest system. Meet the NPC in Temporary Fort named Mission Announcer (near the Storage).

Accept some quests which you’re able to do already. In every quest you can see the awesome experience you will gain, also reward , Honor Point . Get level 50 very fast. You are bored about the quests? Find some People and match up for a Party in Dungeon 1 or 2 also outside nice dailys and repeatable quests waiting. Find your own gaming style with our new systems and items for your way to the top of the ranking!

Once You Reach level 55 you will be able to Froge Your Grade 55 Stuffs and Gain good exp .

Do you have any question or suggestion about the new systems? Visit our facebook page take a look. If you got any Question Send Us Message and we will contact you .

Anarchy Kalonline Sever Information

Posted on 2018/03/10

– Exp rate : 80~100

– Drop Rate : Custom

– International Spawns

– International Areas for level 1~85

– International Pets

– New Unique Pets : 60x Kind

– 2016 Engine with many new systems

– International Mining System

– Shop Reward

– Fish Reward

– No OP Donation Items

– Mission Letter System

– Guild Vs Guild

– Battle Field

– New Castle War

– Riding Pets

– New Craft system

– 1 vs 1

– Top F10 System .

– New Quests Camera .

– New Quests Tip System and guide .

– Completly balanced pvp (Basic skills, Thirdjob and awaken) pve aswell