Alberta Rose Theatre

Tickets can be purchased online, by phone (503.764.4131), or in person at the box office on any show night. The box office generally opens one hour before show time. Service fees on all tickets purchased in advance are the same whether purchased online, by phone, or at the box office. Day of show tickets sold at the Box Office are subject to a $1.00 surcharge. All ticket sales are non-refundable with the exception of a cancelled or rescheduled show. We do not offer refunds for inclement weather, unless the performers need to cancel their show. Refunds will be not be granted if an opening act is changed or canceled. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us.


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Float Awards

List of awards won by Cal Poly Universities

Follow the links to list the banner winning floats in each category. 

Fantasy Trophy— Most Outstanding Display of Fantasy & Imagination
Theme Prize— Most fitting presentation of theme
Humor Trophy— Best display of Humor
Mayor’s Trophy— Best Display of Originality
Founder’s Trophy— Most out-standing self-decorated entry.
Princess Award— Best Display of Animation until 1984
Judges’ Special— Best Display of Humor
Award of Merit— Depicting the highest level of Merit
1st Class H— 1st Place – Educational division
2nd Class H— 2nd Place – Educational division
3rd Class H— 3rd Place – Educational division
4th Class H— 4th Place – Educational division

Banner Trophies awarded to Cal Poly Universities

Click on year to view trophy picture. 

2011Galactic ExpeditionFantasy Trophy & Viewers’ Choice Award
2010Jungle CutsHumor Trophy & Viewers’ Choice Award
2009 Seaside AmusmentViewers’ Choice Award
2008 Guardians of HarmonyFantasy Trophy
2007 Arctic Antics
2006 Enchanted Reverie
2005 Elefun Time
2004 Bob’s Barnacle BandFounder’s Trophy
2003 A Sundae AfternoonTheme Prize
2002 Birthday Blowout
2001 A Grizzly AdventureFounder’s Trophy
2000 Stolen TimeHumor Trophy
1999 Surfin’ the Net
1998 Countryside JoyrideFounder’s Trophy
1997 Catch of the DayFounder’s Trophy
1996 Thumbs Up
1995 Bending The Rules
1994 A Novel Adventure
1993 Hare Raising Fun
1992 Squeaking By
1991 Tickle AttackHumor Trophy
1990 Sound Waves
1989 Paradin’ Around
1988 Imagine That…Founder’s Trophy
1987 Breaking The Ice
1986 Bubble TroubleFounder’s Trophy
1985 Only in America
1984 A Knight To Remember
1983 While The Cat’s At PlayPrncess Award
1982 Way-Out WelcomePrincess Award
1981 Snow Poke1st Class H
1980 Hard RockFounder’s Trophy
1979 Cub ‘O WarPrincess Award
1978 Grin And Bear It1st Class H
1977 Tons Of FunPrincess Award
1976 High HopesFounder’s Trophy
1975 Building A Better MousetrapPrincess Award
1974 Happiness Is Finding A FriendTheme Prize
1973 Monster Matinee1st Class H
1972 Swamp RhythmMayor’s Trophy
1971 Once Upon A DreamJudges’ Special
1970 That First Day Of SpringPrincess Award
1969 The Good Ole DaysPrincess Award
1968 The Mouse That Got AwayPrincess Award
1967 A Child’s FantasyMayor’s Trophy
1966 It’s A Child’s WorldJudges’ Special
1965 Good News Travels Fast1st Class H
1964 Cutting The Apron Strings 1st Class H
1963 A Young Man’s Fancy1st Class H
1962 Man On The Moon1st Class H
1961 Slow Boat To China1st Class H
1960 Special Delivery1st Class H
1959 St. George And The DragonTheme Prize
1958 Summer Daze2nd Class H
1957 Which Was First? The Chicken or the Egg?Theme Prize
1956 Steps To Peace1st Class H
1955 The Sky’s The Limit2nd Class H
1954 Gulliver’s Travels1st Class H
1953 Mission Bells3rd Class H
1952 A Free World Through Education1st Class H
1951 College Barn Dance1st Class H
1950 New Frontiers3rd Class H
1949 Childhood MemoriesAward of Merit

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