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Persuasive Speech Ideas Topic List for Your Next Speaking Event


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1. What does Persuasive Speech Mean?

It refers to a specific kind of public speaking which aims to influence the target audience through the use of proper words and suitable arguments. The speaker uses his communication skills to convince the listeners to agree with the idea, opinion or attitude being presented.

The main objective of a persuasive speech is to directly connect with the audience and then persuade them to accept your perspective through explaining your stance through smart argumentation, presenting supportive facts and figures, rationalization and symbolism.

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2. Essential Modes of a Persuasive Speech

In order for a persuasive speech to be more effective and become able to grab and change the minds of the listeners, it has to utilize the vital means of persuasion. To use one or all of these three modes appropriately, the speaker should own a dynamic style of delivering speech. The three ways to effectively persuade are:


It refers to the credibility exhibited by a speaker through delivering how much information he/she has over a certain topic under debate.


It indicates the emotional component of speech which is an important element of debate. Many times, speakers employ suitable actions that may emotionally appeal the audience to get convinced over a concluding point.


It highlights how logical and well-reasoned an argument is through presenting attached evidence and sensible information. Appropriate reasoning and facts will result in having substantial influence over the listeners.

3. Complete List of Awesome Persuasive Speech Topics & Ideas

In order to develop such persuasive speeches that will appeal more to the audience, the debatable topic should be selected with utmost care. You should always choose a topic, over which you think of having good command, compelling logical points to make arguments about the two different sides of the topic and successfully reach your stance in the end. The attached facts and information should be so much clear that the listeners are left with no other choice but to approve and agree with your logical descriptions and arguments.

Here we have formed a good list of persuasive speeches separated by different segments for your ease to choose from.

3.1. Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

Unlike books, people search for those persuasive speeches that are creative and innovative in their own unique way. Ordinary speeches do not interest them much and speeches with interesting and logical arguments appeal them to remain attentive throughout.

Here is a list of interesting persuasive speech topics to choose from for your next speech:

  1. Do aliens exist in reality?
  2. Should abortion be considered a wrong choice?
  3. The prescribed dress code of an organization affects employee performance.
  4. People should consider skipping meals over taking in the junk food.
  5. Dieting ads targeting youth are harmful than beneficial.
  6. Why medical insurance is essential?
  7. What would be the pros and cons of adjusting the age-limit for voters?
  8. Strict laws should be passed to prohibit using cell phones/mobiles while driving?
  9. Should the juveniles be tried on same terms as adults?
  10. Should the sports that promote violence like boxing and wrestling be banned?
  11. Should recycling products be made mandatory to promote a healthy environment?
  12. Should euthanasia be allowed as an option for disable patients?
  13. Should the products containing tobacco be banned?
  14. The adopted children should be given the right to freely communicate with their biological/real parents?
  15. Does the habit of saving money regularly lower the risk of financial crisis?
  16. Smaller conflicts make the relationships healthier.
  17. Is business ethics still practiced in real world?
  18. Organizations can look to imitate the best practices of their competitors.
  19. Should the companies block social media websites at work?
  20. Technological advancements and new inventions have made people lazier.
  21. TV ads containing elements of humor appeal audience the most.
  22. Should the journalists face the legal consequences of distorting the facts intentionally?
  23. Censorship should be a must to filter content on all TV channels?
  24. Should the wars be justified as an option for peace-making?
  25. Creative imagination is a definite path to broaden the vision.

3.2. Good Topics for Persuasive Speeches

A good persuasive speech topic should contain not only a good quality content but also have enough information that it delivers the purpose well, i.e. clearly supporting your stance while convincing the listeners to agree to your point of view. Given below is a list of good persuasive topics to develop and deliver great speeches:

  1. Should there be a limit to freedom of press?
  2. Working women should be offered special privileges.
  3. Financial education needs to be an essential part of every curriculum.
  4. Risks of using steroids.
  5. Do using surveillance cameras over public places violate privacy rights?
  6. Spending more time on social networks have made the youth isolated.
  7. Do newspapers form an important part of our lives?
  8. Breakfast is the most essential meal in the day.
  9. Blood donation and its benefits.
  10. Traditionally popular paper books or e-books, which one is more beneficial?
  11. The dangers of driving above the allowed speed limit.
  12. Which one is more productive, mono-tasking or multi-tasking?
  13. Online mode of teaching is equally significant as the traditional classroom teaching.
  14. Are IQ tests are the most reliable and valid tools to measure the inbuilt human intelligence?
  15. Should endangered species be protected through outlawing hunting?
  16. Only healthy food should be offered to students in school cafeterias.
  17. Intelligence traits are mostly acquired from environment than genetically possessed.
  18. Mentally and physically enabled children should be educated though home-schooling.
  19. Mobile phones – a facility for communication or end of freedom.
  20. The importance of knowing your partner before marriage.
  21. Does success require only luck or hard work is equally important?
  22. Is financial education important in present era?
  23. Limiting the privately organized space travels.
  24. Should ideas be patented?
  25. Why is it important to explore your true potential?

3.3. Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics

People are attracted to controversies and like to participate or even listen to the discussions over controversial topics whether attached to politics, showbiz, religion or neighborhood etc. A controversial topic for persuasive speech includes selecting a topic from either current events or even the past that holds an element of interest in it and audience would find it appealing in the form of a speech. Here are a few controversial persuasive speech topics that you will find interesting to develop a speech over:

  1. Cartoons and other programs specially meant for kids should be free of adult content.
  2. The health risks suffered after liposuction.
  3. Which one works better, capitalism or Islamic economics system?
  4. Benefits of hunting as means of bringing prosperity to local businesses and state.
  5. Practicing religious applications can assist in the spiritual development of a society.
  6. Self-help/guide books are no match to teacher-assisted classroom tutoring.
  7. Racial profiling is essential.
  8. The moral principles attached to drone warfare.
  9. S. should stop interfering in the political scenarios of the rest of the world and mind their own business.
  10. Racial discrimination.
  11. Freedom of speech/expression should be free of actions depicting hatred about other religions.
  12. Does democracy represent the best choice for running a government?
  13. People requiring cosmetic surgery should be knowledgeable about its risks and after affects before experiencing it.
  14. Setting up of road blocks at check points by police for isolation and seizure of impaired drivers.
  15. Child abuse.
  16. Action video games are a source of promoting violence among children.
  17. Examination is not the clear representative measure of student’s ability.
  18. Married couples going for child adoption should be given gender choice.
  19. Global warming.
  20. Homosexuality.
  21. Ban on negative advertisements in conducting political campaigns.
  22. Is it feasible to sacrifice privacy under the means to gain flight safety?
  23. Proper balance between animal and human rights.
  24. Ethical implications of arms trading and control.
  25. Is government morally right for spying under the label of providing public safety?

3.4. College Persuasive Speech Topics

College students get assignment to deliver persuasive speeches as a part of their degree programs. Every student wants to prepare and make speech on a unique and different topic that would be appreciated by every listener including their instructors. Before choosing any topic, you must keep in mind that the subject area of the topic should be the one you are well-informed about and can research it more to cover every dimension of it.  You can also use light stories, illustrations, related examples and quotes as tools to make your speech more effective. A few of the topics that you can select for making persuasive speeches in college may include:

  1. Is online education equally beneficial like traditional classroom mode of learning?
  2. The use of advanced technological devices has made education easier.
  3. Replacing text books with online educational tools and resources.
  4. Using filters in college networks to prevent students from accessing inappropriate material.
  5. Colleges should introduce their own social networks to enhance learning experience of students.
  6. College athletes should be attributed a reasonable monthly stipend as a support in covering expenses.
  7. Issues attached with identity theft.
  8. Eating disorders and the problems emerge with it.
  9. What steps should be taken to help homeless and needy people?
  10. Preventing teenagers to become addictive of internet and games.
  11. Should government be concerned to control obesity in children?
  12. Should colleges offer foreign language courses as a mandatory degree requirement?
  13. Pros and cons of lowering the voting age limit.
  14. Students achieving good grades should be encouraged through cash prizes.
  15. Importance of wearing seat-belts.
  16. The moral and legal standing of downloading online movies and music.
  17. Promoting volunteerism in educated people to serve as literacy tutors.
  18. Do the current immigration laws need revision?
  19. Government should introduce additional tax over the manufacturers of junk food items and snacks full of fats.
  20. Allowing the consumption of food items during classes can affect the class decorum.
  21. Should organizations offer special reimbursement of tuition fees for their employees attending college?
  22. Academic freedom.
  23. Introducing an organized educational system in prison.
  24. Ethical implications of cloning.
  25. Recycling the wastes and garbage.

3.5. Good Persuasive Speech Topics for University

During university times, students have to write research assignments and reports to prove their hypothesis. In doing so, they do need to persuade their instructors over their point of view through logical arguments during the presentation time. Sometimes, students find opportunities to participate in the university level or international speeches and debates and are also given the freedom to select their own topic to make persuasive speech. Here is a list of good persuasive topics for the university level students to choose from:

  1. Why higher education is important?
  2. Intelligence is dependent of the environmental aspects and independent of the genetic aspects.
  3. Physical education should be mandatory for students to keep them fit.
  4. Have the desktop computers become obsolete?
  5. Should providing technological devices like laptops and tablets to students by universities prove useful for education?
  6. Importance of online student access to international research journals in related fields.
  7. Purpose of a diet plan – keeping one-self physically healthy or die starving?
  8. Why internship programs should be paid?
  9. Drug addiction.
  10. Drawbacks of smuggling.
  11. Internet as a tool to facilitate researchers in conducting their studies conveniently.
  12. Over population and food shortage in world.
  13. Which one is better: nuclear power or solar power?
  14. Advantages attached with recycling water.
  15. Should the government impose a ban over smoking in public place?
  16. Students should be entitled for financial assistance by government on academic performance basis.
  17. Energy crisis – how to fight it?
  18. Shared responsibilities of parents in raising their children.
  19. Should children be allowed to select their own field of education?
  20. Merits and demerits of co-education.
  21. Importance of learning self-defence techniques for better self-protection.
  22. Protection of endangered species.
  23. Artificial insemination.
  24. Proper sleeping keeps mind and body healthy.
  25. Tourism.

3.6. Humorous Persuasive Speech Topics

The way a persuasive speech is delivered matters most to achieve desired results. If the content of speech is very good but it is made in a very dull and boring manner then the audience start losing their interest in it and become sleepy. But if the subject of speech is humorous then you need not only to prepare the matter thoroughly after careful research and reading but also need to deliver it in a style that is meticulous, natural and interesting. The aim of a humorous persuasive speech is to engage the listeners during the full speech in a fun and light way. If such a speech does not contain any real humor then it fails to achieve the desired purpose. The real purpose is to make people laugh not only through words but also through perfect and timely gestures and actions. Below are given few suggestions regarding choosing a humorous topic over a persuasive speech:

  1. Rising trend of selfie
  2. When do people lie?
  3. How to survive an unexpected blind date?
  4. Is it possible to impress your mother-in-law?
  5. Spending a day with an alien.
  6. Why siblings always try crazy pranks on each other?
  7. Knowing the difference what women speak and what they actually mean.
  8. Ten unusual ways for ordering a pizza.
  9. Facebook addiction.
  10. How to make telemarketers go crazy?
  11. Benefits for being a perfect “yes man”.
  12. How to deal with your silly roommates?
  13. Surviving the ragging on your first day in college.
  14. Why it is hard to impress your boss?
  15. Unique ways to cheat in exams.
  16. How do parents get to know everything?
  17. Wearing glasses makes you look like a bright person.
  18. Brain freeze moments.
  19. Silliest questions that halted your thought process.
  20. Profitable mistakes.
  21. How to confuse your teacher?
  22. Hilarious job applications.
  23. Mistaken identity.
  24. Experiencing a worst day at work.
  25. Feeling underappreciated by your boss while being self-employed.

3.7. Policy Persuasive Speech Topics

A policy persuasive speech is a kind of persuasive presentation that intends to cover the relevant areas of some public policy. The policy can be an existing one or the proposed one. The speaker has to make a speech either in support or against that specific policy with logical arguments highlighting its significance in society. When the audience gets to understand the issue and become interested in solving it then the speaker will propose a procedure to solve the issue effectively. Here we are presenting a list of policy persuasive topics for the you to select the one you like most.

  1. Electoral reforms.
  2. Working hours plan.
  3. Foreign policy.
  4. Anti-money laundering laws.
  5. Tax reforms.
  6. Hygiene standards.
  7. Defence policy.
  8. Internet surveillance laws.
  9. Regulations to control transport fares.
  10. Health reforms.
  11. Recruitment of women in the armed forces.
  12. Legal protection against harassment of all kinds.
  13. Gender equality.
  14. Equal wages.
  15. War against terrorism result in increased violation of human rights.
  16. Cyber crime.
  17. Introducing a fair system for income taxation for all classes.
  18. Purchase license for firearms.
  19. Students’ attendance policy in educational institutions.
  20. Downsizing in organizations.
  21. Music censorship law.
  22. Child pornography.
  23. Difference between Inflation and interest rates.
  24. Anti-drug laws.
  25. Legal protection against domestic violence.

3.8. Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

The Sports is one of the favorite topics and most renowned field to gather information about and prepare persuasive speeches. Sport stars are also very popular in the public due to the wealth and glamor attached to this area. Public praise and love sport players like celebrities and like to remain updated about their favorite players whether it’s a controversy or some public stunt. A few of the interesting topics to make sports persuasive speeches are listed below:

  1. Does playing sports relieve stress effectively?
  2. Cheerleading crew should be an integral part of sports team.
  3. Budget allocation for sports programs in educational institutions.
  4. Sports’ coaching requires inbuilt talent traits than possessing a great professional record.
  5. Best sports’ coaches possess clear sense of direction and respond timely to changing situations.
  6. Sportsmanship – fair play should be the aim.
  7. Should betting over mega-sports events be legally banned?
  8. Physical and mental health of the players should be given priority while conducting PT sessions.
  9. Chess – a sport or clear time wastage for not involving any physical work?
  10. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) – Reality or some created drama?
  11. Significance of playing as one unit with whole team rather than a single individual.
  12. Disciplining the behavior and decision reliability in umpires and referees.
  13. Talented players should be funded in the early years through career development scholarships.
  14. Sports nutritionist – a popular career to opt for.
  15. Which option is better to watch a sports game: TV or live?
  16. Rules in sports are important in disciplining the game.
  17. Do controversial scandals harm the public image of a sports star?
  18. Discouraging match-fixing and spot-fixing in the games like cricket.
  19. Like any other professional field, sports too require effective marketing campaigns.
  20. Is bungee jumping a sports or a stupid way to risk one’s life?
  21. Salaries of professional sports players should be formed on the basis of recent performances.
  22. Golf – an interesting game to play but a boring one to watch.
  23. Umpires and referees should adopt safety precautions to avoid injuries.
  24. Sports stars should always behave professionally whether on media or in public.
  25. Is there any room of improvement in the rules of tennis?

3.9. Creative Persuasive Speech Topics

When you want to deliver a persuasive speech that will impress every single person listening to it then you are more concerned about picking up a creative topic to prepare one. Here are some creative ideas for preparing persuasive speech:

  1. Time management – can it be learned or improved with time?
  2. Is technology a mean for distraction?
  3. Using Social networks excessively wastes our valuable time.
  4. Effective use of technology by teachers for instruction.
  5. Are online reviews regarding a specific program or movie trustworthy?
  6. Video games – a way to calculate kids’ cognitive ability to develop a strategy or a time-wasting activity?
  7. What are the true ingredients of a good TV advertisement?
  8. Reading habit should be developed since early age.
  9. Introducing health tax for smokers.
  10. Which one is better – country life or city life?
  11. Imitation is easier than innovation.
  12. How to control cyber bullying?
  13. Respecting cultural differences.
  14. Is conformity a hurdle in way of creativity?
  15. Separation between parents damages the personality of children.
  16. Extreme activities like hunting should not be encouraged.
  17. Moral obligations of leaders.
  18. Factors involved in climate change.
  19. Children who own pets behave more responsibly.
  20. How to eradicate the issue of homelessness?
  21. The ways to enhance creative thinking.
  22. Should the universities be responsible to provide students transportation facility to conduct research-based projects?
  23. The reality of Astrology?
  24. Controlling plagiarism in research.
  25. Avoiding foods that contain artificial hormones.

3.10. Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Many people think that the speeches and debates are long and will make them bore as the time passes by. But when there is a touch of fun or light element involved in the persuasive speeches, there is less room for the audience to lose their interest. Quoting funny examples and relevant scenarios at suitable intervals will keep the speech throughout alive and a source to bring smile on the face of listeners. A list of non-regular and funny persuasive speech topics are as follows:

  1. How to save the paper towels?
  2. Do women lack sense of humor?
  3. Who gossip more: girls or boys?
  4. Teenagers avoid adding family members on Facebook to maintain privacy with friends.
  5. How to tolerate the people you dislike?
  6. Which one is better: Ketchup or mustard?
  7. Why annoying siblings is always a fun activity?
  8. Should the working days of a week be lowered to only four?
  9. Experiencing adrenaline rush through watching horror movies.
  10. How computer games helped me raising my IQ level?
  11. Choices become easier to make when alternatives available are limited.
  12. Protective measures to take in account against zombies.
  13. Tips for cheating should be a part of course curriculum.
  14. Why the eldest siblings deserve to get a royal treatment from the younger ones?
  15. My life without Facebook.
  16. Fun excuses for convincing your teacher to give extension over assignment submission.
  17. How to convince yourself for eating things you dislike?
  18. Knowledge holds no importance, behaving professionally does.
  19. How to look actually busy while doing nothing?
  20. Mastering the art of lying.
  21. Pretending to be smart using Google.
  22. Rules to consider while choosing friends.
  23. Indecisiveness allows me to be flexible.
  24. How to get good grades without attending classes?
  25. Desserts should be served before the main course.

3.11. Health Persuasive Speech Topics

Most of the times students and academicians find it easier to select a persuasive speech topic from the field of health due to the vast and in-depth information available about the health-related subjects. You should keep in view that the topic should not be a complex one so that general audience can easily understand the information and your point of view. Here is a list of few general and simple health persuasive speech topics:

  1. Healthcare system.
  2. Legal status of lab testing over animals.
  3. Risk of buying medicines from online pharmacies without doctor’s prescription and consent.
  4. Validity of acupuncture technique in medical field.
  5. Health awareness campaigns to educate people regarding the risks of getting overexposed to sun.
  6. Which one is better to cure colds effectively: traditional medicine or alternative remedies?
  7. Should the human organs’ sale be legalized?
  8. Funding the research over cancer diseases.
  9. Which situations demand shock therapy?
  10. Why eating breakfast daily is beneficial for health?
  11. Should it be mandatory for the tobacco sector to fund the research on lung cancer?
  12. Are food additives unhealthy?
  13. Extreme level of meat consumption affects health adversely.
  14. Are disposable diapers unhealthy and dangerous for children?
  15. The safety techniques and technology adopted now-a-days for preserving food.
  16. Does mental health complement our physical health?
  17. Treating depression as a disease than viewing it as mental weakness.
  18. Healthcare reporting – accurate and timely recording of adverse events.
  19. Useful ways to treat insomnia.
  20. Wearing ill-fitting shoes – potential health risks involved.
  21. Is the laser technology really helpful in curing certain diseases?
  22. Is hormonal imbalance become difficult to treat as the age passes?
  23. Importance of maintaining the right level of cholesterol.
  24. Diabetic friendly sweeteners – are they worthy enough for use?
  25. Health insurance.

3.12. Christian Persuasive Speech Topics

When you make up your mind to write and deliver your persuasive speech on some religious topic then make sure that you are well equipped with the basic information about that religion. For instance, if you decide to select some persuasive speech topic related to Christianity then you must consult the Bible – the ancient Holy Scripture around with Christian religion is built. Following this tip would help you in taking out relevant extracts from Bible to support your speech or stance. Preparing material on Christian persuasive topics involves a good deal of hard work and time as the information delivered should be properly cited with exact references without any shadow of doubt. An organized list for Christian persuasive speech topics is as follows:

  1. Christian education.
  2. Biblical description of Satan and the power it embodies.
  3. How race and gender are portrayed in Christianity?
  4. Idolatry with reference to the Ten Commandments.
  5. Division among believers of Christianity in context of their religious practices.
  6. Comparing the iconographic programmes of two different churches in your area.
  7. Christian perspective over human soul after death.
  8. How are the places, Hell and Paradise, explained in Bible?
  9. Good spirits and evil spirits – the purpose behind their existence.
  10. Biblical concept regarding Trinity.
  11. Concept of Absolution in light of Christian belief.
  12. Tower of Babel – the aim behind its construction.
  13. Christian Missionaries during the era of Roman Empire.
  14. Role of Christianity in developing a sense of community.
  15. How Christian religion is more open to universal salvation as compared to other religions?
  16. Seeking God’s forgiveness – the way of Bible.
  17. Comparing the Old Testament with the New Testament.
  18. Evolution of Christianity in the modern age.
  19. Biblical description of miracles – do they really happen?
  20. Trusting God’s will and master plan.
  21. Ancient Saints and the modern learning.
  22. Purpose of life in context of Christianity.
  23. Would practicing good deeds guarantee our soul’s entry to heaven?
  24. Life and preaching of Jesus.
  25. Angels and devils – the aim behind their existence.

3.13. Informative Persuasive Speech Topics

Informative persuasive speech is regarded as one of the most common kind of method used for public-speaking, which is something not even exciting. The major aim of informative persuasive speech is to inform, educate and persuade a set of audience through the use of objective facts and argumentative reasoning. In order to deliver an informative persuasive speech effectively, you should look to choose a topic which will enable you to not only educate the desired listeners but also keep them engage during the whole debate. Here we have listed a few informative persuasive speech topics for your ease to select from:

  1. Hybrid cars.
  2. Nuclear power – what are the main functions?
  3. Evolution of comic magazines.
  4. Stock market trends.
  5. What changes does migration bring to life?
  6. Tips to read maps correctly.
  7. Road construction.
  8. How to weave a scarf?
  9. Reality behind existence of vampires.
  10. Popularity of Italian food.
  11. Exotic pets.
  12. Architectural heritage.
  13. Excellent places to spend vacations.
  14. Tropical animals.
  15. Recent astronomical advancements.
  16. Spying.
  17. How would future life look like?
  18. Emphasizing health improvement.
  19. Superstitions and their origin.
  20. Writing an effective will.
  21. Ways to reduce boredom.
  22. Tactics to develop successful sales strategy.
  23. Honour killings.
  24. Dream interpretations.
  25. Basic principles for comparing economic systems.

3.14. Weird Persuasive Speech Topics

Sometimes, the topics selected to make persuasive speeches are informative and intend to educate people but people find them boring and dry. So, the debaters want to make a persuasive speech over a topic that should be out of a box and weird in an interesting way to keep audience interested throughout till the end. We have composed a list of weird persuasive speech topics for you to choose from when you search for a weird topic to deliver your arguments over, which is as follows:

  1. Is smoking beneficial in short-term?
  2. The part of aliens in construction of the Pyramids.
  3. Social travel – an economical way to convince your friends over social networks that you have visited places through photos which you actually have not.
  4. Social media has introduced an entire new platform for gossips.
  5. Does Facebook end an era of memorizing important dates?
  6. How the trend of nick names has originated?
  7. Current fashion of using slangs in conversations.
  8. Which invention is the weirdest of all times?
  9. Weird records – do they really fascinate others?
  10. Drastic changes in recreational ways over last two decades.
  11. Self-obsession at priority.
  12. Realizing your dreams sometimes is not as ideal as it seems.
  13. Failure exposes you to explore alternative ways to reach a target.
  14. Weird superstitions – do you really wonder where did they emerge?
  15. Unusual technology gadgets.
  16. Benefits of melting glaciers in the scenario of increasing global warming.
  17. Would the use of scrunchies be environment-friendly?
  18. Advantages of deforestation.
  19. Using ethanol as car fuel.
  20. Tomato being the most popular fruit of the world.
  21. Nomophobia – a fear or anxiety?
  22. Success requires no degree.
  23. Dysania – a habit or laziness?
  24. Lowering the risk of suffering any heart disease through dark chocolate consumption.
  25. Marijuana – a drug lesser harmful than tobacco and alcohol.

3.15. Crazy Persuasive Speech Topics

If you are looking to make a persuasive speech over a topic that will attract the audience to attentively listen to your points and argumentations then do not go for selecting any ordinary topic. People do not like the dull and boring ideas and are more likely to attend to crazy, hilarious and unbelievable. Here we have arranged a list of crazy persuasive speech topics for you to get your next speech prepared over one of these:

  1. How to persuade Eskimos over buying ice?
  2. Top crazy activities to do during college/University examination.
  3. My guide to ultimate laziness.
  4. Crazy ideas to spend your upcoming holidays in the most unusual way.
  5. How to make your pets happy when they feel annoyed?
  6. Should it be forbidden to wear sharp colored clothes on a bright sunny day?
  7. Elderly people should take part in weight lifting competition to check their stamina.
  8. If you remain unable to convince a person, better confuse him/her.
  9. Clapping represents excitement rather than appreciation for others.
  10. No homework – the best type of homework I ever get.
  11. Top tips to practice procrastination in a professional way.
  12. Successful ideas for failing academic and professional exams.
  13. Underlying benefits of junk food.
  14. How being best at lying can be advantageous to you?
  15. Useful tricks to appear intelligent.
  16. Should the cruel slaughtering of vegetables and fruits be banned?
  17. Dogs too need the services of paw readings.
  18. What do a house reflects about the personality of its owner?
  19. The disastrous hair dressing experiences.
  20. How to successfully decode your children’s/parents’ conversations?
  21. Possible measures to assess the intelligence of your pets.
  22. The necessity of passive-aggressive behavior in a dehumanized society.
  23. Why should Google stop behaving like a Psychic?
  24. Fortune tellers are not fortunate enough to know their own fate.
  25. Oxygen in the atmosphere is free for all living organisms.

3.16. Good Persuasive Speech Topics for High School

Students find it exciting to deliver a persuasive speech during their high school years. The first thing to remember is to select a topic that you are very much informed about and have a lot of interest to conduct a thorough research over it. Preparing a speech with appropriate logic and arguments, students are more likely to be successful in persuading the listeners to think through the ideas and things in their way. A list of the possible ideas to make a good persuasive speech by high school students is as follows:

  1. Business organizations should offer more employment opportunities to young people.
  2. Should teachers be permitted to take along their personal cell phones in class?
  3. Which jobs are good/bad for students?
  4. Schools should have their own placement programs for their pupils’ assistance to locate suitable part-time work for them.
  5. Part-time working students should be given additional time for assignment submission.
  6. Companies should have their own transportation system to facilitate employees.
  7. School cafeteria should remain open for extended hours.
  8. Should schools offer free-tutoring to students facing issues in studies?
  9. Merits and demerits of a Standardized testing system in high school.
  10. Importance of conducting public speaking activities and games in classroom.
  11. Significance of opening a Savings bank account after getting employed.
  12. Should young people make more risky investments to earn high profits?
  13. Public or private school – which one is better?
  14. Students who are more expressive in writing should always choose written communication method.
  15. Parallel studying and working brings out a sense of responsibility in students.
  16. Should it be mandatory for students to attend a year-long community service program before college admission?
  17. Students should be allowed to use MP3 players/iPods with hands-free device during classroom.
  18. Should it be mandatory for teachers for the renewal of their qualification certificate every decade to pass a basic skills exam?
  19. Oral or written communication – which mode is more suitable?
  20. Online communication modes like instant messaging and e-mails have reduced the development of interpersonal skills in students.
  21. Should schools facilitate the students who speak some other tongue to attend classes in their own native language?
  22. News channels should focus equally on important national, international news as they do over showbiz, celebrity gossip and scandals.
  23. Should a law demanding manufacturing companies to appropriately label food items containing Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), be passed?
  24. The reality behind reality shows/talk shows – is content appropriate to get on air?
  25. Should public be banned to used private cars in cities with extensive public transport system?

3.17. Good Persuasive Speech Topics for Middle School

In schools, the speech competitions aim to improve the speaking, leadership and social skills in students through active participation in such competitions. Hearing a speech over the same topic repeatedly makes the audience bore and lose interest in it. However, at the middle school level, students are not mature enough to come up with their own topic. So, here is a list of good persuasive speech topics for middle school students to select and prepare a different and exciting debate to develop interest of the listeners in it too.

  1. Is technology dependence dangerous for society?
  2. Adverse effects of watching excessive television over kids.
  3. How to assess whether kids are enough old to stay alone at home?
  4. Is summer school beneficial for the students?
  5. Teacher should give lesser amount of homework at middle school level.
  6. Students should participate more in physical games.
  7. Should schools have their own magazines or newspapers?
  8. Which television shows are best for students of middle school?
  9. Some brands gain more popularity among children than others.
  10. Superman, Batman and Spiderman – which superhero is best and why?
  11. Should uniforms be compulsory in schools?
  12. Fiction films attract teens more than truth-based drama and art movies.
  13. Career counselling at schools.
  14. Pay-scale for teachers should be set according to their rating of performance.
  15. Academic dishonesty.
  16. Hazardous effects of littering.
  17. Significance of efficient use of water resources.
  18. Acid rain – an ecological threat to mankind.
  19. Space exploration – chasing curiosity about this universe.
  20. Botanical gardens and their environmental importance.
  21. Reproductive technology.
  22. Honesty keeps friends intact.
  23. Science fair.
  24. The best family gathering occasion.
  25. Obedience to parents.

3.18. Unusual Persuasive Speech Topics

People tend to look for unusual and unique topics to make persuasive speeches to remain prominent among others.  Unusual and unique topics can easily get the attention of audience and they listen to the material with immense interest. A list of unusual persuasive speech topics and ideas is given as follows:

  1. Eco-friendly construction and remodelling materials.
  2. Career choices that seem most unusual.
  3. Bulimia – an eating disorder or a psychological one?
  4. Electoral fusion.
  5. The brighter sides of disappointment.
  6. Ebonics.
  7. Illegal aliens.
  8. Who are more intense and touchy about friendship – girls or boys?
  9. The politicians of modern age are undervalued.
  10. Should unmarried individuals be permitted to adopt children?
  11. Excessive money leads to disaster.
  12. Should mothers of infants accept regular office jobs?
  13. Social acceptability of cross-racial marriages.
  14. Role of British media in elevating the anti-immigration sentiments across the United Kingdom.
  15. Moral degradation – a sign of ignorance among highly literate people.
  16. Useful tips to leave a bad habit in short span.
  17. Importance of following your dream career.
  18. Is Arts and Cultural education beneficial?
  19. Online reviews regarding a product or service – are they trustworthy?
  20. Would Google Glass be a beginning of new technological era?
  21. Natural talent and skills need to be sharpened through proper training to gain success.
  22. Pop music and culture need serious attention.
  23. Who are better at compromising and collaboration – men or women?
  24. Moral obligations of leaders.
  25. Are anti-smoking commercials effective?

3.19. Silly Persuasive Speech Topics

Sometimes silliest of the ideas for persuasive speeches make audience more interested in listening to the logics and arguments of the debater. Listeners do become very much bored with the repetitive and dull speech topics over and over again. They do want to attend a speech over something funny, humorous, stupid and sarcastic; to feel fresh and active again. Despite the fact that such ideas and topics do seem really light-hearted and fun-filled, they also do require immense critical thinking and research to create content over it. We are providing you with a nicely devised list of silly persuasive speech topics to choose your upcoming idea from.

  1. The silliest ever advertising campaigns.
  2. The most senseless accidents I ever witnessed.
  3. Stupid and crazy activities of my pets.
  4. My own time-table for watching television.
  5. Should women be banned from driving cars?
  6. Being shopaholic is a state or addiction?
  7. Spiders or cockroaches – which are creepier?
  8. Should there be a system for dry-cleaning human beings too during winter season?
  9. Schools should consider placing tracking devices within identity cards of students.
  10. Should you regret over killing Vampires/Zombies/Werewolves?
  11. Why one should proud to be a non-reader of magazines/books?
  12. Not everyone can make a good listener – good speakers are also required to meet the purpose.
  13. Brides without make-up/make-over.
  14. Stupid dreams are more of a fantasy.
  15. Top benefits of being squint.
  16. Sleeping in the classroom during a lecture.
  17. Does keeping your room, desk and things messy depict your level of creativity?
  18. Scientists should now work over inventions to help elderly people living longer lives.
  19. Being happily single seems a more justified term than being happily married.
  20. Loving animals/birds does not necessarily assert that a person is vegetarian.
  21. Should Facebook include a “dislike” option too for every post and page?
  22. Life without electricity.
  23. Can computerized system for checking quizzes and assignments become biased too?
  24. Disastrous outcomes of cosmetic surgeries – would you pay for looking ugly for the rest of your life?
  25. Did Dinosaurs really foresee the impossibility of living with human beings – a possible reason behind their extinction?

3.20. Famous Persuasive Speech Topics

There are many persuasive speech topics that have become famous and popular due to the frequency of their usage or the concreteness of the idea to be delivered through them. Sometimes, well-articulated words and arguments leave an everlasting impact over the minds of audience and they are convinced to think in the similar way as of the speaker. Here we have listed a few famous persuasive speech topics for you to select an idea for your next speech.

  1. Importance of knowing more than one language.
  2. Should everyone get free entitlement to medicines and healthcare?
  3. Benefits of mastering the academic writing skills.
  4. Is coalition a better form of government?
  5. Merits and demerits of learning a game of sports.
  6. Creative ways to teach numerical subjects.
  7. Are teacher adapting to and employing technology well in their classes?
  8. Should privacy be prioritized over national security?
  9. Working mothers as single parents.
  10. Useful conflict resolution strategies.
  11. Parents should be responsible for restricting inappropriate behavior of their children.
  12. Should elderly also learn from present era’s youth?
  13. Severe federal restrictions should be posed to the content posted over internet.
  14. Health risks posed by sugar.
  15. Dangers of using Ritalin without consulting a professional.
  16. Hope keeps all positive options alive.
  17. Is there a need to introduce stricter laws for gun control?
  18. Should charities be funded?
  19. Significance of management systems in IT world.
  20. Media biasness/manipulation.
  21. Dental health.
  22. Tips to tackle parental pressure over children with regards to education.
  23. Are visuals better tool for depiction than words?
  24. Controlling prison-breaks.
  25. Should hygiene be taken care of in public washrooms?

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